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  • This is Waller-Bridge's finest moment - it is as funny throughout as the first few episodes of fleabag or the best moments of Killing Eve. Amazingly re-watchable and with a heart - but brutal nevertheless. One of the best British comedy series for a long time.
  • This is the most ingenious, irreverent, uproariously comedy I've seen in my life, and I'm not young. I came to this after watching Fleabag in Prime and lovin' it. This is better, greater and the characters are amazing. Please, please, more seasons please.
  • treewb5 February 2016
    Edgy,dangerous, eye-opening, real-life, very funny, brilliant cast, superb writing and wonderful interpretation by the cast. Well directed. Congratulations to all concerned. We want more ........ A lot of friends have been given hope living in a great city that through property guardianship they may be able to make it in London. This is a modern day Friends but with attitude! Brilliant set and very imaginative that it should be set in a disused/redundant hospital in central London. I hope we see lots more from the writer who is taking comedy/sitcom to a different level. She craft her work well and despite the storyline has a innocence about the circumstances.
  • I was a property guardian for a while, which is why I was intrigued to watch this show. Although it's more about people living their 20-somethings lives in the city than being a guardian, I'm so grateful I found it, as it is, without doubt, the funniest comedy on British TV in years.

    In the place of the usual two dimensional, obvious, sketches of characters that frequent so many sitcoms this group feel so real, vulnerable and complex. It's a bonus that this show is genuinely funny, for it could pass for a drama for all it's attention to the emotional aspects of the characters journeys. It's also shot brilliantly. Again, almost like a drama. The cast are fantastic. Particularly the women. But all the actors are as unafraid of playing the ruder comedy as they are to play the emotional truth of each character.

    There are so many twists and turns and some hilarious set pieces - the girl getting stuck in her jumpsuit in the toilet... the *mess* Kate makes on the floor... and there is a hilarious prank call that.. as everything else, packs an emotional punch too. I never know what's coming next and that's what's led me back time again.

    Lots of people are saying that this show should be longer. It manages to cram so much into such a short amount of time, but I always feel robbed at the end.

    Also. Kathy Burke is in it for one episode! Kathy Burke! And she is absolutely HILARIOUS as a posh old soak... a sort of female Uncle Monty. Just so funny. I wish she would do more acting.

    In short, it's safe to say I am a Crashing fan and hope there will be many more series in the future. It's restored my faith in eccentric British comedies to be proud of.
  • drumurmum12 February 2016
    Before watching Crashing I had no idea what to expect, but I was not disappointed. Crashing follows a group of unlikely friends who to save money on rent decide to move into a disused hospital. With a group of 7 living in the hospital it can sometimes be quite hard to make them all unique, however Crashing succeeds at this creating brilliantly convincing and interesting relationships between all the characters. It's genuinely funny; there's great visual gags, toilet humour (the good kind) and intelligent jokes. It doesn't take itself too seriously in the slightest however still manages to convey some honest emotional moments.

    Let's hope for another series! 10/10
  • littlepigs4 November 2019
    Don't get offended ... but gives us a second season you bloody .

    Thanks mate, I mean babe 😚
  • I have really loved the new Channel 4 sitcom Crashing, after 5 episodes of its first series. The show features a number of different characters, all with more depth and development than your average comedy show. The writing is very sharp and often hilarious, there is brilliant chemistry between the mostly young cast-members (with some added gravitas courtesy of Adrian Scarborough), and the action whistles along. Each of the characters has a believable, absorbing plot arc and every episode culminates in a riotous climax.

    My advice is to stick with the show past the first episode, which maybe isn't as straightforwardly hilarious or enjoyable as the rest of the series as there's a fair amount of character introduction and scene-setting. Overall, this is a remarkably accomplished comedy from a hugely exciting first-time sitcom writer. if you're prepared for the odd crude gag and some glorious silliness - you will not be disappointed. I'm looking forward to the second series already!
  • I am totally hooked on Crashing. It's fresh, edgy and reflects the reality of inner city living - young people having to 'crash' in disused buildings as property guardians.

    The script is fast paced and in every episode there is at least one laugh out loud moment which I would challenge anyone not to smile at. Kathy Burke as a lesbian Auntie and Kate's pretend business meeting spring to mind immediately!

    I applaud Channel 4 at being so modern & dynamic which Crashing perfectly fits with. Yes, it could be considered vulgar at times but not unnaturally so - this is all part of the real life fantasy that has been created.

    Can't wait for Monday!
  • Oh for the days of Channel four making comedy shows like Father Ted, The I.T. Crowd, Spaced etc. I had hoped for Crashing to meet the same enormously high standards. The premise of the show, a group of six friends are residing in a disused Hospital for different reasons, poverty, saving etc. Naturally they have alcohol fuelled parties, lots of sex. The humour is quite crass, and definitely for adults only, but then it is Channel 4. It will be interesting to see how some of these characters unfold. Estate agent Sam seemed to get the most screen time, not surprising as Jonathan Bailey is a good looking lad.

