In the original series Penny found a pet alien monkey and named it Debby. In this series Don has a pet chicken and named it Debby

This series shares theme music from both the original series and the 1998 movie. The series theme is the most popular, however it was only used in the third season of the original series. The first two seasons of the original series had a different theme song. Both theme songs were composed by John Williams, who also composed the music for Star Wars.

Brian Steele who plays the Robot is 6 foot and 7 inches tall.

The planet in season one of the new series borrows from an episode of the original series where the Robinsons were on a planet with a highly elliptical orbit that made that planet icy and hot.

A few characters are amalgamated names modeled after the real life actors and actresses from the original series, Lost in Space (1965). Sibongile Mlambo's Angela Goddard is a combination of Angela Cartwright (Penny Robinson) and Mark Goddard (Don West). Parker Posey's real identity is June Harris, a combination of June Lockhart (Maureen Robinson) and Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith), Angela Cartwright plays Sheila Harris, the mother of June Harris and a combination of Sheila Allen who was married to Irwin Allen (and appeared in three episodes of the original series) and Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith).

Ignacio Serricchio announced at WonderCon 2018 that he had to wear a wig during the filming of the first ten episodes after an accident in the make up chair with a hair clipper.

The injured man June Harris (posing as Dr. Smith) steals the jacket from is Bill Mumy, who played Will Robinson in the original series.

This version has a similar plot to The Robinsons: Lost in Space (2004), an unaired TV pilot. In both, several Jupiter ships carrying different families are being transported by a mother ship, which ends up being damaged by an alien attack and the separate ships disperse in different directions. Jupiter 2 ends up getting lost in space.

In the first few episodes the catch phrase "Danger Will Robinson" are the first and only words uttered by the robot.

A toy figure/model resembling Robby the Robot from the movies Forbidden Planet (1956) and The Invisible Boy (1957) can be seen on a shelf in Will Robinson's room. Robby's design inspired the Robot design from the original series Lost in Space (1965). Both robots were designed by Robert Kinoshita. In addition, Robby also appeared in the episodes Lost in Space: Condemned of Space (1967), Lost in Space: War of the Robots (1966), and Lost in Space: Ghost in Space (1966) of the original series.

Parker Posey plays a female Dr. Smith. In the previous two incarnations of this property, Dr. Smith was named Zachary Smith and was played by male actors. In the original series, the character was played by Jonathan Harris for almost the entire run (83 out of 84 episodes), and in the 1998 film adaptation Lost in Space (1998), he was played by Gary Oldman. There was no Dr. Smith in the unsold pilot The Robinsons: Lost in Space (2004).

Some scenes were clearly filmed at the height of the forest fires around Kamloops, BC in the summer of 2017.

In the title sequence for most of the episodes, there is a shot of the Space Shuttle OV-101 (Enterprise), named for the ship used in NBC's competing space show in the 1960s, Star Trek.

This show is premiering on the streaming platform Netflix as an original with the first season (10 episodes) available on April 13, 2018. Though this incarnation is original exclusively to Netflix, it is actually a reboot of the popular 1960's sci-fi show of the same name. The original show premiered on September 15, 1965 with its series finale airing on March 6, 1968. This reboot is the most recent attempt to reboot the series. This incarnation is premiering 50 years after the finale aired.

Bill Mumy and Angela Cartwright are the only actors to have appeared in the original TV series Lost in Space (1965) and also appear here. Mumy played Will Robinson and Cartwright played Penny Robinson. In the remake he plays the Real Dr. Smith, and she plays Sheila Harris, the mother of June Harris, Parker Posey's actual character name.

The robot in evil mode resembles the evil monster Dr. Smith (Gary Oldman) turns into in the 1998 movie.

In the first episode the Jupiter 2 escapes from being entombed in ice. This scene is similar the "escape the collapsing planet" scene in the climax of The 1998 movie.