• Dr_Sagan17 November 2017
    Very Weak TV series (Review after watching 28 episodes)
    Honestly I don't know why I'm keep watching this. I have no interest whatsoever about the ...Kirkman administration and since many episodes I stop caring about anyone in this show...

    I really hate when a TV series doesn't live to its potential.

    The point of "Designated Survivor" SHOULD BE about a fish-out-of-the-water situation, where a low cabinet member, (who was about to kicked-out from the administration from the President himself), ends up ...President having all the American people questioning his authority. The unique struggle of an impossible situation.

    We only got a glimpse of that with some renegade governors in an episode or two, but then the unique premise diminished in a usual, trite and boring format: The day-by-day chronicles of a POTUS not different than an elected president.

    A submarine this, a prime minister that, an ambassador the other thing ... we've seen it before many many times in other POTUS series in far better execution like in Madame Secretary, or the West Wing or even Scandal.

    Why ruin the unique premise presenting instantly the weak college professor as someone who was born to be a leader?? He takes all the right decisions, the camera loves him, his staff loves him, everyone loves him... Why such a man was about to kicked-out from the administration in the first place? How the spineless academic became a "tough but fair" leader almost from day one?

    Anyway, despite all that, the show is boring to watch and the 2nd season is even worst. All the characters are a mere shadows of what they could have been evolved. Seth, the White House Press Secretary, Aaron the National Security Adviser and Chief of Staff Emily. And of course Maggie Q who acts more like she has her own small TV show inside this one.

    Overall: As I wrote in the beginning I should have stop watching this crap at least 10 episodes before. Boring to watch and going nowhere.
  • davidhands13 May 2017
    Compelling but clunky and periodically plain embarrassing.
    I've just binge watched it up to the end of Episode 18. The initial premise is interesting, whether or not it's actually based in reality. You always need to grant some leeway with "initial premises", especially these days. I stopped watching 24 after the second season because I found it too infantile and silly. I did watch The West Wing through to the end. This is a sort of 24 meets The West Wing. The show lets itself down with too many loving gazes between the President and his wife (does she have any flaws at all?), some terribly clunky lines and worst of all, the relentless US Patriot, buzz word laden speeches. "The American people deserve...". "Rebuilding our amazing nation...". "Rebuilding our fantastic Government". There's no mention of lobbyists or Corporate involvement in Government. There's no mention of the profound disconnect between citizen and Government that is a feature of contemporary politics. The various "third rails" of US politics are briefly mentioned. It is a show about a fantasy America and a fantasy American Government. It's the TV Show version of America that is challenged by the initial events and it responds the way TV Show script writers think such a world would respond. Having said all that, it moves reasonably quickly and the split between the two story arcs is well handled and engaging. The only caveat is - if you find "true blue, Mom and Apple Pie American sentimental patriotism" too much to bear, you're going to struggle with this show. But it's probably worth bearing with, all in all. There are far, far worse shows on TV.
  • Tim Howe3 October 2016
    IM a DC guy and LOVE Jack Bauer as President, but the writing is the absolute worst.
    I was involved with the first Clinton administration and was on Capital Hill during the anthrax letter freak out and on 911 and believe me, when people think they may be killed in DC they panic a lot more than this show portrays.. Be sure, if the capital got blown up and the entire congress and cabinet and the VP and the Supreme Court and the MEDIA got zapped by terrorists - there wouldn't be one smile or soft moment at the White House, for weeks and weeks and weeks. It would be as tense as piano wire - times 10. In this show, there are numerous lil jokes and "cute" family moments just hours after the world is turned entirely upside down. That is just stupid.

    The kernel of an idea behind this show was just great, Jack Bauer is a real fun TV choice for President, but the writing is simply just dreadful.

    It is so bad it makes the entire cast look clunky and false and that is just absolutely unfair.

    David Guggenheim should NEVER write one more word of any teleplay or fiction of any kind. He is surely the worst writer of dialogue I have experienced in eons. Actually ever. Full stop.

    His writing makes the dialogue from 'Threes Company' and 'Sabrina:the Teenage Witch' sound like Chekhov.

