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  • Long-time Brazzers fans such as myself have no trouble consuming "Zen Booty" despite its oddball topic of XXX yoga. The decade-old formula of big boobs + big dick + silly situation comedy vignettes still works.

    Bonus segment spotlights a welcome find Athena Pleasures, unlikely casting as a co-ed, but bringing forth huge, natural breasts to counteract the label's penchant for big, fake, hard ones.

    In the latter category, fan favorite Ava Addams is on hand opposite a less- endowed (and uncredited since she has no sex) girl with Ava the MILF ending up humping prolific boy-next-door Tyler Nixon.

    Tyler is also in the first vignette opposite the too-beautiful Summer Brielle (I never liked her phony, vapid blonde look). Several other pretty girls appear in this segment but since they don't put out they remain anonymous. I always wonder what the current pay-scale for such non-sex roles in XXX entertainment is -surely no one can make a living doing this.

    Most story-oriented short-subject involves Trinity St. Clair and voyeur Johnny Sins, who sort of gets his comeuppance. Trinity's two gal pals go uncredited as usual.

    One would presume from the video's title that the mystical and exotic aspects of yoga would be pursued here, but that material is scrupulously avoided. As with the hundreds of massage-themed porn videos being cranked out lately, no thinking or creativity is involved in the making of this level of assembly-line porn.