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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Saw the show few hours back and it was a sheer delight to watch a Marathi movie done with such elegance and crispness. Having Marathi as my mother tongue helped me understand a lot of context that gets lost in translation for non native viewers.

    Story : I won't go into the story as I really wish you watch the movie and be surprised with the freshness of a love story seldom told with such honesty and rooted in reality. It could have easily succumbed to being another Bollywoodish love story; shallow and melodramatic. Kudos to Nagraj Manjule for not bowing to the formulaic templates being dished out now days.

    Dialogues : The movies scores very high on the dialogs partly because there is no attempt made to pander to city audiences. The language is kept as close to rural Marathi from Western Maharashtra that city slickers might easily miss the clever one liners that make even an average line an attention grabber. Slang used throughout the movie adds a earthy quality. I wanted to list it here, but IMDb's language recognition treats it as a spelling mistake. :-|

    Music & Background score : This has to be the most significant factor to 'bring' the people to the theater. In the absence of known faces, the film depended a lot on the music to get people interested before the release and Ajay-Atul didn't disappoint! The melodies are few of the sweetest ones heard in years and they are served in varying degrees of moods too. From a dreamy melody for Parshya to the melodious fusion of rock to vocals for Archie juxtaposed with the peppy dance number 'Zing Zing Zingat' the music stands out for special mention. I get the feeling of having heard parts of the score before though. Can't pin point exactly.

    Recording the symphony in Sony studios, LA has made the songs more enjoyable. Personally, I would rate them very close, if not better, than soundtracks from legends like Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer & James Horner.

    Direction : Nagraj Manjule proves once again that movies with a message can be entertaining without being preachy. Especially, with the kind of subject he deals with it becomes very important to make sure it doesn't slip into a rhetoric bordering on a bias. It could be disastrous for a movie to 'hurt sentiments' in India and get away with it. He treads the narrow path with elegance and yet manages to shove a bitter pill down the throat of the audience without them knowing it.

    All said and done, for all those who expect it to be a run of the mill love story shall be woken up for sure as the final scene unravels before them. It reminded me of the tracking shot in 'Taxi Driver'.

    Camera work : The camera-work is top notch. Beautiful locales and magnificent vistas are captured with an equal bias to the protagonists. The slow mo shots embellish the movie without distracting the audience. In fact the audience erupted in joy to witness such slick work in a Marathi movie.

    Acting : It is Archie (Rinku Rajguru) all the way. Her screen presence is without doubt impressive and difficult to believe her debut as well. Her face lends itself to many moments which would test even a seasoned actor. However, she carries all those scenes with a poise and honesty that the character demands. It is difficult to separate the character of Archie from Rinku such is the grasp of Rinku throughout the movie. Her character more of less decides the direction of the movie. Any lesser actor and the film would have been boring at 3hr length.

    The rest of the characters are perfectly cast as well (good job by the casting director). Every character seems to essay a real person's sketch such is the honesty in the portrayal of the actors. Especially Parshya and his two partners in crime, Pradeep (aka Langda) & Salya (Salim).

    Parshya (Aakash) is good looking and has carried off the somewhat sober Parshya's character with a lot of honesty. He emotes well and looks intimidating where it demands. He can definitely go a long way provided he gets similar roles in the future or he adds another dimension to his acting not demanded by Parshya's character.

    Pradeep Bansode (Langdya) is a surprise package who stands by his friend and adds a lot of the comic relief throughout the first half. His eagerness to help out his friend emanates from his own failure, so it seems. He even blushes on his friends behalf!

    Salim (Salya) is Parshya's neighbor and equally committed to the friendship. He adds the third angle to the chemistry among the three friends and is the voice of reason too. His acting evokes genuine warmth for Parshya.

    Final comments : Nagraj has successfully coated a bitter pill in a sweet first half and sour second half that strikes the right chord as soon as it 'hits' you in the end.