    I came searching for an online forum to say this and I have never done this before, but this show's idiotic writing actually ticked me off. The idea that so many millions were spent on this and lives and careers bet on same is depressing. I'm a Gore guy and thank this show's creator/producer for getting Al a Oscar for "An Inconvenient Truth', BUT he's obviously become quite a LA/Hollywood egoist - I mean he just HAD TO hire himself to write these amazingly crappy scripts.

    This show will never survive them.

    Ego and vanity are such killers.

    As Clint said: "A man's got to know his limitations."

    I just saw Keifer in an interview where he said he could see himself playing this role for the next decade of his life. With even average competent writing, this show could have gone on for years and years and hundreds of people would have had good steady jobs and millions would have been entertained and hopefully enlightened, but for the shallow conceit and arrogance of David Guggenheim.

    This show's initial high ratings may get it a second season - but if Guggenheim doesn't fire himself and bring in skilled, seasoned, thoughtful writers and completely get himself out of the writing process, it will never see a third and most likely the network will just dump season two online.

    Sad and embarrassing.
  • criticrasdvatri14 October 2016
    Decent acting and potential, but unfortunately shameless left-wing propaganda
    Warning: Spoilers
    Some spoilers, after 4 episodes: I'm done with this piece of propaganda.

    There are some excellent actors in this TV series about terrorists who blow up the US Capitol during the State of the Union address, killing the President and all of his cabinet, SCOTUS, and almost all congressmen. Kiefer Sutherland, of 24 fame, is the "designated survivor", a lowly HUD secretary, just fired by the President earlier in the day (though the firing had not yet taken effect), who has to take charge of getting the country running again. Suddenly, he goes from being Mr. Timid to Mr. Brilliant and Wise Liberal Democratic President.

    Given all the terrorist attacks we have had around the world lately, and their sources, the trailers initially sounded like a plot that had the potential for great acting, suspense, mystery, and action, like 24 or Homeland. Unfortunately, after the first decent episode, it rapidly degenerated into the usual Hollywood left-wing shameless propaganda that spoils so many movies and TV shows, and the timing of its release is conveniently in time for the current election.

    There is no subtlety or nuance here. The music is melodramatic, and there are overdone cutesy daddy-loves-mommy and mommy-loves-daddy-and-her-little-girl scenes. There is no grayness in the characters either: Muslims are good and noble (e.g., the speech writer, residents of the heavily Muslim city of Dearborn, MI) as they are persecuted for no good reason and never at fault for anything relevant to the plot; white middle-aged and older men and police are racist xenophobic pigs who routinely randomly beat on innocent (mostly Muslim) civilians, (including beating to death a 17-hr-old Muslim teen), supported almost immediately by a racist white (and balding) governor of Michigan, of all places; military characters are portrayed as suspicious (BTW they are also white males, from a general to a surviving congressman who is a military veteran and hero who we are supposed to believe is really the one who had something to do with the bombing and not people from the Middle East, though we don't know for sure), and so on. The writers even show attempted forced deportation of a crying Latina nanny as a result of the terrorist attacks, who is then helped by the President's noble immigration lawyer wife, as if the country would make time and expend resources for deporting Latina nannies without papers (separating her from her child no less) after a terrorist attack. Blacks are portrayed as wise and showing good judgment and balance, and the Asian- American actress from the former series Nikita struts around looking hot in skimpy clothing as an FBI agent (to keep the young male interest), having good insight just from her gut that maybe the white congressman and others and not Middle Eastern terrorists committed this act, Muslims were just framed, you see it coming (and BTW, we are taught to not refer to the suspects as Muslim terrorists, "extremists" is the correct word.) Got it all covered, Hollywood style, and just in time for the election. For good measure they did toss in an "evil" woman -- who is of course a white Republican (the only designated Republican survivor). We also have some global warning "education" tossed in for efficiency.