    I for one really enjoyed, and look forward to the series progressing. I thought the acting was good, Phoebe Waller- Bridge, Louise Ford and Jonathan Bailey were all good. Adrian Scarborough is always good value too, an underrated comedy actor. So it wasn't continuously crammed with laughs, I still really enjoyed it. 8/10
  • I have NEVER written a review before but man this show's incredibly funny, creative, witty, unique and weirdly heart-warming all at the same time. Phoebe Waller Bridge is truly a genius. WHY WOULD THEY MAKE IT A STANDALONE SERIES ?!?!? #wewantmore
  • fluffysue12 February 2016
    Crashing is an excellent new comedy,and makes me look forward to Monday evenings! The term "crashing" relates and does so very well, to the fact that the characters lives quite literally crash together. The clash of personalities cause unbelievably realistic tensions as they all share a derelict space of an abandoned hospital in London. From the awkwardness of Kate around her Fiancé Antony, to the even more awkward love triangle of Sam, Fred & Will, Crashing offers a fantastic, yet sadly short half hour of giggles to kick off the beginning of the week. Highly recommend watching this if you're in the need of laughter & quality acting from ALL actors and actresses whom appear in this series. I hope there will be more to come, Phoebe is a brilliant writer!
  • Not sure why the other reviewer is being so negative here, but he (it's clearly a he) evidently has no sense of humour! To be honest he doesn't sound like the sort of person who finds many things funny.

    My friends and I think this is one of the best new shows to have been on years. It's hilarious throughout and you care so much about the characters. It's rude and funny and moving and inappropriate. Like Friends or Girls or This Life if you can remember that one.

    There are so many highlights, from an entire episode based around a curry (which does not end well) to the paint party in Episode 4. It pretty much sums up what it's like being a 20/30 year old in London, wondering what the hell to do with your life, and the situations the characters get into manage to be realistic, silly and hilarious all at the same time.

    Anyway Crashing is brilliant so I highly recommend it!
  • Take the time to watch this fun and funny series about a group of people brought together by the need for a cheap place to live in London, and end up discovering how their own quirks make them better and closer friends than they realized.
  • leilarae1 February 2016
    Omg I love this show!! One of the best comedies to come out of the UK in years. So laugh out loud funny yet with real depth. So much comedy is dumbed down these days but this show is complex and emotional as well as very funny. Quirky British comedy at it's best. Feels a bit like Girls mixed with friends or new girl. It's also written by a woman which is probably why it feels like that(!) I wasn't totally sure about the first episode as it felt like it had too much too fit in, but still felt drawn to come back as there were some great moments in it. Then each episode just got funnier and funnier. Really worth sticking with it. Great characters, great setting, great gags. Love!!
  • eddie_k-3602228 February 2016
    I really hope this show has success. The humor is very edgy, unique and fresh. It really makes me laugh (and thats hard).

    The characters are very different from the standard, and makes me know more about them. I think that the show could be a "icon" for many people.

    10/10 to Melody and Colin's relationship and the character Sam is incredibly well done.

    In general really good acting, likable characters and fun storyline.

    Comedy on edge

    I cant wait for more episodes!
  • Nand2Tetris20 July 2019
    All I have to say is that this show is brilliant and deserves to be watched and loved by more people. Go Phoebe!
  • It is my first review in IMDb. Last week I watched this TV series recommended by my roommate. Honestly as a traditional Chinese girl I cannot actually understand the meaning of crashing. At first when I finished the first episode I decided to drop the show, because I think it is disordered. I don't actually understand why two people fall in love and why they quickly have sex with each other. But when I continued I understand. When people are in a bad condition, or they are in the turning point of their life, they will feel confused, maybe that's why Anthony cheat Kate and fall in love with Lulu. I don't like the character Lulu, not means she did't act well. I just think that Lulu is not a girl who can easily find her true love. She looks like independent and in fact she cannot do a living in London without friend's help. She is too outgoing I think. Sorry for my poor vocabulary and grammar.
  • Crashing, fleabag, and killing eve

    This women is absolutely incredible! I stumbled upon this series and two episodes in, found it the creator and it's no wonder why this comedy is so infectious!

    Phoebe has become a titan in the comedy genre and as a Male, its refreshing to see for a change one of the best genuis minds leading this industry by storm is a woman. This comedy is amazing! Give it two episdoes to fall in love and hate the fact it's so brief and no other seasons available as you'll want more and more and more!!!

