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  • Though it starts a little slow,Snapshots builds to an emotional ending that has kept me thinking about it for days. Piper Laurie is outstanding. We should all have a grandma like Rose the liberal one among the three. A reminder that things were closeted in1960 Midwest and in sixty years we still fight to be accepted and love who we want to love. One thing to mention is the look of the film. Big budget look and it's an indie film. Don't miss this one. The sleeper surprise this year.
  • I watched the film with my wife because I've always admired Piper Laurie. At 85 she is still a great actress. Her portrayal of the love lost matriarch Rose who has to deal with her terribly unhappy daughter and confused grandchild is right on the mark. The music really got me. Those 60's tunes plus the background music that was composed add a lot to the film. Not every man will like this film. I just so happened to like is very much. Watch it.
  • Someone told me that I could share my love of Snapshots on IMDB. I do love this movie. I'm over 50 and I can relate to the fear and pain I had being in love with someone society frowned on. The two actresses were real and I felt their joy, passion, love and loss deeply. Piper Laurie was amazing. Is amazing too. This is a film for everyone. One of the best I've ever seen.
  • Watched with my mom who gave up the love of her life. Tears and memories.
  • Snapshots is a small indie film that presents as a big budget standout movie. I fell in love with Piper Laurie's character. What a great actress. Her lines have stuck with me and her face- wow. The story is timely. To see where we've come in nearly sixity years. When Louise says "I'm not a man. I don't go where I'm not invited" just hits to the core. Watch it once, twice, more.
  • izzybarnaby8 August 2019
    Just like Rose says she broke me open, this movie broke me open. It is such a beautiful story and I am so glad I found it. Piper Laurie is amazing.
  • Didn't know what to expect. I am happy I took a chance on this independent film because it looks and feels big budget. The story isn't unique but it doesn't matter because it is told in a unique way. Just like we've never heard what it is to be gay in 1960. The acting is good all around. I especially liked the beauty of the film. Whoever was the cinematographer deserves applause.
  • tommyjones-1778731 July 2019
    Finally an LGBTQ movie that is quality with quality actors and outstanding story.
  • Most beautiful movie I have seen in long time. I fell in love all over again with my wife. Thank you for story.
  • I had such an amazing response to all of Snapshots. One of the best gay films I've ever watched. Acting is excellent and believable. The story is simple and complex at the same time. Piper Laurie is amazing too.
  • I found film on Amazon LGBTQ but it is so much more than a lesbian film. The interactions between the three generations of women is brilliant. It shows you that love between people can be strong enough to accept the actions that were taken. I strongly urge anyone who wants to witness love in many forms to watch this film.
  • emmawarson14 March 2019
    One of those sleeper movies that was only in one theater for one week. Too bad because everyone should know about it. It's a stunning movie. Acting the tops. I fell in love with Rose and Louise. Great story. One film I'll watch over and over.
  • robinsonjudy10 September 2018
    Grab a kleenex. I loved this movie. Have watched it twice now. Rented it then bought the DVD. I liked every cast member, especially Rose (Piper Laurie) and Young Rose (Shannon Collis).
  • Having just celebrated Pride month, I watched many LGBTQ films. Snapshots is absolutely the best of them all. Louise taught Rose to be bold. We could all learn a lesson from her. Grandma Rose is who I want to be at 85. Piper Laurie is amazing. The story is gently told. I loved it.
  • Seeing Piper Laurie after all these years is a joy. She is an ouutstanding actress and shines in her role of Rose. Rose is the head of a family that loves each other very much but has many problems to overcome. Emily Baldoni is gorgeous and she is perfect as Allison, the granddaughter. Brooke Adams plays the part of an angry and drunk daughter and nails it. The standouts are young Rose and Louise. I LOVE THEM. They are real, warm, loving, heartbreaking. Snapshots just shot to the top of my favorite lesbian movies I've ever seen.
  • I'm so glad I found this movie. It is near impossible to find well acted stories in the LGBT world. This far exceeds good. It is outstanding. The story touched me deeply. The young lovers, the grandmother remembering, and the granddaughter becoming the person she wants to be. It is wonderful.
  • Snapshots is heart tugging and cuts to the core of complex family issues all stirred up by a secret kept for decades. I absolutely love this movie.
  • Just saw in Sydney on big screen at Mardi Gras Film Festival. 1st runner up for Audience favorite feature and I know why people loved it. It was a real story about real people. I cried and smiled and the lovers made my heart skip beats. It is a brilliant film and you must see it.
  • Sitting on second floor of house in a flood so I'm watching films. Thank you flood for giving me time to watch Snapshots. It is wonderful. The story really got to me and I needed a tissue, but I also laughed a lot too. This is a great film and one not to miss. Piper Laurie is amazing. No wonder she won so many awards. I loved Shannon Collis as the younger Rose. Great actress. See it.
  • A movie that makes you think and understand that you only live once.
  • As I have been getting older, and dealing with being bi throughout my 20+ years of marriage, I really appreciate the side this was told from. If only I hadn't wasted my 20's and 30's being afraid to date or even try very hard to look for my own Louise. I think that's what some of my tears were for...

    Great film! Must see! No matter if you are particularly into LGBT movies or not.
  • Piper Laurie brings a classic story of love and what happens when decades go by. She showed me what love can be. The acting is tops. The young lovers are real. Nice change to see real people in a film. See it.
  • joanforest12 October 2018
    Watching Piper Laurie deliver a brilliant performance is reason enough to watch this film. Subtle and gentle one minute then tough and solid the next, Rose (her character) is who I want t be in my 80's. The cast is excellent and a few stars are born like Emily Goss and Shannon Collis. The young lovers are real and genuine. I rarely give a film a 10 but Snapshots certainly deserves it. I downloaded then bought the DVD because it is even better on a bigger screen.
  • championl-7452930 August 2018
    I saw this at a film festival recently. I'm a 40 year old man who just had to see Piper Laurie on a theater screen. I, just like the rest of this packed theater, was riveted to the film. I laughed and I shed a few tears but the thing I took away was that we should love who we love and never settle. We should be bold. Kudos to Melanie Mayron for delivering a gentle and powerful film. Just bought the DVD because this is one film I will watch again. To the entire cast I say thank you.
  • When Allison said F is the best word to describe SH... I burst out laughing. I also sunk in my seat when I witnessed the profound love between Rose and Louise. And then grabbed those tissues. Watching a sex scene with my mother is not my most comfortable thing to do, but this wasn't a sex scene. It was what love is supposed to look like with fear, passion, tenderness and honoring. Louise and Rose really loved each other and we got to see it. Applause to the writer and the director for making this beautiful film which I will watch many times.
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