    BTW I am neither a white male, a cop, anti-Muslim, nor a Trump supporter, I am a libertarian, but I find this show absolutely over the top and abhorrent propaganda, an insult to my intelligence. I can understand the positive reviews from foreigners who believe the propaganda they read in the papers about America and see nothing wrong with it, but I am surprised more Americans watching this show do not find it equally repulsive, they should know that even as "fiction", it is totally out of line, simplistic, and ridiculous.
  • pictoushead .2 October 2016
    Had to take the time to write this review. I had high hopes, and perhaps still do...the premise and Sutherland and Kal Penn give the show potential but after 2 episodes all I see is Americana sappy over the top sentimentality. I hope it gets better and will give it time yet but so far I had to keep from gagging. An exercise in political correctness so far. Oh the poor Muslims, ooh the racial profiling, ooh the poor heroes (has anyone paid attention to how ineffective and corrupt congress is recently). The stereotypical war monging general etc...I think Kal Penn has the best character so far. Sutherland has potential because he is Keifer but I wish the writers could have been more intelligent about how the addressed the issues they want to explore...which are all important issues of course but one would think they could have been "smarter" about how they did it rather than belch out another America shall overcome cliché. So watch at your own peril. I may choose to change my rating after a few more episodes but for the moment I gave it a 5 rating because they could have done much better with the cast and subject matter instead of pandering to American narcissism.
  • badreligionfan22 May 2017
    starts out great but gets boring
    The first episode was of a high quality, but after a couple of episodes this show becomes 3 shows. A "House Of Cards" with a "too good, always makes politically correct decisions"-president. He is just not interesting. I wish he wás evil. A "Homeland" woman who tries to save the world on her own. She's also not interesting and the "action scenes" with her are like the A-team or mcgyver. just amateurish. (just like the black screened beeping Hollywood computers they use, with awful animations.) Then there is the wife and kids and it's just too sweet. The "designated survivor" thing is a very interesting story. I wish there were flash back episodes, why the attackers did it. How was the situation before? Also make Keifer suck. Let him make wrong decisions, be a lousy husband that secretly enjoys all this new power.
  • Jim Jones20 October 2016
    Huge Disappointment
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm a big Kiefer Sutherland fan. Loved 24 and this had real opportunity to be entertaining and interesting. The pilot was good and this could have been really great. It is so poorly written I think they should just cancel it before the first season embarrass ABC and stains Kiefer's reputation.

    The portrayal of the xenophobic governor of Michigan instructing cops to beat up and arrest all the poor Muslims is so boring and obviously politically contrived. The military characters are portrayed as bumbling war mongers and all falling for the obviously planted evidence that only the smart Asian female FBI investigator (played by former lead on Nikita) figures it out in 10 minutes. This is high school level writing. Pull the plug.
  • workin200520 October 2016
    Very Disappointing
    Warning: Spoilers
    The first episode was excellent. It made me think, FINALLY FAR left, liberal Hollywood producers made a politically incorrect show...like the brilliant and very missed "24". Unfortunately, I quickly found out in the second episode this was going to be another liberal nonsense show where Muslims are the victims, while the evil, racist American white people are to blame.

    How much more of this propaganda can the American people take from Hollywood? You would think hate crimes against Muslims were on the rise. It's been the COMPLETE opposite. In the United States, the majority of hate crimes are against Jews, then Asians, then white males and FINALLY Muslims. Muslim hate crimes are a TINY percentage of all the hate crimes in the U.S. Why doesn't Hollywood understand this? Because it doesn't fit their political narrative. I for one am very disappointed in Designated Survivor. It had AMAZING potential...only to be destroyed by political correctness. Unless you feel like being preached to by limousine liberals in their ivory towers, avoid this at all costs.
  • tonyc-6862829 September 2016
    Could have Been So Much Better
    Warning: Spoilers
    Not long ago I read a comment from a major network executive about how they could do programming on a par with some of the critically acclaimed shows from HBO, Showtime, A&E etc. This show speaks volumes of why they just cannot seem to do it.

    I really wanted to like this. The premise is interesting and Kiefer is a decent actor. I watched the pilot and it was only OK. I tried to watch the second episode but could not get through it. Poor acting, writing, directing. Every cliché imaginable.

    I read some other reviews about "liberal bias". This misses the point entirely and is in the eyes of the beholder. The bias is towards making everyone fit into a stereotype. There is the crazed general, the evil political types, the all knowledgeable woman FBI agent who can single handedly figure out all subtleties no one else sees, the troubled teenage son, and more.

    Maybe his show will get better but it has a long way to go.
  • Felix B30 November 2016
    Such a Great Disappointment
    Warning: Spoilers
    Way to ruin a really good idea, and an interesting story line.

    This show jumps the shark at any moment, I'm sorry.