    *Watched again a 2nd time; heres the update*: Thank God for not reducing the length of the film. The film was equally enjoyable the second time around as well. Not to forget the masterstroke of a climax literally evoked a standing ovation from me again. Just wondering whether it was re-edited a bit. Either ways an excellent effort.
  • After a huge publicity and long wait, the expectations were already high from movie, and yet this movie delivered on every level.

    'Sairat' means zeal, passion or ardour. It is not a new story, we have seen similar plots on screen before. What makes this movie so special is 'Beauty in Simplicity'. A guy from lower strata of caste system falls for a rich upper class girl, then there is 'The Great Wall of Indian Caste System' standing between them. It is a story about their love, resistance, struggle and their survival. Every character feels so real and believable that I actually forgot they are just acting in front of camera. Cinematography, screenplay, music, background score, performances, direction.. all top notch !! There is a lot I can say about this movie, but it would spoil the fun for those who want to watch. The first half is totally hilarious and funny, it is like a sweet dream for all 'love birds' out there. The second half is a hell lot of reality, but that is what makes is a masterpiece.

    The movie is released with English Subtitles, so doesn't matter whether you are Marathi speaking or not, I recommend you go watch this movie, specially if you want to witness the life of simple yet complex village people. Of course some meaning is always lost in translation, but I am sure you won't be disappointed. Hats Off to Nagraj Sir and the entire team.

    If such quality cinema is produced in Marathi industry, then we don't need to go looking for that in Bollywood and Hollywood. Keep'em coming !!
  • This is not a review of this film. It is an attempt to explain few things before you watch this film, so that anyone without a proper knowledge of what exactly the "story" wants to express to viewers will at least get an idea of what the film is all about.

    This film is about a boy and a girl who falls in love - a boy is from one caste and a girl from another caste. Problem rises between them because the fusion of different castes is not allowed in India. What exactly caste is? It is nothing but fabricated way of dividing a population into a "caste". The fusion of different castes as I said is not allowed and it is the religion that supports this notion.

    To the people who have no idea of how caste system works - be it people who live in India or live outside of India have to remember this only - It is this - Caste System works in two forms – In its preserving form, it makes intermarriage i.e. exogamy impossible and when caste switches to its religious form, it makes Untouchability prevailing in modern times.

    Rest, the film will do the talking!
  • I was excited, thrilled after watching this movie. I must say this is one of the epic movie in the Marathi cinema industry. Its been quite an awesome experience. The direction, cinematography, and very catchy song numbers with one of the best music ever created by duo Ajay-Atul. Mr Nagraj Manjule once again provided the world with very good movie. All the best to all the team of "Sairat". After giving hits like Pistulya, Fandry, this movie will break all the records and will be one of the biggest hits ever in Marathi Cinema industry. Sairat movie with very well scripted story. Every song is unbeatable with huge fan following everywhere - Zing Zing Zingat, the title song "Sairat", Ata ga baya ka", Yad lagla.
  • I've watched Sairat on Sunday (1st May). I enjoyed it a lot & I don't have sufficient words for this Movie that how much I appreciated & satisfied!!

    Great acting, mind blowing music by my favorite Ajay-Atul. Hats-off to Nagraj Manjule for giving us the Best ever Awesome Marathi movie. Also,

    Aakash Thosar (Prashant) have done his acting naturally which became successful. And after experienced about Rinku Rajguru (Archana's) acting, I got known that why she is nominated for the National Award!! Very well act done by this couple. I hope, in future Nagraj Manjule will give us such an awesome movies for us.

    I also thinks that there is nothing boring or bad in this movie even for a minute. All 3hours entertained me a lot.

    And that's why I'm giving for this movie totally 10 STARS!!

    Thanks to SAIRAT team once again!!
  • Sairat - It took me almost a week to recover from the powerful impact of this movie.

