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  • Unlike the other review, which seems to have been written by a cranky nitpicker who sees joy in nothing, this charming and sweet Italian series makes for relaxing and entertaining viewing. Shot in Milan, Rome and the countryside, it's a fun peek at the Italian styles and mores of the 1950s with a terrific cast. It's fascinating to see how a department store is run from the inside, and the kind of decisions and sacrifices that need to be made to make it successful.
  • punquie-3253430 June 2018
    A well done piece that is just plain fun to watch. While the plot may get a bit heavy handed the balance with the performances and the photography is enjoyable.
  • Beautiful series from a more elegant time; characters to fall in love with! These characters are not only believable, but the script is well written and full of heart. The 1950's sets are creatively accurate and the fashion conveys the elegance of that time. There are poignant moments in each storyline where the values of the characters are touchingly challenged. The amount of old fashion restraint depicted in the characters, coupled with the modern time of the late 50's entering old world Italy, proves to add an indelible creative impact on the script.

    The Italian society in the 50's is not only recovering from the war, but the largely catholic upbringing of the characters influences, pulls and tugs on each storyline. The series marks a time before computers, cell phones and the quick news of the world -- so much so that you are just as absorbed in their story lines as were the people of that time line in theirs.

    If you love Downton Abbey, Victoria and The Crown, this series will add to your love of the beauty of traveling to another time, culture and place to absorb yourself in the lives of these complex and yet characters. Highly, highly recommend.

    I hope that they keep their successful, beautiful and heartwarming style going in season 3. The actors are all brilliant, especially the lead couple of Teresa and Pietro. A real winner!
  • Delightful and lovely Italian series that gives a look back into 1950s Italian life.
  • The series only very loosely follows the plot of the BBC series of a similar name (based on a 19th century French novel) in the first season, then veers off to become a more traditional Italian soap opera/ drama. Unfortunately over-the-top organized crime and corruption is over represented as a plot device that pushes the series into "horrible Italian stereotype" territory, but it redeems itself with solid acting and character development. Unlike previous adaptions of "The Ladies Paradise", this one is set in the 1950s....well, almost. The set dressers lack of attention to detail catapults us into the 21st century when they add modern details like modern mini LED Christmas lights (with a cobalt blue that was only produced in the past decade), VERY modern American mylar balloons, and holograph printed mylar wrapping paper and decorations (something that didn't exist until the 1980s). There may be a Sterling Cooper reference in the script, but the crew of "Mad Men" would never have made such colossal blunders when dressing a set! My other nit to pick is the soundtrack; there's only a dozen or so sampled bits of music that's recycled for every bloody sequence, which gets fairly maddening for anyone who watches more than two episodes in a row. RAI should cough up a few extra euros for some fresh tunes, vintage style bulbs, papers, and plain,opaque, period correct balloons!
  • Can't believe it's rated 8/10 in imdb. The acting is kindergarden level, the characters are so simplistic and predictable.
  • I watched some of the BBC's 'The Paradise' and didn't really care for it. So I'm not sure why I decided to give the Italian version on Acorn TV a try but I'm glad I did. I loved the characters, the clothes, the cars, the city and the drama of 'The Ladies Paradise'.

    Note - my rating is based on the first 2 seasons.
  • kjohoy23 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Why would you end in that way? Felt left hanging and no news on a 3rd season!!!! All that and it ends in a terribley....
  • lukkarij16 November 2018
    Despite the good actors, characters are often poorly written and behave incomprehensibly. Also, the plot is full of either holes or deus ex machina -solutions. I recognize, however, that this series is not even trying to be realistic in that manner. If you are able to overlook the sloppy writing, all the rest is very enjoyable to watch - from the 50s colourful and optimistic Milanese scenery to the beautiful young people and their love triangles.
  • This is a poorly produced Italian TV soap opera that shares an obsession with 1950s fashion much like the Spanish series "Velvet". The story lines are almost identical and probably based on the same Emile Zola work. Probably was produced by RAI for the mass Italian TV market but would have limited appeal elsewhere. The subtitle translation is pretty bad! I could not make it past the first episode which was quite silly.....and well, just got sillier! The character are all 2 dimensional and the plot very predictable. If crinolines and 1950s fashion are somethings you enjoy, then this will probably work for you.