    I had to stop watching at ep. 4, when the president is told they had the location of the terrorist who took out the whole government and legislation of the U.S., and he refused to bomb the place, because an undercover agent may be still inside, wtf?

    In what alternate universe would that ever happen? The U.S. even weighs the risk of killing civilians when taking out terrorist with drones, and I'm not judging that in one way or another now, but it's the freaking reality.

    Too much PC-nonsense in this show, no government in the world could even afford to put morals always first in every way in this situation, those are just the rules of power, no moral judgment here too.

    All in all much wasted potential.
  • judy_white11 February 2017
    Why do only the white people have character flaws?
    Warning: Spoilers
    After having watched 7 episodes, my observation throughout has been that although the storyline is interesting and a good mystery, the white people in this series all seem to have serious character flaws, while the people of colour do not appear to have any flaws. The white men in particular are portrayed variously as being inept, weak, unsuccessful, angry, non-team players, terrorist, and in the case of the young son of the new president, a drug dealer. The woman who is the 2nd designated survivor cannot be trusted, is manipulative and out for herself. The people of colour, in contrast, are all portrayed as being intelligent, team players, reasonable, victims, capable of saving the day or solving the problem. One of them even gets promoted after leaking White House information to the press in an act of insubordination to the President.

    So far these blatant characterizations are ruining what could have been a good series. It's difficult to believe it is a co-incidence. Surely some depth of character across the board would have made the storyline more interesting for everyone.
  • rei-hana14 November 2016
    American nonsense
    Warning: Spoilers
    As a non-American I really don't understand why American writers think the world revolves around them, their (ineffective) Congress, President etc. This show could have been much more suspense and realistic, but mid-way through the second episode I had to stop because it is CRINGE WORTHY,d even if the events from the first episode really happened there would be no time for 'cutesy' moments or anything of sorts, and it feels like it's written just to stir up feelings between liberal vs not-so-liberal Americans (racial profiling, political correctness being issue), but of course the 'new president' is trying to do 'the right thing' and for the 'sake of the people' when the American government is the total opposite. This show makes no sense unless you want to feel like a sheep chewing on propaganda materials. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
  • tvspace30 September 2016
    The Garbage We Deserve?
    Warning: Spoilers
    (This review is written after watching the first two episodes and will be revised if latter developments warrant it -- but that seems highly improbable).

    When I sit down to watch a new series about the United States Capitol Building being blown to smithereens with the majority of top federal officials inside it (including the President and his cabinet), I'm not expecting a work of spiritual art like Kieslowski's Decalog. I am fully aware that what I'm in for -- at best -- is some good dumb fun.

    With those expectations in mind, this show is so incredibly stupid, so homogeneously driven by bland stereotypes, so mind-numbingly unchallenging, and really just plain offensive to anyone with a normal amount of critical intelligence that its complete rottenness becomes not just about the show itself but about the vacuous, empty chasm at the heart of Hollywood that allows millions of dollars to be spent producing worthless pablum like this.

    Let's start with the obligatory disaster-movie nuclear family at the center of this thing. They are perfect: the beautiful wife, the all-American husband, the angelic daughter. Only the troublesome long-haired teenager (however, in fact, milquetoast he actually is in real world terms) presents a fly in the chardonnay. In fact, they aren't real people, and the fact that they are not real people is the clue to what this entire series really is: it's a fantasy about the decency of the white suburban nuclear family triumphing over the terrifying chaos of the big scary world outside. And, folks, that is literally all this series is.

    To counterbalance this stereotypical white nuclear family that must be at the center of all things, we are forced to endure the obligatory multicultural cast of supporting characters, grindingly and joylessly portrayed by actors who surely know exactly what is going down: the White House speechwriter who looks just "other" enough with his olive skin to be challenged by police; the jar-headed, pig-brained defense adviser who looks like Beetle Bailey's "Sarge" on steroids; the ethically unimpeachable African-American FBI Deputy Director; the brainy yet stunning Asian-American woman thinking a step ahead of everyone else in very, very tight shirts.

    This kind of garbage is hard enough to take in our daily allotment of bank and insurance commercials, but it's unwatchable in an hour-long TV series.

    Let's address the realism: there isn't any. OK, we've completed that topic.

