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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I give it a 5 because I'm a scifi addict.

    It's the little scenario holes that bug me:

    They have to put up a security perimeter in a dinosaur infested desert, and they leave their horses OUTSIDE the perimeter. So at midnight "I think the horses are afraid of something ". Congratulations, Sherlock! The perimeter gets attacked by the dinosaurs, they're saved and... lo and behold! the horses are in perfect shape! Apparently they crave human flesh but not horses'...

    Which brings us to a previous episode: Jenny has 30 km to go to save her father, she takes a truck although they break down on the planet, it breaks down, she has to escape dinosaurs and barely makes it. NOBODY THOUGHT ABOUT OFFERING A HORSE! They built a safe path and we already know they have horses, but, no, the episode has to last so much minutes so we need a diversion. Those useless minutes are a waste of my time... Maureen and John are floating on a gas planet and, out of nowhere, are hit by a SPACE WHALE that sends them reeling and they are almost lost (almost... they barely make it... see diversion above...). Speaking of Maureen : "strap on guys, it's going to be a bumpy ride " but she doesn't, because, hey, she's a super hero (one of the numerous things that don't make sense for people with a military training... including the security protocols, that are always brushed away to make room for more scenario holes... my god...). The ship goes in space for years and months but they don't recycle or compost, they have TRASH COMPACTORS! (Which shows it was written by baby boomers... or Americans... or both... people who haven't read about what's going on on our planet today...).

    And for God sake: DO NOT BRING SMITH BACK!!! Enough already! (Come to think of it : don't make a 3rd season. I'm such an addict, I'll watch it and be annoyed again...)
  • er_ouz17 April 2018
    Did you ever see a seemingly good show and then start asking yourself "Wait, why don't they just..." or "What? Why did they do that"? Well if not- search no further! this show will give you the chance to ask these questions dozens and dozens of times!

    A good looking production and an interesting subject do start this show on a great path, but when characters start making the silliest mistakes that could *easily* be avoided- over and over and over again, or keep ignoring the most significant issues which can be resolved in seconds- this show starts to really annoy the viewer and his intelligence.

    These glaring and repetitive script issues really mar what could had been a great show, but present as they are, they make it hard to suspend the disbelief and enjoy the show rather then being annoyed by it.
  • The effects and sets on this show are really good, what makes it irritating at times is that the problems never stop, not for more than 3 minutes, forget about survival the Robinsons would be simply out of energy. Also enough with Dr Smith, someone just shoot her.
  • I love all things space, if done right. The writers have made their presence known every step of the way, not in how well things flow from scene to scene but in how many plot holes and idiotic plans the writers believe a villain can make without it seeming magical in how it all turns out. It feels and plays like the writers knew what had to happen but had no idea how to make it happen in a reboot so they hacked at a story and forced idiocy into the holes and hoped no-one noticed, except the viewers of course because they are not as stupid as the writers think they are.

    5 out of 10 because it looks A+, but only 5 out of 10 because you do not get to enjoy it because of the poor plots.
  • I am a sucker for a good Sci-Fi. Preferably a type that sticks more to the Sci, and less to the Fi. This series is making an attempt at both, but it mostly relies on telenovella twists and unnecessary drama to drive the plot. Characters' motivation is unconvincing at best - they seem to be more preoccupied with their personal issues than the mission of colonisation - so much for selecting the best scientists for a brand new world...

    Reminds me of "Lost". But in space. Pun intended.
  • Amazing photography Amazing set design Amazing costumes Amazing CGI Good soundtrack But... unfortunately the dialogues are so poor, full of exposition and plot holes. The actors are constantly trying to pull out emotions without having enough background reasons to express them out so strongly. They jump from crying to laughing and being scared in matters of seconds. Consequently this compromises their performances and the overall picture of the series. In conclusion Lost in Space seems that wants to be a "Ridley Scott movie lookalike" when in the end it looks more like a Power Ranger and quirky teenagers movie... While watching it the only phrase I keep relegating to myself is: "what a shame it could have been much better!"
  • I really want to give this thing a higher rating but the show forces me not to. I mean they have really good CGI and an interesting looking space ship along with spectacular scenery. I like the appearance of the robot. OK, it is a guy in a suit a lot but I can take that. The cast isn't stellar but neither was the cast on the original.

