Trivia (48)

Sairat is the first Indian Film to record music at Sony Symphony Studio at Los Angeles, United States with more than 60 musicians !

Akash Thosar was a wrestler and he had lost almost 14 Kg to prepare for the role of parshya.

For song "Yed Lagla", Ajay-Atul recorded symphonies with an orchestra of 66 musicians as 45 string section, 6 piece woodwinds, 13 piece of brass including 6 piece of horn section and 1 harp in Sony Scoring Stage,Hollywood. It was conducted by the renowned Mark Graham, with an emphatic stress on the arrangement of instruments like cello, violin, harp, horns and brass.

90% of actors in this movie are debutants.

Rinku Rajguru received Special Mention at 63rd National Awards for her acting in Sairat.This is also her debut movie.

Officially selected for 66th Berlin International Film Festival, Received a standing ovation after the show.

Both Akash Thosar & Rinku Rajguru were from non acting backgrounds. Sairat was their debut movie. Akash & Rinku were handpicked by the Director Nagraj Manjule

Sairat is the highest grosser film in the history of the Marathi Cinema.

Rinku Rajguru was just 14 years old and studying in standard 9th during the film's release.

The film has a soundtrack from the movie 'Fandry' end credits. It is played at the cricket match and at the birthday party by a group of people for cheering the mob. Even the song 'Zingat' starts with same tune played on different instrument. Fandry is made by the same director.

Sairat movie collects 25.25 crs in first week of its release,this is highest ever for any marathi film.

The film was selected for the 66th Berlin International Film Festival under its Generation 14plus section. Rinku Rajguru was awarded a National Film Award - Special Jury Award / Special Mention (Feature Film) at the 63rd National Film Awards in 2015 "for her effective portrayal of a lively girl who defies societal norms but ultimately has to face the wrath of her family"

At the beginning of the film in a cricket match the umpire of the match has been credited as Billy Bowden who is the famous cricket umpire from New Zealand known for his unique style of umpiring.

Aamir Khan tweeted on his account that everyone should watch the film.

Rinku Rajguru(Archi) was awarded a National Film Award- Special Jury Award/ Special Mention (Feature Film) at the 63rd National Films Awards in 2015.

Nagraj Manjule wrote Sairat as a "classic love story" and aimed for it to be more commercial than his previous films.. It was based on his own experiences and so he chose his own village Jeur, Karmala Taluka in Solapur.

Nagraj Manjule's second successful teenage love story of after Fandry.

Nagraj had written the script of Sairat even before shooting of Fandry(2013) had begun. He started Sairat project after release of Fandry(2013).

The scene where Akshay Toshar is being slapped by Prince had taken many retakes and unfortunately it was his birthday on the same day.

Sairat movie collects 41.11 crs in just 11 days and breaking all the highest lifetime records of marathi movies like Natsamrat, Lai Bhari.Now it is the highest grossing marathi movie ever.

Nagraj Manjule launched the song Zingaat much earlier before the film's release which turned out to be a big chart buster.

Rinku Rajguru said that during auditions she did not take it seriously but casually gave the audition and got selected.

Sairat is being remade in four south Indian languages namely Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam.

Tanaji Galgunde who plays a handicapped character suffers from this disease in real life.

Sairat becomes the biggest weekend opener for Marathi film breaking record held by Natsamrat 2016.

In the history for the first time a Marathi film cast was called on a Hindi show, The Kapil Sharma Show.

the film was made on budget of 4 Crore it earned 100 Crore within a month thus making highest grossing Marathi film.

Irrfan Khan hosted a special screening of this film for kids and also praised the film.

Tanaji Galgunde and Rinku Rajguru had fights during the shoots as Tanaji Galgunde would irritate her by dancing in between the shoot.

The piracy of the film was at large many were held for selling its pirated CD's and even operates were fined for showing its pirated version but this did not affect the films collections.

The music of the film was a big hit.

During the start of the song "sairat jhala jee" as the couple holds hands in slow motion,you can clearly see the close-up of Parshya's watch, which shows that it is ten minutes to 5 pm, slightly indicating the time when this scene was shot.

The film released along side Baaghi but the collections did not get affected.

Rinku Rajguru was in 7th standard when she approached Nagraj Manjule for the film.

Sairat is being remade as a big Bollywood movie named "Dhadak". It is scheduled to release on 20th July, 2018. The title track was released on 19th june and is a hit.

Tanaji Galgunde never operated a motor boat.While shooting for the scene where they run in a motor boat.He just needed to pull its wire.But he pulled it so hard that wire broke and needed to be fixed.

During the climax scene the kid who plays son of Akshay Toshar and Rinku Rajguru slept just when the shoot would start.He took a long nap and everybody was just waiting for him to get up and they cut their time by playing games.

Rinku Rajguru went to see shoot of Nagraj Manjule's film with her mother in Akluj Solhapur as her mother knew him well.She was introduced to Nagraj Manjule who asked her to audition for the film which included singing and dancing.She was finally selected and was given a year's time to prepare for her role.

Akshay Toshar met Bharat Manjule writer of the the film at a railway station who showed him some of his picture.Who in turn showed it two Nagraj Manjule who selected him for the film.

Akshay Toshar and Rinku Rajguru lived in the house of Nagraj Manjule for three months in Pune.Before the shoot commenced as they required to prepare for their role.On daily basis they would discuss about the script.

Three incidents of family reconciliations were reported in Mumbai after the film's release, including the one of Sachin Lokhande who was married to a Muslim girl and waited for 12 years for both the families to agree. His parents approved their marriage after watching the film Several fans of the film formed the Sairat Marriage Group, an organization with nearly 100 volunteers across Maharashtra, to help the runaway couples.

Rinku Rajguru lost 13 kilos to prepare for her role.Also worked on her voice.

Akshay Toshar was asked to cry during the audition which he found difficult.Also during the scene where he has to cry in the film he found it difficult.

Films basic plot was to make people aware of the hypocrisy of honor killings related to caste discrimination.

Films original copy was leaked from the censor board office.A cable operator was also held for showing the film on cable TV when the film was running in theaters.

There is a movie made in Kazakhstan with similar name 'Kairat'. It was made in 1992.

In the jhingaat song, there's a scene where we can see Rinku's (archie) real mother! she appears briefly when rinku's on screen mother chats with her among the ladies standing on bunglow terrace.

Highest First Weekend Opening For Any Marathi Movie....