    Some high points: Rinku Rajguru, the lead in this movie is just 15 years old and has received national award for the role of 'Aarchi'. Film was selected in 66th Berlin International Film Festival. Yaad Lagla is the first symphony from this movie recorded in Hollywood, CA (first of its kind for Bollywood) Magical compositions from Ajay - Atul. In just 3 weeks this movie has earned 60 crores and still counting. This movie is becoming so much popular that special shows are arranged in some places at 12 AM and 3 AM. And as per NEWS there will be remakes made in other languages including Telugu, Hindi and Gujarati.

    Nagraj Manjule Sir you are a brilliant director and have created yet another mind-blowing gem ! 'Aarchi' (Rinku Rajguru) is the soul of this movie and have portrayed much needed rock solid, contentful, firm and powerful lead character who is madly in love with 'Parshya'. 'Parshya' is colored beautifully by Akash Thosar, an innocent dude who falls for Aarchi. Great background scores, amazing casting (special mention for Parshya's friends and Amma), superb cinematography, a heart touching story and direction makes it a complete Marathi movie. Aarchi and Parshya's bond leaves a significant impression on your heart. Clashes of classes and societies wickedly messy ways in enforcing the order are shown very realistically.

    Team 'Sairat' you totally rocked ! PS: And yes people including me, danced like anything during 'Zingat' and yes even in Dallas ;)
  • Nagraj Manjule does it again !!! He proved that he is not a one film wonder kind of filmmaker and he is here to stay .

    Marathi cinema is proving its greatness now and then by giving back to back gems like this movie !!!!

    I had some doubts about this movie as I felt it was same old love story but thank you Nagraj Manjule for proving me wrong . This is the best movie I've ever seen on this topic .

    Sairat is love story of Parshya and Archi. Story though a bit predictable but screenplay is excellent . First half of the movie is funny and entertaining but it's the second half that will hit you hard . Love scenes between the leads are lovable and you can relate to them . You will feel for the pair . Like Fandry , Manjule once again showed mirror to our society .

    Music by the great duo Ajay-Atul is great as always , their music adds more to the love story . Music will make you feel the love between the leads .

    Acting by the cast needs special mention . Not just the lead pair but whole cast did a great job . Rinku Rajguru got a special mention at prestigious National awards , no more needed to says , she is just awesome . Akshay Thosar is very natural . He makes Parshya look very real .

    But the characters of Pradeep and Salim deserves accolades for their performance . Arbaz Shaikh as Salim is a friend in need a friend indeed kind of a friend . He is always there whenever Parshya needs him . Suraj Pawar as prince has brief but significant role , and he is just perfect. But Tanaji Galgunde as Pradeep was my favorite. He got right under the skin of the character . He is lovable and funny .

    Camera work was just awesome , every scene is shot so beautifully . Cinematography is one of the best features of the movie . Though movie is quit long but not at all boring . It is very real and raw movie . Second half of the movie is executed perfectly . This is the kind of the movie which will make you think about it even after the movie is over . It will leave you with the feeling which cannot be explained , it's a must watch for sure !!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After a classic like "Fandry", Nagraj Manjule has brought a truly commercial yet true and realistic story of "Sairat". As known to all Sairat is well marketed movie but it delivers what was expected from promos and from director like Nagraj.

    Movie starts with village environment which is realistic. Director has shown the real lifestyle of rural Maharashtra which is quite same in all rural areas in India. The execution of story is mind blowing. It holds all your attention throughout the movie.

    The way love story of 'Parshya' and 'Archie' blossoms with the entertaining and dreamy surrounding, is awesome. You'll find first part of movie funny and entertaining, It will make you experience of love of rural India. The methods of love expressing are very realistic and people from rural areas can find themselves in movie characters.

    Though Interval is delayed, it has reason due to which viewers get locked into movie.

    Music from Ajay-Atul is fantastic as always. Songs of this movie has already topped charts. Background score is also nice and effective.

    Coming to climax of movie that confused many critics but that is the sole or 'soul' reason of making this movie. Nagraj has presented it as same as it happens in reality, till date, in many areas of India. He has raised very important issue of Honor Killing seriously yet beautifully by means of cinema.