    What gets me is that there is no real plot development. It's all one giant puzzle box. Something goes wrong with the ship's fuel so they have to resolve that. Then something goes wrong with the this and with that - stuck getting out of one trick after another. They aren't humans making decisions. They are forced along the way to every step.

    I remember the original series well. It was sappy but they had far more true decision making than this - especially in the first year. This - yuck.

    I also am horrified how the whole show is politically correct Hollywood pap. They are LOST IN SPACE on an alien planet with who knows what kind of horrors and oh so Hollyweird politically correct Maureen Robinson won't even let John Robinson have a weapon to defend themselves against whatever kind of creature or monster or alien or whatever is out there. Anyone that unable to accept real life and death on an alien world would never have been allowed in space.
  • Personally, I really enjoyed this show. I watched both seasons in full and I really hoping it's renewed for a third season. But I've seen so many negative reviews...I get that the logic in the show doesn't always make perfect sense but no show really ever gets that right so why bother dwelling on it? The acting is decent, the CGI is amazing and the storyline never gets old. I really hope whoever reads this agrees with me i'm not like the only person on here that actually liked it because season 2 ended on the biggest cliff hanger and i just want to know what happens! please don't get cancelled
  • Wow, what a dysfunctional family. They're all supposedly the best the world can offer, highly trained, etc. not a single one of them can follow an order. They seem to dislike each other. And Dr Smith has no redeeming qualities.

    The father is a US Marine officer combat veteran. Yet soccer mom is in charge? She hates guns so even though they're in an extremely hostile environment she refuses to let Dad (former Marine, remember, so no danger of him not knowing how to use one) print a weapon.

    Others have already noted the horrible science. I can suspend disbelief some because it's science fiction, but failing at basic physics or scientific principles is ridiculous in the internet age where a simple search for information is so easy.

    The plots are magical. Literally. The cast can always pull a rabbit out of their hat. They fail at a basic premise of good science fiction - you never resolve issues by new magic tech, you rely on logic and on the pre-established rules of the fictional world. So far in this show the rules seem to be made up along the way to fix plot holes.

    As for the 'PC' issues, I don't care about it much, I assumed that Judy was from a previous relationship or something. As for Smith being a woman, I hate that the character is so vile more than the gender.

    I really had high hopes, but so far this reboot has been a real disservice to fans of the original as well as just science fiction fans in general.
  • From the first four episodes....

    1. A sizable body of water can freeze solid before a swimmer inches from the surface gets out, while characters above in an arctic environment headed toward -60 that night are conversing without their helmets on in temperatures warm enough that their breath isn't fogging.

    2. A forest will grow thirty feet from the face of a glacier. This delicate vegetation is untouched by the tornadic gravel-cane that imperils our intrepid cast elsewhere.

    3. Forests, glaciers, and scrub-desert can be found within two miles of each other.

    4. Alien robots understand English, but will speak only three words.

    5. In a mere thirty years, we will have interstellar-capable spacecraft whose furnishings and electronics remain intact and operational despite a day's immersion in water flooding the inside of the ship.

    6. In these 2050s, chip-implants are the basis of security access, but fingerprint- and facial-recognition redundancy has been forgotten.

    7. Flare gun kits come with only three flares despite room for a dozen more in the case, and flares costing like a dollar apiece, tops.

    8. The airlock you're trapped inside will audibly count down the ten seconds until the outer door opens, evacuating you into a space (and a grisly death if you're not suited up), giving you plenty of time to abort...if only you could reach the controls on the other side of the door. Because there aren't controls on your side. Because space-station designers are thoroughgoing sadists who know these sorts of things are going to happen.

    9. Precocious teenage girls know that a handful of salt will annoy the alien, fuel-eating eels swimming around in a flooded ship's hold. (The eels are eating a delicious hydrocarbon fuel because we're apparently still using those in spaceships. And because the hole in the hull that let the eels into the fuel doesn't just let all the fuel leak out of the ship.)

    10. The mechanic will keep a pet chicken, because the producers have foreseen the need for someone in the cast to possess a smidgeon of charisma.

    11. Oreos bind dysfunctional families together. Until they're gone, which is quickly.

    12. Toby Stephens was so desperate for work after the conclusion of "Black Sails" that he agreed to a part whose script called for him to portray a cucked moron subservient to his domineering almost-ex and disobedient children. He gets less respect than Rodney Dangerfield.