    No, seriously: do you really think the U.S. government is so unprepared for such a disaster that we would end up the day after with the chief of staff of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development vetting candidates for Secretary of State? Really? I mean do you really think that will ever happen in any world? Don't you know that ever since the 1950's the United States has been prepared for a strategic nuclear strike from the Soviet Union or elsewhere that would not just take out the U.S. Capitol building but 80% of the urban population of the country? And you don't think they have anything in place better than -- hey let's put all the survivors in a room and let them yell at each other until Kiefer Sutherland slips out the back and goes to catch some Pokemon Go in the Cabinet Room?

    (No, he doesn't actually do that -- because the people who wrote and produced this show are too dumb, humorless and culturally out of it to include anything that human and real and ridiculous).

    And do you think that one becomes the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in this country by being The Best Dad in the World, whose only blemish in life is that he wears glasses?

    Why, no, that is not, in fact, how the world operates.

    Who this character should have been, and could have been, is a portly, buffoonish (but highly intelligent) master of the shadowy corridors of political power -- Tony Soprano meets Chris Christie meets Al Sharpton. A huge, oversized, compelling character with more skeletons in his closet than an out-of-season haunted house; but someone who also finds himself, surprising to no one more than the face in the mirror, with humility and patriotism when faced with such a daunting task.

    But, I ask too much.

    So, for starters, how about we just allow the Asian chick to dress like a professional FBI field agent and not like a Victoria's Secret t-shirt model?
  • johndoemofo21 October 2016
    Political Correctness Run Amok!
    Warning: Spoilers
    The pilot episode was outstanding, I was instantly hooked.

    10 minutes into episode two and I want nothing more to do with this social justice warrior's wet dream.

    Almost immediately the President is told the police in Dearborn, Michigan are harassing the Muslim community. He takes special interest in this, above all other matters. Moments later he is informed by his aids that the crackdown of muslims is getting worse. He calls the Governor and orders him to leave the 'innocent' muslims alone and rein in the police.

    The best part of episode two is when the Governor of Michigan basically tells the President to 'go to hell'!

    I can already tell this liberal garbage will blame some white supremacy group, survivalist or 'radical' Christian cult.

    I am so happy they decided to show their revolting pc upfront, it saves us from wasting our time watching this.
  • sanived19 November 2016
    My expectations have lowered regarding where this is headed...
    Warning: Spoilers
    6.5 stars. I think the premise of the show had a lot of hope, but I'm a little surprised by the lazy writing and character development.

    Kirkman is a giant wuss. He has all the best intentions but he's not strong and it's getting harder to root for him. He's constantly duped. Has no clue what's going on half the time.

    Something else that annoys me-- Episode 7, Atwood doesn't reveal what he knows about McCleash (sp) to Kirkwood because McCleash is in the room. However, later on in the episode, he antagonizes McCleash and basically tells him that he's onto him. So why didn't he just throw him under the bus in the first meeting? Again, lazy writing that results in things just not making sense.

    Also annoying -- Kal Penn plays Seth Wright, the new WH Press Secretary. He's obviously upset in earlier episodes about being the target of Islamaphobic haters when he's profiled by a cop after the explosion...but why is his name Seth Wright? I don't understand Anglicizing what's supposed to be an ethnic character.

    Still watching the show but with lower expectations.
  • Abdul Keddou1 October 2016
    Lack of Believability Grows as Series Unfolds
    Warning: Spoilers
    As a big Jack Bauer fan on "24" I had high hopes for this show but it gets more ridiculous as the series progresses.

    The first strike is where the Prez short circuits Joint Chief of Staff's war plans by meeting with the "Iranian Ambassador" and easily stopping Iran's intention to close off America's oil supply by blocking the Hormuz Strait. The problem is that Iran has NO Ambassador to the United States because Iran and the U.S. have had NO diplomatic relations since the radical Muslims took over Iran in 1979 and made Iran an Islamic Republic.

    The second blunder was the attacking of Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan by local police. The fact is that Dearborn has a Chief of Police who is Arab-American Muslim named Ronald Haddad. So that scenario of cops attacking Muslims is very unrealistic. Michigan is also a very liberal state and has Democrat governors more often than not. So portraying Governor Royce as some kind of States-rights rebel was also very unrealistic (he belongs somewhere in the Deep South).

