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  • "Big Tits on the Job" raises the obvious question: what really constitutes a fetish. This boring and inept XXX video rounds up the requisite five beautiful and top-heavy actresses, but seemingly has no Plan B once they are on the set ready to hump. The manifestly untalented cameraman/director "Zander" might as well have left the lens cap on.

    I associate fetish with a tactile sensation - evoking the usual suspects like rubber, latex, leather, nylons, stiletto heels, etc. To stretch a point, I would even define my fascination and allegiance to vinyl records (as opposed to streaming, or CDs, or cassettes or some dubious play list resident in "The Cloud") as a non-sexual fetish -the tactile love of handling the physical disks beyond listening to the sounds they yield.

    But Zander is attempting to mine a different type of fetish, the stereotypical woman in the office who may merely wear tight clothing (suits and the like) or sport alarming décolletage and thereby dominate the consciousness of the poor stiffs working near her office or cubicle. To say this video and its many crappy brethren (exploiting secretaries = women who wear glasses) are behind the times is belaboring the obvious.

    So we observe some truly well-endowed beauties, ranging from the big'uns of Katie Koxxx to the latter-day enhancements of the talented and formerly natural-looking Monique Alexander. Several of the vignettes are in very poor taste, consisting of job interviews where the boss man seemingly takes sexual harassment to a new level. The worst one had a creep insisting on sex as quid pro quo and immediately after the money shot telling the poor woman "I've changed my mind" and instead of hiring her calling security to have her thrown out of the building. I guess Zander believes his audience is moronic and 100% misogynistic.

    Even on a more superficial level I was disappointed to see Madison Ivy as a blonde and sporting a pallor rather than her truly alluring deep tan of late. The lengthy video has little to offer in the way of stimulation during its 2-1/2 hour stay, so an additional half-hour excerpt starring the inimitable Audrey Bitoni is tossed in as a sort of saver.