    13. If your wife slept with the MADtv UBS delivery-guy, you'll raise his kid as your own.

    14. Communications employ old-style corded-wire hand-sets because those looked so cool in the "Battlestar Galactica" reboot, which had them for rational reasons as the Cylons could eavesdrop on WiFi.

    15. When what you really should have on hand is a big, strong male to do a man's job shoving that heavy metal cylinder home in the engine-bay, it's a good thing there's another girl available when you need her there to demonstrate that you don't need no man after all. Estrogen-bonding FTW!

    16. Jupiter landing craft share the same quality suspension parts as a 1999 Chrysler minivan.

    17. A planet whose orbiting satellite is either so close or so large that its diameter is about twenty times Earth's moon won't be constantly subjected to magnitude-11 earthquakes and ocean tides oversweeping its continents.

    18. Will Robinson is the only teenage boy in the universe hesitant to accept the gun that his pet robot 3D-printed for him. --Printed on the ship's 3D-printer despite weapon schematics being off-limits to everyone, including his father, the ship's captain. Lucky password guess?

    19. Due to budgetary constraints, the show will now be named "Lost in British Columbia" for the rest of the season.

    20. When you need your robot to push a 100-ton boulder out of the way, there's nothing it can't do when the ground it's standing on provides 100 tons worth of traction. Despite this apparent fortitude, it will later come apart at the seams during a fifty-foot fall.

    21. The mechanic is the most gregarious and winsome person in a parsec. Naturally, he will be treated like sheep-dip by cast regulars whom we'd rather see less of. Much less of.

    22. Communications take thirty minutes to come back on after a trivial, non-worrisome power-spike of the sort that can be caused by a boy deliberately flipping a circuit-breaker.

    23. It's OK, Will; I understand perfectly: I would love your amnestic alien murderbot (concept *totally* stolen from "The Iron Giant") more than the rest of your family too. In fact, I would also run away from them with it on an uncharted planet with just a backpack full of supplies, because adventure-bound like Alby Mangels.

    24. Claps make the flowers open, roars make them close. Evolutionary reason unknown (do clappers pollinate?)

    25. You can save serious couch-change on monster CGI by having a couple guys run through foliage under a tarp in the distance.

    26. Predator-cam is shaky-cam.

    27. Robots understand all manner of danger that could potentially face Will Robinson, except for that posed by gravity while balancing on a tree trunk dropped across a bottomless chasm.

    28. According to children mistrustful of adults, the amnestic alien murderbot needs to "remain our little secret", and they are actually capable of persuading others of this.

    29. A hungry monster scared away won't eat a straggler sneaking along a few minutes later, alone at night. (Granted, the doctor stole a gun...but the monster wouldn't know that.)

    30. Solar-powered electric-battery cars are just as big of pieces of crap in the future as they are today! (Maybe you didn't need to run all ten headlights at night?)

    31. "He" is just a pronoun. It's no big deal, really. Why you so triggered?
  • Special effects were outstanding but as the story goes, the travelers were selected on criteria which apparently included intelligence.

    I saw very little of this supposed intelligence in the first season with incredibly dumb decisions made by all members of the Robinson family.

    By now, any intelligent decisions would have included throwing Dr Smith out into space, to stop anymore selfish and life threatening acts made by her (yes, as you should know, by now Dr Smith in this version is a she)

    The robot is the best part of this show as long as you just accept that this alien robot learns English and sentiment very quickly, no explanations as to how, or why.

    I could list many of the stupid decisions which were made but watch the series and try not to roll your eyes ... just enjoy the special effects.
  • I really wanted to like this series. The special effects are excellent but that is about where it all ends. The writing is pretty amateurish, the acting is terrible. the father is pathetic in all respects and the mother is a pain. Dr. Smith's efforts to be nasty don't fit with her weak character acting and she just doesn't ring true.

    I like the robot and his presence is enhanced by the lack lustre family he has been saddled with except maybe Will and Penny.