    In the 3rd episode the plot really goes off the rails. After 1,000+ of our most powerful political leaders have been massacred by Muslim terrorists there is a huge crowd of Michigan Muslims protesting "peacefully" while grappling with the National Guard. In a real world, US Muslims would be hiding in their homes and mosques while the Guard would be needed to protect them from average American gun-owners like we saw assembled armed but peaceful in Arizona and elsewhere last October. In reality, there would be no Muslim protests, only ANTI-Muslim protests and anti-Muslim violence across the US.

    Yet incomprehensibly, the new Press Secretary back in DC (a son of Muslim immigrants who clearly looks Middle Eastern) incredulously starts ranting over his bully pulpit (only a week after a massacre that makes 9/11 look mild) about "Islamophobia" (a very controversial concept in its own right) while hundreds of news media members cheer him on.

    This ridiculous script could have easily been written by Saudi-funded Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) or some other Jihadist front group. This preposterous plot may have some small semblance of realism in migrant-gridlocked Germany or appeasement-oriented France, but here in the US it is laughably pathetic nonsense.

    Then again, this is ABC, the same network that puts out the laughable leftist lunacy called "Quantico" where the Muslims are peaceful and white Americans are the evil, sinister terrorists...LOL.
  • Kevin McCloud28 September 2016
    s1e2 starts the decline in the show
    Warning: Spoilers
    well, that was quick.....nice first episode and then the second is liberal Hollywood BS. plus, kiefer's character is just too weak......i get the idea he will toughen up but this is stupid. there is no way a weak character like that will ever get tough....he's like 55....if they are that big a pus then it ain't happening.

    honestly, i can't take network crap anymore.....it is always so weak and unrealistic. the only good shows anymore are cable shows or paid networks that present a realistic view of the tough and mean world out there.

    and i am tired of the shows with the typical formula....why does the son have to be a drug dealer? he's going to be a pain in the ass the entire series with his girly haircut. i am sure the network will give him a black girlfriend too. his best friend will be transgender. the daughter will probably be nominated to the cabinet board because we must empower and show all women are tough.

    this show is off my must see now and on my check it out if on now.....and it all started with second show.....it played its hand tonight.
  • joe-8255 October 2017
    I kind of enjoyed the first series...
    What the hell is happening in series 2? I was really looking forward to the development of the murder/suicide in the cemetery. Why did the high flying politico's wife shoot him and then commit suicide....? Nope, almost like it never happened.... Who is plotting against the President from within the White House...? Nope. Why was the capitol attacked and by whom...? Nope... Those plans of the Capitol detailing it's structural weaknesses, who pulled those together?.... Nope. Who were they passed on to?... Maybe? Virginia Madsen's character is nowhere ....? NOPE.

    This is the typification of a show which starts strongly and then the writers run out of ideas but the show is a success. NOW WHAT? Let's try to make everybody forget everything that happened before, keep the main characters and hope nobody notices. I would have given this show a 7.5 before, it's ridiculous, sure. But enough plot twists and shady characters to keep it interesting.... Not so much now.
  • Eternalkid9 March 2017
    A Politicised Joke of a Series
    This is a hilarious attempt at legitimizing a Democratic President. It's like they literally RIPPED out everything current President Trump stood for in his campaign and smeared it across the script as "morally deplorable".

    Each episode shows increasing virtue-signaling by the Left and each episode shows the Right as incompetent xenophobic buffoons.

    I LOVE political drama, but this one is just SO biased that it makes watching it difficult. And frankly, the script falls very short of classics such as West Wing and House of Cards - which depict Left- leaning Presidents and their shenanigans, but with a far better plot, direction and cast.

    If I could rate this stereotype-ridden show a ZERO I would.
  • freddieflea-3500930 September 2016
    Interesting story line. Sappy dialogue, bad writing, stinky politics
    I was looking forward to Designated Survivor because I enjoyed 24 and this has a similar exciting story line. But, it quickly deteriorated into snarky political commentary, politically correct story line, implausible caricatures of important officials. All in all, a disappointment and waste of time. One of the generals is seen "plotting" a takeover of the government after a horrendous terrorist attack, which would never happen. Other, civilian branches of government, yes, but not the military. They actually have discipline.

