John Paul Getty III: I'm telling you this, so you could understand the things you're about to see, and maybe you can forgive us. It's like we're from another planet, where the force of gravity is so strong it bends the light. We look like you, but we're not like you.

Playboy Interviewer: It's been reported that you're the first man in history with a fortune in excess of a billion dollars.

J. Paul Getty: I have no idea. But, if you can count your money you're not a billionaire.

J. Paul Getty: There's a purity to beautiful things that I've never been able to find in another human being.

J. Paul Getty: When a man gets wealthy, he has to deal with the problems of freedom. All the choices he could possibly want. An abyss opens up. Well, I watched that abyss. I watched it ruin men, marriages, but most of all, it ruins the children.

J. Paul Getty: A man who has children gives hostages to fortune.

J. Paul Getty: Morning, Chase.

[Getty walks around a covered table]

J. Paul Getty: Will you, uh, help me with this?

[Getty and Chase uncover the table to reveal a model mansion]

J. Paul Getty: I'm, uh, building a house in California. An exact replica of my imperial villa in Rome, down to the very last detail. But with flush toilets. Yes, the mountain may not have come to Muhammad, but it sure as hell came to me.

Nancy Getty's Secretary: Mr. Getty. The West Texas Intermediate, sir.

[secretary hands stock number strip to Getty]

Fletcher Chase: What's it feel like, reading that slip of paper?

J. Paul Getty: Well, for a moment, money loses all meaning and becomes as plentiful as air. Like flight. And then, it passes.

[Getty crumples the strip and throws it away]

J. Paul Getty: What's, uh, all this I see on TV with Gail paying the ransom in full? We both know she doesn't have it.

Fletcher Chase: The lady's made other arrangements.

J. Paul Getty: But she doesn't have the money. So, uh, what's going on? Come on. Where did she get it? Is she fucking somebody?


Fletcher Chase: You know, I think I'm finally beginning to understand what makes you tick.

J. Paul Getty: No, no, you couldn't begin to. So, spill it. What's going on? What's her game? Don't forget, Chase, I have a contract. And I'll enforce it.

Fletcher Chase: No, I don't think so.

J. Paul Getty: Oh? Why not?

Fletcher Chase: Can you hear me? I want to make sure that I'm very clear. Because whatever personal security you presently enjoy comes from me. All right? Those Alsatians limping around the pool? My people trained them. Your security system? My people installed it. The bodyguards? That's right, you rapacious old fuck, you are protected from every threat imaginable, unless that threat happens to be me.

J. Paul Getty: I suppose this is your way of submitting your resignation.

Fletcher Chase: Hey!

[Chase grabs Getty by the arm]

Fletcher Chase: 'Men of risk'? Isn't that what you called us? 'I risk my money, you risk your life.' You're so full of shit. You and me? We never risked a thing in our lives. We never took the chances ordinary people take. That's why we are what we are now. You're just cheap, Paul. You could have all the money in the world, and you are still a no-good, miserable son of a bitch, and don't you forget it. Goodbye, Mr. Getty.

[Chase begins to walk away]

J. Paul Getty: Those children are my blood, Chase!

[Chase waves at him on his way out]

J. Paul Getty: They're mine.

[Getty grabs the paper strip and throws it in the fireplace]

J. Paul Getty: She took them.

J. Paul Getty: They say you never really know someone until you have divorced them.

Fletcher Chase: I wish I knew that three marriages ago.

Cinquanta: [to the Gettys] You greedy animals! You're the worst criminals of all.

Fletcher Chase: I mean, what would it take for you to feel secure?

J. Paul Getty: More.