    As dated as it is I think the original series had pizzaz this lot could only dream about. What a shame because besides looking good it is just awful.
  • Honestly - the robot and the chicken were THE most interesting out of this whole series! The family dysfunction is stupidly played out, the mom is ridiculously arrogant and a know-it-all. the dad has NO backbone. And don't get me started on the kids...all 3 of them are just ultra smart and dumb at the same time. The acting is B movie level, and Parker God...she needs to stick to Indie films - please. Not sure if this is a kids movie or not, but it sucks either way. I made it through the first 4 episodes and I'm done, I can't take anymore!
  • rubric877230 April 2018
    Growing up watching the original series, I was surprised to see a reboot on Netflix, I find dr. Smith's character convincingly repulsive. She manifests all the characteristics of someone who has an an addictive personality and is asocial. Will is a suprisingly good young actor. I am not disappointed and hope for a second season. It is something that brings me back to my youth; completing my homework so I could watch Lost in Space on a 10" today tv.. Rubricator
  • Several reviews start off with the notion of not understanding why someone would like or not like the series. So I thought I'd highlight some areas of warranted and unwarranted critique.

    First off, the series is best viewed binged. In the early episodes the plot focuses a lot on the family situation so just viewing a few episodes is not enough to feel the overall plot moving. So after just watching a few episodes the series is still in the starting pit, you really have to give the first season a chance by giving it time to unfold.

    Secondly, the story is focus on family development in season 1, so of course the family starts out in shambles. The mother has been solely in charge of taking care of the family for years. She has had to make difficult and bad decision just to keep her family together. However, now the father is back and trying to get his place back in the family. However, what many reviews seem to ignore and dismiss as "a dysfunctional family" is that he deceived his family; he wasn't drafted, he volunteered to leave them and they resent him for it. They still love each other and over the first season work to get their relationships back together. Season two is on the other hand more focused on individual character's development and has a more action packed plot.

    Thirdly, this is a reboot only by name and some premises, so all those who want a modern copy of the 60's series will not get it - for better and for worse. Some characters might be portrayed differently but they are not bad. The actors are really good. Maxwell Jenkins is amazing as Will and Parker Posey is so brilliant at being a sociopathic Dr. Smith that I can't stand watching her just as much as I can't stop. From other reviews you get sense that the reviewer loved the original so much that they can't get over that Judy is adopted in this version and that the characters are not just straight up geniuses, but smart at some things and flawed went it comes to other things.

    Fourth, you can feel the quality put into the series; especially when it comes to SGI and quality in actors. Some complaints have been raised about the humbug-science in the series but not even CSI-shows use real science. Shows make things up all the time. The question should just be about how well they get away with it, and this series is a sci-fi about other planets so they can get away with things not working like on earth pretty well. The quality is leaps above titles like The Orville, Start Trek and Stargate SG-1, and those are good shows so I have no complaints. However, those shows have had years to develop.

    Fifth, yes, they make stupid decisions which could have been solved better. This is common in all series though to push the plot in more eventful directions. The question is whether this it is an empty plot devise or help the characters' developments. Is the decision stupid to all or plausible for the individual character's state of being? It is surprising how many reviewers seem to get stuck on things that feel illogical to them rather to whether it is illogical to the character or to the premises of the planet the characters are on. So far, the stupidity is not more prevalent than in any other show and something that even happens to geniuses

    Final thoughts: What draws me in more than anything is Will's and the Robot's relationship, but also finding out more about the part they play in the whole scheme of things. After seeing the first season my imagination ran wild with anticipation and possible plot developments and what the developers put forth did not let me down. The second season was above my expectations. Now my imagination is running wild again with anticipation for the third season and I hope to see even more sides to the human nature be explored.
  • She is the worst protagonist why does she have to destroy everything they are going through enough. Got through 4 episodes and I just can't stand her
  • I was struggling to understand why all the positive reviews until I found out that the shows Facebook group is instructing people to come here and give it 10 stars and calling it a political fight. Seriously. They are trying to get upvotes in the name of politics?
  • hansp-1101521 April 2018
    Tried watching it. I really did. Made it until episode 5, then just couldn't go on any longer. The woman portraying Doctor Smith is just doing such a poor job. I can't stand her any longer.

    Created this IMDB account just to log this response, to prevent unaware viewers seeing the 10/10 reviews that are either logged by trolls or people immune for terrible plot, terrible acting and unbearable cliches
  • I don't know why there is so much hate being piled onto this show. It's not brilliant, but it's not bad either. I'm three episodes in and I'm enjoying it.

    Sure, the scifi elements and in particular the coherency isn't there, but most scifi shows fail there. And yes, it's neither the most profound story nor the deepest of characters.