    After all, this is the true art work which reflects ignored realities in our society. Hope this movie can change those mindsets.

    Do give a watch in theaters!

    Hats off to all Nagraj Popatrao Manjule team!
  • I don't know Marathi. By mistake we gone to the wrong screen and could not stop our self to watching Sairat.

    After login here i just check my activities. I saw just rate my fav list 10 stars. This is not so fair! No Really....I can just love or hate movies! After years I have seen something that touched my heart. So 10 stars for 'Sairat' too!

    • This is undoubtedly a masterpiece of Cinema. Beautiful cinematography...flying birds, farms, sun, grass, plants and a well.

    • 9 Rasa are used in the movie...I fill.

    • Acting part is very very natural. Characterization is unique yet so realistic. This makes movie all time fresh. Once you watch and you can't flavor of the movie ever.

    • Music is awesome...Not Overpowering the visuals. Unfortunately i not understanding the lyrics ...but still singing!

    • Sudden sarcasm, harshness and shown very beautifully.

    I am a guy who always dreamed to make movies....this is so inspiring to me. Big thank you to the makers.

    Sairaat Jhala ji!
  • To begin with, Sairat(Wild) is a highly acclaimed movie by people and is the highest grossing Marathi film till day. Yes, its a love story between Parshya and Archie, who are madly in love with each other and irrespective of the caste system in this country, want to take their relationship to another level. The movie depicts Innocence, Rawness, Love and Simplicity. The cricket scenes, political scenario in rural areas, the shyness to express feelings, their friendship and other shots is all very moving. Kudos to the team!! The direction, cinematography and the music is highly commendable. The camera work has been terrific throughout the film. For the records, its not only the highest grossing Marathi film but it also bagged many awards including Special Mention National Award for the leading actress of the film. Also, Sairat is the first Indian film to record its songs at Hollywood. The song 'zing zing zingat' made people dance at the cinema halls like PVR and Inox in India and abroad. We need more such movies, instead of those inconsequential Bollywood item numbers and other Bollywood films which has no value at all. Sairat, also has a social message in the film against social stratification in India which has been existing since the British era.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sairat means fearless, independent, unstoppable and is rightly titled. A movie can't get any better than this, Shows Love and friendship in very realistic and beautiful way. It has the rawness and innocence of love. It sets an example of the kind of friends everyone should have. Climax will leave you speechless. the movie keeps you entertained right throughout. But its not only about love. This movie is more what happens later. Unfortunately sometimes just loving someone is not enough. songs are beautifully pictured. Direction is exceptionally too good. Nagraj Manjule is Simple Best Director India has. Cinematography is great . One of the most interesting thing about this movie is they have not used a single set while making this movie. Thi is the most sensible and entertaining film.
  • 'Sairat' is not just a beautifully woven film; it also has elements of a mass entertainer. The brilliant music from Ajay-Atul, camera work, and a graph that encompasses happiness and sadness, only add to the quality. With a running time of almost three hours, one might think it to be a tedious watch. It could've been slightly crisper but throughout, the film has a powerful grasp on its subject. The viewer doesn't get bored because something or the other keeps happening.

