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  • Anjali Kara and DiSanto team up for "Pure Obsession" an early film in the Indian lady's career as director, with Will DiSanto taking most of the other credits. DVD box liner even gives him (incorrectly) extra credit as the director.

    Tamara Grace and Marc Rose star as a dysfunctional couple, with Marc a bad guy for a change -usually he's just a gonzo humper in these videos. Grace narrates, stressing the need to end her broken marriage to him. Flashbacks show her as a street hooker involved in filming porn -Marc tapes them f*cking together and is a control freak.

    Then Grace is behind the camera, shooting Syren Sexton. Back to present day, Marc is harassing her and threatening her -she can't escape her past. Marc brings Karina Currie to their flat. Much against her will Tamara agrees to shoot footage, and participates in a threesome. Despite all this sex going on, a downbeat film noir mood is maintained.

    Marc next takes up with Caprice Jane, simply as a substitute for Tamara. This pained sex scene is very well directed, balancing the two levels - of sex and obsession.

    Finale has Tamara chatting with Havana Sin, seeking advice regarding her untenable situation. There's a sense of danger, as Marc is now in league with another of Tamara's adversaries from the past, Jamie Barry. Last sex vignette pairs tattooed Havana with a kinky Seth Strong, stressing bondage motifs. I was disappointed that the video ends with no resolution to Tamara's plight -just delivering the final requisite sex scene is supposedly enough.

    So I give these daring! creators credit for fashioning an intriguing and suspenseful porn melodrama, but have to wonder why they didn't carry out their good work to a satisfying conclusion. It almost plays as if botched in the cutting room, or terminated by a higher-up pulling the plug.