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  • lor_15 December 2015
    The question immediately arises: why would I (or anyone) want to watch a video with such a lurid and unpromising title? The answer is simply that I am currently addicted to Brit Porn in all its phases and guises, and that the director here, William Disley aka DiSanto is among my favorites. Even on an off-day like this one, his work holds a modicum of interest.

    The five vignettes featuring a variety of Brit models are all arousing, and that title promise of a cream-pie is misleading in that for a show of nearly two hours' duration, the visuals of drippy ejaculate last for mere seconds, not minutes. Of the women, I was impressed with huge-breasted but obscure performer Jodie Hernandez/Hernendez, so obscure I was unable to pin down the proper spelling of her moniker. Harmony Hex and Samantha Shaw also do a fine job, put up against some big-dicked talent led by the redoubtable Alonso Shaft, whose name always elicits considerable dirty-talk from his femme partner.

    DiSanto shot this with his usual team of professionals, including the great fellow director Anjali Kara in charge of casting, but of course his heart isn't really in it. His themed videos, especially those leaning towards BDSM content, are far superior to the rather perfunctory interview followed by mechanical in & out action presented here.