    Another strong point of the film is that it doesn't rely on known faces. Akash and Rinku are debutantes but their performance is at par with seasoned actors. The mass identifies with Parshya and Archi and this is one of the prime reasons that the film stand to gain with. Tanaji provides comic relief and he does it well. Nagraj Manjule's cameo is memorable.
  • khuzafa24 August 2018
    This is the very first time I ever watched a Marathi movie and I must say I was not disappointed. The actors have delivered a top noch performance. The best thing about this movie is direction and cinamatography. There are not item numbers, heavy make ups, fancy sets or CGI. All you look at is normal people portrying a story in a very believable atmosphere. I really liked the first part of the movie. The streets, houses and fields of village are just so fascinating. There is no item number. There is no nudity. There is no cheesy comedy. Just a plain yet gripping story. Bollywood and Pakistani film makers must look at this film as an example. The ending scenes have huge impact and leave you in shock and grief. Hats off to the director. Lots of love from Pakistan!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    awesome movie....unexpected ending epic love story.. Have no enough words to describe my gratefulness to Mr.Nagaraj Popatrao Manjule. A masterpiece delivered with the name "Sairat", extremely amazingly crafted movie which will have a long lasting impact on the minds of viewers. Actress Rinku has done best work..with her fearless acting, dialogue deliver, and expression.She is the lead of the film and hope to have very bright future in Industry. The film follows the story of Parshya, a low-caste man, and Archie, a rich daughter of an "upper caste landlord", who fall in love despite pressures from society that they must not be together. When their relationship is discovered, the couple is faced with violence and many challenges before they leave for the city.
  • Saw the noon show very next day of "Sairat" release day, Movie started with a cricket match in village, Right from the starting you are in different era and you came out as a full of all sort feelings exists.

    Not seen any nice movie in last few years with this very simple story, BUT its Cast and Direction and script and editing made it one hell of romantic drama, though cinematography can be better. The Lead Actress who is debut like many actors in movie is fabulous, you can literally feel her innocence, love, anger. Supporting cast especially Pratik and Sallya made their presence.

    Romantic movie has redefined yet again by Nagrath Majule the director of movie. He already has made his mark through his debut movie "Fandry". Dialogs and script is winner here. Movie wanders in your mind for long long time after you left seat in cinema hall.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Well I was already crazy about music with video releases before actually watching the movie.

    Well dance steps of "zing zing zingat" song are very crazy, realistic and very much relevant. If you guys went any of Marathi village wedding's Haldi program which is a day before actual wedding, then you have already seen such kinda dance steps.

    Parshya a shy guy which has guts to express his feelings but he also bent down on knees in the movie against gutsy Archi. From the start of the movie Archie didn't release her hold on her character; she is strong, stubborn yet full of feelings.

    Movie depicts the thought that LIFE is a big mystery. Life is not filled with fame, happiness, joy, laugh every time. Situation changes with time; one need to face anger, violence(if not physically then mentally at-least), anxiety also. Those win who become learner when they are actually lost.

    Yeah!! First half is long of 110mins but its most happening part of the movie. You will really be in a dream of such girl who is so much strong in character. All the sequences look joyful, cheerful, charming. Boy initiates steps toward expressing his love to the girl. Girl knows what he is trying hard to do but still shows lots of attitude which made him agog. Finally girl responded with her positive feelings to the boy. They were so much involved in each-other through phone-talks, dating. Climax came as every next door love story; parents and others do not support their love. They try hard to flee and finally managed somehow.

    Second half is not happening but I won't say it does not entertain. One can relate with these true colors of life; easy to be absconded from the challenges but who stands still wins the race. Quarrels, doubts, aggression teaches you to deal with the so-called LIFE. Next climax is with number of nasty events; but finally you can see couple managed to lead their happy life. Life became happiest for them by capturing lots of moments in clicks.

    Final climax of the film is shocking one; one cannot imagine after winning through so many hurdles couple may see such cruel/heartless end to their love-life. I personally got goose-bumps; felt like arrow was shot through my heart.

    Really this movie made the audience "SAIRAT" at the END!!
  • This movie have made a history that no movie will be ever able to make it. No one will be able to make such a great movie ever.

    One of the great movie ever made in India. Great performance by Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar. Best direction by Nagraj Manjule.

    It's the movie every Indian should be proud of and it should be watched by every Indian all over the world.

    Great movie.
  • This is movie you have been waiting for to watch all Friday.

    This is the movie.

    Romance. Social Phenomenon. And Action.

    It has everything.

    Like they say, Shakespearean ending!

