Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (2015– )

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A virgin girl named Mamori who arrives on an island must compete in battle using special powers only activated through her sexual activity with the other girls on the island.


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15 October 2018 | daviddevilliers54
| Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is... interesting...
Let me just get this out of the way first - this is a porno. This is a softcore lesbian porno made specifically just to arouse the viewer. It is filled with a lot of yuri fanservice. It is heavily filled with a lot of fetish-fuel. You like big breasts? This anime's got 'em. You like yuri? The anime's got it. You like yuri boob smothering? Look no further. This anime tries to get every fetish out of the way. Even bondage has got you covered. So anything with girl-on-girl you will pretty much find in this anime. The story primarily exists just to allow all these fetish fuel to happen.

Now that that's out of the way, what exactly IS the story? Well, basically our main protagonist Mamori Tokonome, a sweet and innocent yet naive young girl, arrives on an island called Mermaid after the outside world discovers she has special abilities. Upon arriving on this island, which is populated by only women, she meets another transfer named Mirei Shikishima, who tries to protect Mamori with her life. Mamori also learns that this island is filled with women with special abilities. Basically, they need to get sexually stimulated in order to use their powers. We have two different types of those - the Liberator and the Ecsta. The Liberator is the warrior and the Ecsta is the one who needs to get turned on in order to turn into a weapon. It's a weird anime. So after being attacked, Mirei saved Mamori and tries everything in her power to protect her. Will they ever get off the island? Watch to find out.

So what do I think of the story? Well, as I said, the story exists ONLY to allow those fetishes to happen. Exactly like in a porn, the plot only exists to get the actors to have sex.

What do I think of the characters? Well, considering this is an anime, there would have to be a lot of character development involved so we could actually care about them. Mamori is cute and likable enough. Mirei is a badass and also revealed to be quite a softie inside. Other characters like Mei Fon Sakura, Kasumi Shigure, Torino Kazami, Rain and Lady J are also good enough characters. The villains such as Charlotte Scherzen and Rain Hasumi are also good enough villains for the plot to exist.

What do I think of the animation and art style? Well, the animation is nice enough and the art-style is what can be expected. Since this is an anime and not a cheaply made hentai, of course it's going to have a higher budget. The action scenes are also not that bad to look at.

So finally, what is my opinion? Well, as I said, this is a porno. If you're looking to get turned on by yuri, this anime has got you covered and is perfect for you. If you're looking for an anime with a great plot, you may be disappointed. I personally don't mind the plot but even I will admit that it's really mediocre. Still, I recommend this to anyone who loves yuri.

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Performed by
Hitomi Harada
Written by Hige Driver


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Animation | Action | Adult | Romance


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10 October 2015



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