    But it's fun and paces nicely (certainly better than the knuckle-dragging Altered Carbon). The characters are pretty cool, while the effects and design are really nicely done. Lost in Space won't change your life or become the next great television event. But ignore the reviewers - take a look for yourself.
  • I really wanted to enjoy this - but... It's just awful. The characters are like cardboard cutouts. There is a clear delineation between the characters - there are only two types: All of the female characters act like they have rabies, and all of the male characters are ineffectual simian oafs. I was struggling to understand why all the positive reviews until I found out that the shows Facebook group is instructing people to come here and give it 10 stars and calling it a political fight. Seriously. They are trying to get upvotes in the name of politics?
  • Dark; depressing; non-stop crises; dysfunctional family; constant conflict; more like a soap-opera; many annoying characters; overbearing lead actor; no light at the end of the tunnel; no fun at all. If you like to watch movies as an escape, then you don't want to escape here. (Unless you really like being depressed as an escape.) I could not watch it beyond the 3rd episode.

    If you were hoping for something that even vaguely resembled the original, forget it. There is almost nothing in common, except for the spaceship and the names of some of the characters. The original had a good balance of light and dark, funny and serious, etc. This is just endless hopelessness without any relief.

    So let's forget trying to compare this to the original, because there is no comparison. For sake of argument, let's say this was something new, not based on anything else. It totally fails to inspire me or make me want to watch the next episode.

    I gave it 3 instead of a 1 because some of the actors try their best with the poor material they were given to work with.

    How this got such a high overall rating I cannot fathom, unless I am really out of touch with the current generation of movie-goers.

    I don't recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watch it if you want to curse every 3 minutes at the stupid characters who mostly act like dumb children. For science sake they are supposed to be cream of the cream of humans.... well, they lie constantly and hide stuff from each other and and a psychopath character is walking around freely and does whatever she wants. Well, I don't know about the original series but this one definitely sucks.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Danger, Netflix viewers... Just terrible. The visuals are fun and are the shows only redeeming quality. The rest of it is... annoying? Unappealing? Upsetting? All of those? I don't know. While watching, the show did stir my emotions but not in the intended way. I was annoyed by the writing. It's terrible. As other's have mentioned, it's beyond sci-fi, or the laws of physics don't apply outside of our little corner of the universe.

    The show is unappealing in it's attempts to portray the wife as the savior, genius, problem-solver, intillectual hero. She treats her husband like complete trash. So much so that I really wanted her to die as part of the series. That would have made the show so much better. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for women being powerful and heroic, but this is over the top and if the roles were reversed, there'd be another huge women's rights march. It's that ridiculous.

    The show was upsetting because it doesn't go anywhere. The problems are all made up because none of these people listen to orders, use critical or logistical thought in decision making, and treat eachother like crap. In a real situation many of the scenarios the characters find themselves in could be solved by using logic and reason. Instead, they smother everything with emotion and rely on second-hand information to make substantial decisions.

    The show had an interesting premise but the writers ruined it. I feel bad for the person who's original vision was mutilated by whatever this has become. 2/10...
  • I seriously can't understand these 1 or 2 star reviews. I'm half way through the first season and loving it. It has a great balance of good acting, reasonable story, amazing visuals as well as thrills. I read one review that said he binged the whole season in one day but only gave it 2 stars?? If it's good enough to not stop watching it, it deserve more than that?? The original was 60s fluff. You can only take the premise and bones of the show in the modern age and run with it which is why is a great property to work with. The family work well together and you really want to know more about them. Doctor Smith is fantastic. Beautifully manipulative and one that you hate intensely one minute and then feel sorry for the next. Dark shades of grey make the best baddies. Don is fun and will develop I'm sure as will the story and I can't wait to find out how everything connects. We lose so many great shows before they can hit their strides because of binary reviews and ratings it really frustrates me. There is nothing except a few story driven, science bending, mistakes. So what. If I need a tv show to teach me science I'm in the wrong place. I want to be entertained and I am.
  • I can get past the women being in charge, to be honest I didn't even notice

    I can get past the bad science, even though I did notice it.

    But in all honesty, the show is just depressing to watch. They can't complete a single task without something going wrong, and when they do ~5 tasks per episode, you're basically just watching disaster after disaster.

    Once in a while, it'd just be nice to watch the story unfold and have something go right.

    It's literally as depressing as watching Schindler's List

    They also don't seem that smart, constantly lie and keep secrets, and you just want to scream at them for messing up everything all the time. I thought they were supposed to be smart?
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