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  • Having watched both the earliest and latest editions of Girlfriends Films' various long- running series, I've noted that most have greatly improved over the years for the 15-year-old distributor. But Deauxma's vehicle "Road Queen" seems on its last legs.

    This latest edition doesn't even have squirting, that dreaded gimmick which has been the show's talisman for nearly a decade. And it barely has Deauxma, who puts in a token sex scene appearance before seemingly handing off the baton to young star Jenna Sativa -who lacks both the girth and strong presence of the inimitable porn matriarch.

    For me the decision to make these shows static, literally tying down the action of late to a teeny motel, eliminating the vintage Ford motoring down the two-lane blacktop, is a key mistake. It reduces the content to almost a lesbian version of "Bates Motel" and the results are ho-hum.

    Take for example the episode's nominal villainess Mercedes Carrera, whose pose hanging around looking tough lulled me into hopes of some action - not necessarily a cat fight but at least a confrontation. But no, when push comes to shove she's just another humper, in this case upstaged by younger, more lithe performers like Luna Star (who plays her cousin but could have been her understudy) and the always exciting Valentina Nappi.

    Only point of interest that kept me from dozing off was a cryptic character and performance by Jelena Jensen, a mainstay of Girlfriends videos as well as boy/girl Penthouse label (and magazine) action. She is the sub to Mercedes' dom in the final sex vignette but is so passive as a sports coach (in the Girlfriends' "Thornhill" universe) for Mercedes to push around that their big-bust summit meeting goes bust. Film's coda sets up future action to feature the girls of her team, as well as Mercedes' goal of dominating Scarlet Red (who was featured in prior volume #33).