    Love it

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Brilliant comedy/sitcom which has certainly banished the Monday blues. Can't wait to see more from this writer who brings comedy, seriousness, rudeness and most of all real-life together to create the perfect mix for a all round genius series that leaves you just wanting more. From the perfect Kate to the outsider Will right through to the strange but intriguing Melody, they all fit together like a glove even if they shouldn't. The property guardians living in the disused hospital show that no matter what happens friends will always have each others back. Definitely one that I will be watching on repeat for months to come. BRING ON THE DVD AND MORE EPISODES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ... to be so young and to have done such great work on both sides of a production (and more than just once) is truly remarkable. If you do not want to meet and know this person.. then that says much about you. These little six episode series she creates are so much fun.. and her on-screen performance artistry is matched by very few. Do you like one more than another, of course, but still all are good.. and you truly cannot wait for the next one to come about. Would wait a bit and watch any again.. they are great, and each episode matches the strength of the others.. that's an extraordinary accomplishment. There's lots of 'celebrities'.. this woman is a real force.. can't wait for her next endeavor to hit the screen.
  • After being blown away by Fleabag, the six-episode series written by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, I promptly looked to see what else she had written and discovered this gem.

    In Crashing, a handful of people are living as property guardians, an English thing in which people get low rent in exchange for living in and watching after buildings (an anti-squatting measure).

    The series begins with the arrival of Lulu (Waller-Bridge), who has had a friendship/unfulfilled flirtation with one of the residents forever. He's engaged, and things get very messy.

    At the same time, a crazy, beautiful artist falls for a schlubby middle-aged guy and a man constantly after women finds his sexuality is a bit more complicated than he thinks.

    It's a series about young people (well, young to someone my age) who don't really know who they are and are determined to make as many mistakes as possible in finding out. The series is consistently funny and wacky and the actors are excellent. Even the most unrealistic elements (like the aforementioned artist/shlub relationship) offer more internal logic than these tropes usually get.

    While not as beautifully crafted as Fleabag, the series is once again the work of a first-rate comedic writer. I just wish Waller-Bridge would produce series that were more than 6 episodes long. I hope she also writes a movie at some point.
  • duggs-8029018 February 2016
    Yes its vulgar, yes its rude but this is one of the best comedies TV has offered for some time.

    Really good acting, likable characters and fun storyline.

    Not something to watch with your parents but not something to be missed.

    Its not the sort of comedy that will make you wee with laughter at every minute but there are some proper laugh out loud moments and some very likable characters. Please let there be many more series of this.

    Im now just filling because IMDb insists I write a certain amount so I will now talk about why sprouts should be re branded as cute baby sprouts and should be served in nappies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What a gem of a show. I watched the whole series in one go and just can't believe it was over so quickly. Very impressive how much they packed into a 25 minute sit com. So much so I wondered if it would sit better in a longer format. Each character had a compelling arc and while keeping the laughs at a spectacular high (particularly episode 3) the characters are simultaneously deepened with each episode.

    The show seemed to fixate on people not being able to tell the truth of themselves. Brilliant place to start for comedic characters. Everyone is in love with the wrong person while pining after the right person but we are left constantly wondering if the right person is in fact right after all. Even though I was rooting for certain couples to get together - Lulu/ Anthony, Sam/Fred I wasn't sure if it would be actually the best thing for them.

    I laughed, I cringed, I wretched and I have told everyone to watch it so I can talk about it in depth. The characters have remained in my mind long after I finished watching.

    A show with it's own identity is truly rare and this one came Crashing in with exactly that.

    A personal highlight is the introduction to the phrase "fanny gallop".
  • Recently binge watched Crashing on Netfix and once I finished I was immediately wanting more and sad that it was over. I think I will watch it all over again because I've grown very found of the characters. Their realness, and messy lives and feelings can hit home with a lot of people. Lulu is a lovable mess, shes crude, quirky and uncomfortable. Alike many of the characters, my favourite relationship is between Sam and Fred. I find myself squealing and rewinding whenever theirs an interaction between them. Sam is a very deep character and by far my favourite, their is a lot of room for growth, heartbreak and learning between Fred and Sam that I would love love love to see more of in Season 2. I've never actually written a review, but I felt strongly enough about wanting this show to continue that I needed to share some of my thoughts. This show is a gem! Come on season 2!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This bypassed me on Channel 4 initially but I'm so glad that I caught up with it online.

    Funny, rude and oddly moving in places, the triangle between Kate, Lulu and Anthony will resonate with so many. The writing and casting are just spot Adrian Scarborough fits in this I don't know but he just *does*. There were points when I wanted to thump Anthony for playing Kate and Lulu and Sam is utterly infuriating but ultimately endearing and I so want to watch these characters grow and I hope that channel 4 give it the opportunity.

    Fingers crossed for series 2...we need it.
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