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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is in the same style of the previous Pif movie. It's a tender comedy based on true fact, in this case the agreement between us army and mafia boss to occupy Sicily in war war 2 without having any trouble and resistance from the locals. As previous movies Pif use the gimmick of the love story to speak about his land (sicily) and threat the mafia problem. The comedy is tender and easy (sometimes the character remind me Forrest Gump for is simplicity) but the story itself give you some ideas to think about it. Cast is working well and also the direction is working. For the purpose to use a comedy to speak about the mafia problem the movie it's at least two cut above the standard trash comedy in Italy. So well done. I have just two things that i didn't like it: the main character was taken from a military navy and moved to the coastal town through an world war two there where no helicopter on navy, they were airplane carrier but this is another things. Helicopter has been used after ww2.. That is a bad mistake. The other things that concern me is the Visual effects, i mean all the part with the helicopter is really poorly done, but also during all the film you can see clearly the fake New York at the beginning the fake White House the fake day for night effect that is present in a lot of's a pity to have this bad visual effects on a movie like this..