Director and assistant director met on the set of War Room, a successful faith-based film from the Kendrick Brothers.

The script was first written while screenwriter Trey Riley was in high school.

Both university locations were filmed at the same university.

This movie pays homage several times to the directors favorite movie, Interstellar.

There is an alternate ending in which events unfold quite differently.

Even though the film takes place in 4 different cities the entire film was shot in and around Charlotte, NC.

The featured original song, "Work Love", was written by the director and performed in part by the lead actress.

All cast and crew volunteered for their roles and involvement in the film.

The lead female role of Rhiannon was named after a high school crush the director/screenwriter had.

All of the crew have featured cameos in the film.

Because the crew all have day jobs this film was shot on mostly Sunday's starting at the end of January 2016.

This is the fourth film from Set Apart Productions. Following three shorts, this is the first feature film.

This is the assistant directors directorial debut. She also has a large role in the film.

The script supervisor shifted into a boom mic operator role shortly after filming began and has held both roles since then.