The hair scrunchies that Archie wears in Attach Bayaa song changes from black to deep pink from one shot to next. Her outfit on other hand remains the same.


In the Holi scene from the title song, Archie holds a pouch filled with purple colored water to throw on Parshya, but the next shot shows it was red-colored water not purple.


In the song 'Yad lagla' when Parshya was coming out by the steps and they look each other...Archie's hair tuft was back side. Suddenly it appears on her shoulder in other camera angle.

Character error

In scene when Parshya confesses his love to Archie, he then looks down, slightly rubbing his face with his left hand while Archie says "Marathit sangitlela kalat nahi, english madi sangu" dialogue.. his hand had folded fingers and closed palm, but in the next shot his fingers are unfolded with palm open as the camera angle changes.