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  • cB39119 June 2019
    The movie is long. The movie is weird. It doesn't have a lot of cogent aspects and is very much illogical. However, there are superhero movies making billions and comedies like the hangover are popular, so I guess this gets a 6. I watched it to practice my Chinese. Movie drifts into various different genres and is overall okay, nothing good. On iqiyi with subtitles. If you like cartoons like the avengers or the hangover, you will probably like this. If you think there is a difference in the quality of both, I feel sorry for you. Good acting, good sound, effects. Only a weak plot.
  • Watched this on a plane. This movie was good enough to spark an interest in Deng Chao and Chinese comedies like this one.

    Overall: funny movie with lots of slapstick humor (my kind of humor). Especially if you're trying to learn Chinese, this is an entertaining option.

    Plot: kinda cohesive but not entirely. I can't stand movies that seem too outlandish, and this one didn't reach that mark. Of course it's a comedy so a lot of things suspend reality.

    Full disclosure: I'm American-born Chinese; can understand some Chinese but definitely relied on subtitles.