The show takes place at an actual school (Hartvig Nissens Skole) which one of the actors, Tarjei Sandvik Moe (Isak), actually attends. Other characters from the show such as Magnus (David Sjøholt) and Chris (Ina Svinningdal) also attends at the school.

Noora was the first character created for the series by Julie Andem. Julie Andem wanted to tell Noora and Williams' story, but felt it needed background which is why Eva is the lead of the first season. It was also decided early in the first season that Isak would be the lead character of the third season.

Even's (Henrik Holm) room in the series is actually Marlon Langeland's (Jonas) room in real life. Thats why you see a lot of skateboards and caps on the wall.

Social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram has been created for many of the characters. On the official web site you can see many images and videos from the characters Instagram, and also read chat and message logs, and see Youtube videos they have shared with each other. The social media aspect is a major part of the show and flesh out the characters and story.

Sonja (Theresa Eggesbø) and Eskild (Carl-Martin Eggesbø) are cousins in real life.

The actors in the series actually chose the name SKAM for the show. The creator and director of the show, Julie Andem, gave all the teenagers who were auditioning for the show the opportunity to come up with name suggestions. Then she gave those who participated on the last audition, ten names to choose from, and SKAM won.

The character of Jonas (Marlon Langeland) was originally meant to be quite different. When the creator (Julie Andem) met Marlon she decided to make the Jonas more "hipster" like the actor.

After an extreme growth in Skam's international fan base the show has become geoblocked so only people in Norway can watch the episodes. This was due to a necessary clarification with the music right holders. NRK released a statement explaining that they are trying everything they can to make the show available again and thanking the dedication and love that Skam has gotten from international fans.

All of the episode titles is from a line of dialogue in that episode.

The episodes are released in shorter video clips through the week on the official web site, in addition to extra material, before they are edited together and broadcast on TV and released on web on Friday evenings.

The collective Eskild, Linn, Noora and Isak lives in is actually a collective in real life. The people who lives in the collective daily is asked to move out, while they shoot scenes for the show. A lot of the fixtures you see in SKAM is actually the collectives real residents fixtures.

Norways Crown Princess' son, Marius Borg Høiby, is in the final episode in season 2. He is also friends with Thomas Hayes (William) in real life.

Both Marlon Langeland (Jonas) and Ina Svinningdal (Jente-Chris) were child actors.

Henrik Holm (Even) and Arthur Hakalahti (Kasper, girl-Chris's boyfriend in seasons 2 & 3) were both actors on the critically acclaimed Norwegian mini-series Halvbroren (The Half Brother). Henrik played the best friend of the main character, Barnum and Arthur played Barnum's father in his childhood. The series is available to stream on Amazon Video.

Ulrikke Falch (Vilde) did actually have an eating disorder in real life when she were younger just like her character, Vilde, is struggling with one in the show.

Henrik, who plays Even, and Julie, the creator and director of SKAM, were the only ones who knew that Even was bipolar until Tarjei, who plays Isak, figured it out on his own.

For the fourth season, a YouTube channel was made for Sanas brother, Elias, and his friends. The YouTube channel is called Hei Briskeby (2017) and works like the characters Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Each season is told from the point of view of a main character for that season. The character in focus changes each season. The main characters are the following Eva (Lisa Teige) in Season 1, Noora (Josefine Frida Pettersen) in Season 2, Isak (Tarjei Sandvik Moe) in Season 3 and Sana (Iman Meskini) in the final season.

Thomas Hayes (William) decided to leave the show after its second season, due to not wanting to be typecast. His character resided in London until Season 4 Episode 8 where he reappears for the final three episodes.