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  • I enjoyed the first two seasons of Designated Survivor it was entertaining and kept your interest. If your a 24 fan you will enjoy the first two seasons it's basically if Jack Bauer became president. The third season it fell apart with the removal of some of the cast with no explanation. They also added lots of unnecessary cussing that did not fit the vibe it totally changed the mood of the show.
  • Cannot believe what the writers have done with season 3, this was a show i loved, it was clean, one i could watch with the family, how it addressed current politics was great, but that was season 1 and 2. What were the writers thinking, profanity, sex, polictical correctness, infedility...gosh. If the first two seasons were positioned that way then fine but they were not, fans of the show will be very dissappointed with season 3.

    Not to sure whats going on at present in the media, but you would think every other person is gay or lesbian, questions their gender or has had a gender change... There is alot more going on in the world.
  • I really liked "Designated Survivor" for the first two seasons (gave them a rating of 9) and was happy when they announced that Netfkix was going to do a thrid season, but not only is this season dull (do they have new script writers?) but they have added crude language and graphic sex which is disappointing. The story line of Kirkman running for president is done in a lousy way. The new characters are obnoxious straight down the line even though the actors who play them are, for the most part, decent actors. Overacted and with the feeling that everyone except Sutherland are just phoning it in. This is turning me off pretty quickly. How could Netflix ruin what was a decent series? Those of us who were watching it most likely didn't watch a lot of "House of Cards" and that is not what we want.
  • bagaran7 June 2019
    I just finished watching the latest season. And while I liked the first 2 seasons the amount of political correctnes and leftwing activism injected into the latest season is nauseating.
  • Season 1 and 2 where fantastic. A true independent perspective. Season 3 changed to full blown liberal agenda and completely ruined the show. Way to go Hollywood.
  • Just finished episode 7 and all the new stereotypes are there.

    1. Psychotic white corporate CEO villain 2. White supremacist terrorist (South African, to make him more evil) 3. Saintly trans woman 4. Saintly latina woman 5. Almost saintly gay, black, HIV-positive man 6. Diabolical white woman (campaign manager) who leans to good because she is a woman. 7. White male cheats on wife. 8. White male cheats on girlfriend. 9. Saintly refugees.

    There are more but this is a start. As one watches this, one always knows the opinion of the writers and the direction of the next part of the show.
  • theodorosioa21 November 2019
    At the beginning it was such an amazing show but it gets worse every season, especially season 3 when netflix picked it up.
  • I really liked the first 2 seasons, but season 3 is a waste. Soapy drama mixed with politically correct propaganda.
  • I've liked this show even though it's a little liberal for me. I was excited Netflix picked it up after being cancelled. Why did Netflix have to add the cursing? The show was fine without it. Language doesn't add anything to the quality of the show. I know everyone thinks it makes it more realistic but I disagree. It just isn't needed.
  • Nothing is added by Netflix's inclusion of profanity for this new season. Just because you Can doesn't mean you Should. A famous adage that applies especially when it affects the tenor and tone of a show that "survived" without. It is actually distracting and takes away from the enjoyment of the show!
  • This show started off REALLY well. I was right into after Season 1. Season 2 fell apart, after awhile I realized that if I wasn't watching episodes back to back there would be at least a week in between shows so the randomness might not be as blatant, like characters just vanishing off the show with sometimes not even a mention. The formula of crisis is introduced, crisis is explained as how it will hurt the presidents reputation, crisis is averted with some kind of personal sacrifice from the president. Rinse and repeat after every episode.

    I stopped about 3/4 of the way through season 2. I just can't do it anymore with this show. I don't remember seeing a show tank as fast as this one. Super disappointing with where this show went. I think if you are looking for a political drama The West Wing would be better.
  • Season One and Two were fantastic: Interesting, gripping, great cast and production. I couldn't wait for the next episode. After Netflix took over Season Three, I stopped watching after about one-third of the episodes. Season Three is obsessed and strategized with misguided identity politics, "politically correct" content, and crass language. The screenplays for Season Three are amateurish and nowhere match those of Season One and Two. Strange, when Netflix produces, things get sleazy.
  • iGlad11 June 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not sure why they even bothered with season 3 as it's jumped the shark and was something I actually fast forwarded, which I've never done to a tv series but this was bad so bad. The transgender sister in law, the only two black guys with speaking parts are Gay and ones HIV, the euthanasia, the Latinos it just went so far over the top it wasn't funny anymore it was embarrassing. Also the bad language was way over the top only thing missing was the C word.

