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4 December 2015 | lor_
Deceptive, poorly made Sapphic porn
I have to give up on this "award winning" hack pornographer, after watching several atrocious DVDs on the basis of big-name, attractive cast lists.

For starters, the video exploits a deceptive marketing practice that has been around for oer a decade, namely hyping a video by advertising it contains 2 (or more) disks -not a compilation but a new release. There's less than 2 hours of footage for the actual vignette feature, and lots of outtakes and BTS junk thrown in on the extra disk of no value whatsoever. "True Lesbian Lovers" is guilty of this ploy, as is another release from new Desire Films label titled "Deviants".

So that great cast goes to waste. Opening scene has Amber and James rolling around on a checkerboard black & white floor pawing at body parts of statues and/or store mannequins. If that sounds bad, it is.

Nice and Chase engage in mutual masturbation next. Third segment has Keyes and Vandella and a strap-on dildo.

Piece de resistance is the finale in which Tyler with glasses on abuses poor Skin Diamond as a student who didn't do her assignment properly, so she is spanked with a ruler and otherwise sexually assaulted. Other than the ugly fake-red dyed hair Skin is sporting this is a big nothing, not even rising to the level of BDSM lite.

Saint and Cage make for a blonde on blonde Sapphic twosome, shot on a white-on- white set that makes George Lucas's "THX 1138" look colorful. If this is supposed to be artistic, next thing you know Andrew Blake will be back in business.

Christy Mack brings her tattooed bod to the next fetish sequence, with fishnet stockings, dildo, high heels and other accoutrements.

Though this is a lesbian video, somehow it is contrived that Cavanni deliver a solo turn, masturbating by herself. Similarly, the thing ends with another solo bringing back popular newcomer Amber.

This is not the worst, that distinction falls to same team's "Deviants".

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