    I just love this movie.
  • amruthavoid3 October 2017
    I'm always drawn to honesty. Rawness speaks volumes, and this movie did just that. Almost every actor we see on screen is a new face, picked randomly from among busy crowds. What they have done on screen can barely be called "acting" because they were living it. None of the dialogues and their deliverance seemed manufactured or exaggerated.

    There is no hero-worship, unnecessary dance numbers or unrealistic plots within the film. Director Nagraj has kept everything real. Archi, Parshya, Pradeep, their parents, all of these are real people, set up in a rural backdrop and the film shows us just that. Nothing has been altered to make it "seemingly tempting" or "attractive".

    India needs such films today more than it has ever did. We are a young country with an unrivaled youth demographic: 65% of its population is 35 or under, and half the country's population of 1.25 billion people is under 25 years of age. I can safely say that 90% of the commercial movies produced by Bollywood, Tollywood or any other state are love stories. We watch them, enjoy them and come back home to our daughters and sons being denied the freedom to find love in their own lives. This movie asserts how inhumane it is to snatch a person's right to love who they want. India is changing definitely and this movie is going to help a big deal.

    The lead actors Akash and Rinku have stunned me with their performing skills. This has got to be one of my favorite films hands down.
  • For me language is not a barrier when watching a film as long as it has English subs. I never watched a Marathi film before watching Sairat and this is no doubt an epic of a love story dealt with perfection. Balancing the social issue like caste system in India and a love story is not an easy task but hats off to Manjule who pulled it off like a pro. Narrating simple stories is the most difficult things and he does it in a poetic way. Full marks to Manjule's narration, Casting, especially the lead actors. Cinematography and Music makes it a treat to watch. Rinku is just awesome, i am spellbound with her performance. Do watch it!
  • I have come here specially to vote 10/10 to this film, i can't see IMDb rating this film only 9.1 out of 10, even if its an average score. People were never so crazy for a Marathi film like this before, watching it again and again..and this includes sophisticated workaholic people like me!

    I am just in love with this film, watched 3-4 times in theater, i managed it even when i was busy, because this movie gives me pleasure,immense joy about the refreshing concept of love, and how people struggle to keep it alive, till their last breath..loved the songs, the comedy scenes, and the best part of the film- Parshyaa! I am in love with Akaash Thosar, watched this movie 3-4 times only to see him on the big screen again,loved his simplicity and sweet blushing smile, he's so charming! Akaash is Cutest Marathi actor we'll ever have, good performance by everyone though, including Rinku, who got national award for this, and other supporting actors too.

    Hats off to director Nagraj Manjule, who made these newcomers act so naturally, making the whole movie look so convincing, bringing the best of simplicity in the film. Even the songs looks so mixed-in well in the scenes.. He is truly a talented director Marathi cinema should be really proud of. Ajay-Atul created awesome music for this film, first Indian music directors to go to Hollywood - I bow down to them for this masterpiece, forget movie, people will be crazy to go to their future concerts only to listen these songs live!

    There haven't been an official proof that the film reached 100 Cr, but i really wish & pray that this film do reaches it. This is a genuine film, 100 times better than Hindi commercial films (Baaghi- which released along with this film, tanked at the B.O.) I am glad realizing that people really appreciate honest talent. The dialogues, scenes, characters were so unforgettable, I bet you won't get to see such a quality-movie even in the next 5yrs ..

    Apart from that,Sairat has redefined quality-film making, and more so..redefining love. I'am still ready to watch it again, for Parshya , just love him! Very surprised for the fact that the Akaash looks so different than his on-screen avatar. Still,thank you Akaash for making such beautiful character immortal . "Parshya..mi tula baghyla yihirit 100 vela padyla tayyar ahe..yad lagla, kharach.."
  • I watched Sairat 3 times and that's as many scenes the director of the film appears in the film.

