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  • Heart, Baby! is one of those movies that you will watch over and over. It has it all: amazing true story, exceptional cast, great music. I laughed, I cried, I FELT. I could list every cast member and tell you just how perfectly they fit their role, but you must see it to understand. I will, however, say that Shawn-Caulin Young is exceptional in his portrayal of Crystal; and Jackson Rathbone gives the best performance of his career so far as Andy "Doc" Dixon. This movie is magnificent. There's no other word to describe it.
  • Every once in a while, you see a film that changes you. It educates you or opens your heart to things you thought you were already educated and open about. "Heart, Baby" (written and directed by Angela Shelton) still has my heart reeling... If you care at all about Transgender rights and prison reform, please see this film. If you think our prison systems are just fine, see it anyway...Heart, Baby will change your mind about what you think you know. It's just that good!

    The acting is superb, and Shawn-Caulin Young's performance is epic. Beautifully written, directed and filmed, this is a story that will pull on your heat strings. The trailer makes it seem like this is a boxing movie, but it's about so much more and based on a true story. Happy to see it's going into wider release because independent filmmakers brave enough to tell stories like this need our support. Don't miss this film!
  • a_rawleigh23 June 2019
    Preordered and watched this movie based on the previews... SO in love with this film! Amazing imagery, beautifully filmed. The story grips you and doesn't let go. I WILL own this disc! This film has Heart, Baby!
  • One of the best movies I have ever seen. Highly emotional, intelligent, incredible acting and cinematography of its finest. It moved me so much and rocked my heart that I am still thinking about the story. Which is a true story! A love story that changed my world. Directed by Angela Shelton. You will never forget this movie! Amazing!
  • Very inspirational story! Loved it... A great story of overcoming the odds and realizing your dream..
  • slhanson-758528 July 2019
    I had pretty much stopped going to movies about twenty years ago. You can only tolerate a certain number of explosions, flying car wrecks and leading men that look like the baby-faced sissies in your high school classes. Skip science fiction and animated cartoons there isn't much left for real movie buffs. This weekend I was persuaded to watch "Heart, Baby!" Finally I was entertained for an entire movie! The actors looked like their roles were written specifically for each of them. A great story! A range of emotions are evoked from the viewer and there is not a lagging part in the entire feature. I live just across the state line from Tennessee and there isn't a character in the movie with whom I couldn't identify and relate. At the risk of sounding chauvinistic, I was pleased to see a woman writer and director open the doors to male characters in such an all-male environment of men's prison and the boxing ring. Quite an accomplishment and we're all better off for it. I have bought the movie and it's going to be making the circle of family and friends. An absolute joy!
  • This film brings a candid and loving light on a subject that so relevant today. The world of the film and the characters in it are not what you would expect and the truthfulness of the performances and the passion of both the direction and production create a vivid and colorful story that makes you laugh and cry. Shawn- Caulin Young's performance is fantastic!
  • Must see true story that will challenge your deepest core beliefs! Equally entertaining for Men and Women! This movie proves Love overpowers all! We will endure anything life throws at us to satisfy our heart!
  • This movie is amazing. It touches on so many real topics and issues, and does so in a beautifully real way. Friendship, love, rejection, survival, violence, race, prison, and faith. The humanity shown by the people in this story is at times both discouraging and heartening- and so real. The truth about Doc and George will knock you out and stay with you for quite a while after watching. Can't wait to watch it again!
  • Loved every moment... thought provoking! Shawn Young is a superb actor and deserves an award!
  • Heart, Baby left me breathless. This powerful film embraces love and loyalty. The genuine love and friendship between George and Doc gave me a wonderful, heartwarming feeling. Crystal's amazing love for George - the hand stitched robe, the solution to George's pain. This film holds a special place in my heart and will continue to replay in my mind and soul. Watch this film and you will feel the love from the actors and the director. Amazing.
  • I've learned over the years if there's a film created by Angela Shelton, you have to see it,

    I absolutely love this movie. It's one of the most powerful and important films I've seen in a long time. Though the film is about boxing and a boxer, it's about so much more. I need to purchase a copy for my personal library.
  • The most searing love story I had never been told before. This film is a gorgeous visual experience from beginning to end. A triumph of the true-story form. True to it's tagline, "the truth will knock you out", this film takes its viewers on a visceral ride through a myriad of social, political and geographical landscapes and strikingly human terrains most director's wouldn't dare to explore in one fell swoop. The cast and the characters they embody wholeheartedly carry the viewer through. A must watch.
  • WOW! This film is SO wonderful. I am beyond impressed by how poignant the picture is - how beautifully it's shot - but also (which I didn't expect) the humor in it makes it real - human. This movie is a knock out!!!