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  • kosmasp20 April 2018
    The thin red linne ... that according to a "myth" (or whatever you want to call it) connects people. Also the title of the movie (not the exact words, especially not the thin part). Now we have two very beautiful people front and center and you can see where the attraction lie. You may have trouble understanding the actions they are taking, but it's human nature, right? At least that's how you can always explain things.

    The acting is good and there are some decent twists along the way. While this is aimed at romantics, it may also contain things that appall them (and I am not talking about some minor nudity here but story related stuff). It's not a bad movie overall and if you are into that kind of movies, you will have something to keep your attention for a while
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've been watching a lot of romantic movies these days and this one is one of the better ones (I watched garbage like "Sleepless in Seattle" and all other kinds of movies, from disturbing to stupid, deep, meh and tragic). There are some positive and negative things in this movie. The positive: good acting, interesting story, some VERY hot scenes, mostly a good vibe throughout the movie, not much clichés, beautiful locations and emotions :) The negative: not very original story, a too much idealized world, the main actress could be described as too pretty and the characters are not enough developed so the movie might seem shallow for some. I would recommend it to everyone, who isn't in the mood for something heavy and disturbing, but who is sick of all those cheap cliché rom-coms and wannabe romantic movies out there, that end up all the same.
  • I viewed this in the English subtitle version. It is not a heavily dialogued film. The title explains that a connection can visit upon (unbidden) a couple which becomes a life-long irrevocable link – from a notion combining a number of cultural nuances. Partway through the film an old women in a Chilean market spoke that thought when she observed the two leads together informally.

    It meant little then to the pair and the viewers. At the close of the film a post-script explanation is given amongst the credits. I found that I was moved and caught up in the pair's lives from the early random meeting whilst waiting to board a flight - he a vintner from Argentina and she a Chilean flight attendant (she quickly put- down his reference to 'stewardess') We move quickly to him finding himself seated in the flight in which she is an attendant. He realises he is immediately attracted to her, and in his sleeplessness ends up in the staff booth……a few pleasantries later, a first passionate kiss occurs followed by a promise to meet post-Customs – all seems well.

    But a hitch in proceedings means they simply could not find one another at that point. Each of them went on with their lives.

    7 years later, they happen upon each other in another flight context; he by now is married with a daughter, she in a relationship similarly, has a son. Both partners are connected to media-entertainment so there is possibility that lives might cross.

    The casting is interesting. I'm a devotee of 'foreign films' and have feasted on exotic productions through Festivals and Netflix. Latino film is always a feature and home-based film lovers in their 'feedback' often express their wish that 'love/passion' be overtly displayed (They feel cheated when say a Turkish series – no real lover-kissing is shown; display through eyes, voice and courteous hand-kissing is often what you get – or at most a tasteful Director's cut and fade!). The leading-man here is not a testosterone heavy dude at all but he plays this character sensitively for viewer empathy. The question for the viewer throughout is this truly the Red Thread of myth being expressed in this narrative. Sheer passion, instant steamy sex and mutual orgasms engulf the couple in the short hours they're together, with little said between them to suggest any profound meeting of minds. The difference in how the thread is experienced by each one is a strong theme in the film. One is deliberately non-lovey in words and demeanour, and the other is palpably needy and longing. Another parting occurs and again there is resistance (then yielding) for a re-meet, and the couple reach a denouement of the hard realities which won't be resolved simply.

    A viewer should find the writer and director's work satisfying, and it leaves us pondering whether this was or is a real Red Thread. A top film for those who love passionate romance well acted and thought- provoking and some great screen shots of location.
  • This is definitely a title that deserves a second go from any reviewer who was on a bad day. The film is definitely a honest, realistic and anti-pop script on unfulfilled love and unmet opportunities that fate will endeavour to correspond and correct, regardless of one's utter/innermost intentions. One of the most amazing things I tasted on this film is the fact that I simply dislike love films, with their pop-culture of dreamy realisations and commitments. This one is truthful to the very bone of what life is, there is no sanding of sharp edges, it will hurt the viewer and the characters as much as one's expectations that everything must be happiness. The movie covers very well how certain decisions in life or an inevitability can undermine years of experiences that simply won't take place. Thus, happiness or the possibility of more, purer or different happiness must be reassessed and played against what life juggled at us. Does life deserve to be re-imagined against all aspects that offer one stability and moral standards? This is the decision we all debate through the film itself.

    Some people might not like Eugenia "China" Suarez as a person but the way she conducts the character's progression and response to the other actor, Benjamin (also incredibly good), made me stop criticising astonishingly beautiful women who play love parts. She suffers like I'd see any person suffer, he believes to the very last moment like I see any other person willing to believe. The movie is very honest and very good.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this at Netflix. Netflix says: This movie is : Emotional, steamy , romantic.

    Some might say on the other hand that this is a classical, "Lovers meet years after and they are married now however they cant help themselves to have an affair and OMG what is going to happen next" kind of boring movie. Well, they will be probably right with what they say but I'm not sure if they will still be right if they score it less than 4-5.

    I think the effort, some likable-cute acting,certain scenes ( ;) ) together with some beautiful scenery would worth... at least a 6, I would say.

    No sleep and nothing to do on a late weekend night? You wanna get emotional, steamy and romantic? :) Give it a try...
  • What i loved about this movie is the ending, it shows us that not every decision in life is easy, we don't live in lala lands. The girl had two perfect guys that she loved. The ending was extremely unexpected and I LOVED IT! there's no happy ever after and thw actress, who i might add, reaaaally beautiful, took a grown up decision given all the factors she was facing. I recommend this movie to every person looking for a change in scenery and not the cliché ended movies! Not to forget that the kissing scenes were so emotionally filled with passion.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The chemistry between the central characters Abril, played by Eugenia Suárez, and Manuel, played by Benjamín Vicuña, is believable and the director's decision to make Abril the more confident and secure of the two, was the right move.

    Manuel meets the beautiful Abril and just as love is about to blossom, a turn of fate ruins their moment.

    Fast forward seven years. Abril is in a relationship with Bruno Raidy and they have a three year old son, Felix. Manuel is married to Laura and they have a five year old daughter, Rita.

    On another of Manuel's business trips he meets Abril once more and this time they do get together. Manuel tells Abril, "I can't believe how in love I was with you."

    They spend a day together and while sitting on a wall discussing life, Abril kisses Manuel. He kisses back and the rain appears. The pair take shelter in a tunnel-walkway where they make love before returning to Manuel's hotel room where they make love again. Manuel's wife calls and the conversation is overheard by Abril. She is upset and tells Manuel "I'm not upset …It just bothers me …….that I'm upset about you having a life with her."

    She leaves Manuel's room with the line, "And I never want to see you again."

    Does she see him again?

    Watch the movie and find out.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The end is s hit! They could make it better... The rest of the movie is good. The story is good itself but the final is really poor. The love between those two give you too much expectation and at the end the producers f uck it. Also they could develop more other characters and the reactions on others...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The leading actress is probably the most beautiful i have seen, and she is very good actress. The leading man is great as well. The story line is something that anyone who loves watching hot romantic movies would keep watching over and over. Blurry ending but i hope that they'll make a part 2!
  • This movie is so bad! The writing is BS, the acting is amateur....WTF is going on? How on earth do you invest money to produce such garbage???!!!!!

    These actors are dead to me, I'm changing channel next time I see them up on the telly!!!