    On a more serious note,this movie is such a perfect blend of all the ingredients of beautiful cinema,be it music, the fresh star cast,the locations,story ,and the end of the movie which hits you hard like a sudden slap on the face. This is definitely one of the best movie experience I have had. Keep it up Mr Nagraj. Rinku and Aakash,you both are printed in my memory for ever. The music by Ajay Atul is the soul of this film.the songs are such a treat to watch and to listen.

    The title track is a masterpiece ,sheer brilliance.

    I don't think a remake will come close to this amazing film. Best left untouched.

    If you haven't watched the film,you are really missing out on a creation of love.

    Probably my review seems too sugary ,but once you see the movie you will know ,every word I typed is the truth.

    Go wild....go 'Sairat'.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SAIRAT REVIEW - Finished watching one of the most awaited Marathi flick of the year, and came out being little bit confused that how to review/rate this film? First 60 mins are freaking hilarious which are the reason to give a repeat watch to this movie. All 3 chart buster songs appears in these 60 mins then suddenly (as expected) a turn around which made it thriller for next 50 mins. Interval appears after 110 mins, quite long na? But there is no dull moment for a minute till Interval. Then 2nd half is Realistic and with zero entertaining elements, and it was expected from Director. Then a stunning climax which confused me, 50% happy with the climax and 50% unhappy. Acting- New actors but thumbs up to entire star cast. Akash Thosar as Parshya did excellent job, Rinku Rajguru has already got deserving National Award. Other co-actors were brilliant.

    Music- Someone please give National Award to Ajay Atul, extraordinary stuff by them. Certainly they deserves bunch of Awards for this Class Music Album. Complete marks to 'Yad Lagal', 'Sairat Zal' and 'Zingat'. 'Bawaral' is not that good compared to other songs.

    Screenplay- Runtime is 170 mins, 110 mins First Half and 60 Mins second half, sounds long but you won't even realise how quickly Interval Appears. Many people will say editing could have better but i don't know which scenes deserves cut cause all scenes looks mandatory.

    Cinematography- Excellent ! Movie has been shot beautifully, locations looks realistic.

    Direction- Too Good but not Excellent. But whatever movie is, its because of Nagraj Manjule. He gave us highly acclaimed classic 'Fandry' but here he learnt so much and added so many massy elements in film to get commercial success. You need guts to make movies like this and Manjule is the only one to try it. I want to ask him really, was this climax needed? Cause Fandry ended on positive, courageous note and Sairat ends on negative note. Anyways, Well Done Nagraj Manjule.

    Final Words- For Fandry i said its too much classy but Sairat is equally balanced for Masses and Classes both. If movie gets repeat audience then First half would be the reason and If movie fails then Climax would be the reason. Go for it for a Gutsy attempt in Marathi Industry, I hope you won't come out with a disappointing face. I am giving 8/10* stars (1 star extra for Music).
  • "SAIRAT" is the ever best movie i have seen.basically i'm a "KANNADIGA" No language border to music, literature and art.This movie sometimes will stop our pulses , literally amazing love story. Reality, innovation and creativity is in each and every frame of the film. All songs are have Melodic music

    i'm not talk about climax because my tears still flowing, Awesome acting from "RINKU RAJGURU" YOU ARE A BORN ACTRESS I'M UR FAN FROM NOW.

    Great story direction and screenplay by Nagraj Manjule

    BEST OF LUCK TO--Rinku Rajguru (Archie),Akash Thosar (Parshya),Arbaz Shaikh (Sallya),Tanaji Galgunde Pradeep and whole bunch......
  • Very good, romantic, thriller movie after long time in Marathi. Hats off to Director Nagraj Manjule for such a great production. All actors are acted best even they are not experienced actors including Parshya, Archi and all other.

    Heart touching music by Ajay Atul. Songs are so beautiful that will make u crazy. Great great great music by Ajay Atul.

    Very realistic scenes and off course the language used.

    First half is really really fantastic and entertaining. Although the first half is very log you will not get bore even for a second. Second half is just a reality in society. End is sad and force you to think on this.

    Finally I will say it's a great movie and you all should go and watch it in theaters.
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