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  • jasonbond-6284023 December 2015
    At times I wondered what am I watching. Bengal Tiger was a gross compilation of the worst clichés and compilation of the biggest mistakes done by South Indian Industry. There was cheap humor in the first half but the second half was the worst I've ever watched. All in all, it was your typical masala movie designed for mass cinema which includes uneducated, illiterate, unemployed Andhra people. Ravi Teja is 47 yet finds himself to romance a 21 year old. Go figure. The woman is objectified and has NO reason to be in the movie besides the horrid dances. Ravi Teja's dance can best be described as one of a dirty grandpa's. His tight pants and horrid shirts make him the subject of a poorly dressed creep. Overall this is nothing special because it's a ravi teja movie.
  • A film of pukka mass energetic hero seems to be very fine.

    His role Akash Narayan gave us goosebumps in his entry.A guy who wanted to be famous all over the state impresses an MLA and joins as his personal adviser and jumps to home ministers cabin on behalf of more remuneration.home ministers daughter loves him seeing his guts and behavior. But he refuses her proposal by giving a twisty shock to chief minister in raasi khanna's birthday party.this ends up the 1st half.Comedy roars up in Bengal Tiger.Akash when trying to escape from raasi , her friend as well as cm's daughter proposes him . He took a chance to take revenge on cm.Songs are very fine and revi tja's energy , posani & prudhvi's comedy ,tamannah's glamour are the hype of this movie.This movie is watchable for few times.This movie is a festival film for ravi teja's fans since it is declared as a roaring hit.