[from trailer]

Tom Kirkman: Mike, please, just tell us what you know.

Mike Ritter: Capitol's been attacked. Congress, Cabinet... Eagle is gone. Sir, you are now the President of the United States.

[from trailer]

Tom Kirkman: Hello?

Penny Kirkman: Hi, Daddy.

Tom Kirkman: Who is this?

Penny Kirkman: Your daughter.

Tom Kirkman: No, that's not possible. My daughter's asleep. And I know that because I kissed her goodnight two hours ago.

Penny Kirkman: When are you and Mommy coming home?

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Hannah Wells: Whoever did this is just getting started.

[from trailer]

Speechwriter #2: Guy's never been elected to anything.

Speechwriter #1: Did you know President Richmond fired him this morning? Now he's the president.

Seth Wright: Maybe he'll realize he has no business running the country.

[from trailer]

Tom Kirkman: You're still on my side?

Alex Kirkman: I'm always on your side, Mr. President.

[from trailer]

Harris Cochrane: We're in a state of war. Tom Kirkman is not gonna get us through this.