    The amount of political correctness is ridiculous. I concluded that some of these writers must be of the sensitive SJWs. What's next? Safe spaces so the characters don't feel bad? Get some creative writers. This is about the only network show I was looking forward to, so I guess it's back to Netflix.
  • jjpscott0122 September 2016
    Wow...I didn't expect it to be this good!!
    To be honest, I was worried that a show based around anything remotely "Political" in today's current climate would turn into a mess quickly. I'm happy to find that based on the pilot I was way wrong this time around. Keifer Sutherland has always been an understated actor with remarkable range and a strange charm and it really shines here. Quite the opposite of his former iconic role as the heroic martyr Jack Bauer, he conveys a calm fear and nervousness that any man thrust into this terrifying position would certainly inhabit. The supporting cast is strong, the plot is smart and well written, and the subject matter is more engaging than it even sounds on paper. If they can keep up this intensity while maintaining the quality displayed in the first episode, we could potentially have a real winner here.
  • Alice_Fierce17 November 2016
    Why You Should Watch This Show
    I see a lot of polarising reviews for this show. I really liked the pilot as I had no clue about the "designated survivor". You have to give the shoemakers points for picking a very interesting premise and executing it smoothly in the pilot itself. This show brings back Keifer Sutherland as the hero we rely upon though not as a action hero but a more reserved almost nerdy POTUS. Let me just simply tell you why you should watch the show in comparative manner: It is no 24 neither is it The House of Cards or the West Wing .. but it is certainly better and more engaging that plenty of hit shows today - e.g Quantico, Blacklist, Blindspot. I have given it an 8 out of 10 for pure entertainment that it provides. Performance wise every actor is perfect in their roles, especially the person who played Congressman McLeish. Although my only gripe is the story arc of the President's son. He is going to be The Homeland's Dana of this show. I have to say the actor playing the son himself is a good actor, his story arc isn't. Watch the show. A very exciting conspiracy filled political thriller.
  • christiank729 March 2018
    The problem here is?????
    So I have watched this show as a background entertainment since it started and I have come close to just dumping it a few times but since it is a short 40 minutes show I just let it run. However, now that the past couple of episodes have been so terribly stupid and dumb and totally whacky scripts I am actually going to dump it into the thanx but no thanx bucket. The Sutherland character is outrageously weak and boring and the voice style leaves me feeling like hitting him in the mouth. This show has turned into a total farce and no amount of sugarcoating will save it. The premise has run its course, the enemies are frauds and not worthy of mentioning and if there is a really big bad guy behind all the misfortunes etc then that show better be better written than what we have seen so far or it will be a miserable experience indeed. One that I will not be watching and I strongly suggest to others to take the blinkers off because this is not Jack Bauer and 24 and that show also had a used by date.
  • DaveGiblet24 October 2016
    Back to the tripe we thought we'd got rid of...
    Was really excited when I read the synopsis for this. Political intrigue, a scenario that I haven't seen on screen before and Kiefer Sutherland - what's not to like? Well, just about everything as it turns out so far...

    I won't bother going into any of the story as it's really not worth wasting the energy on, suffice to say this is exactly the kind of glossy, play-safe, cliché-filled, USA, USA propaganda rubbish that I thought we had resigned to the annals of history.

    With so many TV shows of recent years delivering outstanding material (Breaking Bad, Sopranos, GOT, House Of Cards, True Detective etc etc), this just falls by the wayside in every respect.

    The concept is great and the acting is okay, but the script and the story line are beyond cheesy. To echo what another reviewer said - Sutherland's character goes from being freaked out that he is all of a sudden the leader of the free World, to delivering lines that sound like they jumped right out of the pages of the Independence Day script in Episode 2 (no slur on ID there - that was supposed to be a fun and entertaining movie). This on the other hand isn't, it's taking itself far too seriously with nothing gritty to back it up.

    It may have been a good show in the late 90's, but we've moved on a lot from then.
  • kkmoeigep8 March 2018
    Liberal Fantasy World
    Horrible writing combined with unbelievable scenarios that would NEVER happen in the real world. This series is basically what would happen if NPR developed content for television. Every episode is another liberal cliché and becomes almost laughable at times. It proves that as long as you express the right ideology, Hollywood will throw money at your project regardless of talent or logic.
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