    I'm so glad it's over.
  • spoonerspot11 June 2019
    This review will essentially say the same things the others do concerning season 3. The language can be bad at times and it's use and placement is unnecessary. It doesn't overwhelm but it's there and it stand outs. The constant preaching over issues that are considered left-leaning are also overwhelming and prevalent, particularly for a President that is supposed to be an Independent. The show doesn't keep the tone it established in seasons 1 and 2. That is going to keep people from tuning in to season 4 if there is a season 4. The fact that the show took such a 180 degree turn from where it started is a disappointment. I hope that if there is a season 4, that the show will find it's way back to what made it a show worth watching. In it's present state, it's just not.
  • If you made it to season 3, you probably liked it and were ready for more. I know I was. The third season is down right nasty and vulgar. A sex scene with men, more swearing than I ever remember on TV, and lots less excitement. I couldn't finish the episodes. Too bad because Season 1 was outstanding.
  • Terribly disappointed in season 3. For an Independent President, the show seemed to cut and paste every hot button issue in the news today and preached from a far left viewpoint about it. Instead of an engaging storyline, the show became a commentary on our current election cycle from assisted suicide, election tampering, immigration, deportation, sperm donors, gene testing, Russian interference, etc. I love political dramas like West Wing, 24, and Madam Secretary but season 3 was a pathetic excuse for a political drama.
  • What made this show special is that it was a political show that stayed away from politics. The appeal was a President tried to do what was best for the country instead of doing what was best for a party, of pushing a right or left agenda.

    That all changed with season three. It's the same self-righteous tone being pushed on 90% of TV shows these days. Typical modern writers/directors thinking they are smarter than their viewers by pushing their political agenda. Instead of educating us, it's obvious and insulting.

    As bad as season three is, it probably would have been better had the show stayed cancelled after season two. Would give seasons 1-2 eight stars, but season 3 two stars.
  • I don't understand why the season 1 gets such praise. The plot is rather naive and simplistic, while dialogue and characters are cardboard and boring. I haven't noticed a single flaw in Kirchman's character, not even small one, anything that would make him interesting, human and more real. He's a perfect paragon of morality, wisdom and character. The same with his three main assistants - each one perfect, honorable, professional, loyal, nice, polite etc. Boring and laughable. And I've lost count of how many times the words "the American People" are used, in a ridiculous fashion, even when members of the WH staff talk to each other in private. Pompous and ridiculous show, though it takes itself very seriously. I'll take "Veep" over this pretentious dross any day.
  • Platypus-Man18 December 2019
    As so many more reviewers have said, seasons 1 & 2 were very good, but it's downhill from there. My rating is for season 3, which seems to be made by a room full of young and shallow youtubers. Latest season is not recommended for anyone.
  • Season 3 is awful. If you watched season 1&2 then stop there, because this show has gone down in the toilet.
  • I was very disappointed when ABC canceled Designated Survivor and thrilled when Netflix picked it up, HOWEVER, Netflix has ruined this great show. Season 1&2 was strong, riveting, and President Kirkman was truly a political centrist. Season 3 is vulgar, pushing a far left political agenda, and demeaning toward those who disagree with their politics.
  • The first episode was of a high quality, but after a couple of episodes this show becomes 3 shows. A "House Of Cards" with a "too good, always makes politically correct decisions"-president. He is just not interesting. I wish he wás evil. A "Homeland" woman who tries to save the world on her own. She's also not interesting and the "action scenes" with her are like the A-team or mcgyver. just amateurish. (just like the black screened beeping Hollywood computers they use, with awful animations.) Then there is the wife and kids and it's just too sweet. The "designated survivor" thing is a very interesting story. I wish there were flash back episodes, why the attackers did it. How was the situation before? Also make Keifer suck. Let him make wrong decisions, be a lousy husband that secretly enjoys all this new power.
  • Season 1&2 8stars writers were great story tellers. i really enjoyed the clean, edge of the seat storyline's. A great show I could watch with family. It seems season 3 writers might have changed S3E1 full of F bombs & leftist storyline's has unfortunately made DS unwatchable for me & my family.
  • Season one and two were great. Looked forward to season three and had to quickly turn it off. The swearing is out of control and extremely offensive. And other scenes were not needed and are vulgar and disgusting. Needless to say I will not be watching this show anymore. And where is Mike and Lyor?
  • I watched this series even if I do not live in the USA and I have zero interest in American politics. I am however aware of the sorry state of things on the other side of the ocean (and on this side).

    The series starts with the wiping out we all wish for (perhaps in a less gory way) - the bombing out of all America's ranking politicians. History starts over with super-good, a-political, designated survivor, Kirkman the great and wise.

    President Kirkman is a decent person and the sort one wish was guiding the USA right now. Unfortunately, he is also always right and despite his inherent goodness (or because of it) constantly criticised by the media and ambushed by professional politicians.

    Episode after episodes we witness the conspiracies, the high level crisis, the impossible decisions that Kirkman must take, in a state of constant crisis and paranoia.

    It certainly makes one wonder why anybody would want to be president, but most of all it is the incessant squabble between too many parties (all convinced to be righteously correct) that makes this show excruciatingly tiring to watch.

    PS and expect also politically correct in massive doses...
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