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    Oh, Leftovers, I say this from the bottom of my heart: screw you. You set up the first season with a tragic event. You then gave us a relationship between two people who were emotionally wrecked by the event but were able to find solace in each other. Multiple times, you put that relationship at risk but you showed mercy. And now, you rip it away.

    After everything they've been through together, what I can be pretty certain is the end of Kevin and Nora is without a doubt the most miserable moment in the entire series. They were the beacon of light in this depressing series about the aftereffects of tragedy. Now, that beacon of light is gone. And while it climaxed in the final few minutes of this episode, the signs were there all along that it couldn't last. They were both looking to escape. This was inevitably going to happen at some point. This episode especially gave the distinct vibe that they were drifting away from each other. And the fact that Nora so desperately wanted to escape to see her children again, despite the fact that it would mean never seeing Kevin again, made it even more clear that their hearts weren't in each other. Still, that didn't make the breakup any less shocking. This show has always been depressing, but never has it felt so hopeless as it does now.

    While the breakup was the main event, there's plenty else to digest. The scientific way to see the loved ones again is a scam. Now the man who set himself on fire the previous episode makes sense, even though he gave a different answer to Nora. It doesn't matter what answer you give, they'll turn you away either way because the transporter doesn't exist. It's just a callous way to build your hopes up, then dash them in an instant. Worse, it instills a sense of guilt that it's your fault they denied the service because you gave the immoral response.

    Meanwhile, Kevin's seeing things. Again. His hallucinations haven't gone away. You can pretend problems aren't there anymore but that won't make them go away.

    Speaking of, I think that's the real reason why Kevin and Nora's love couldn't last. They had these problems but they never talked about them, as Kevin points out too late. They don't trust each other or love each other enough to help each other through their problems, forcing each other to go through them alone. Patti was right after all. And that's why their relationship didn't work out in the end.

    The Leftovers keep on topping each other up with a brilliant episode after another. But this episode just put itself from its very peak alongside last season's International Assassin...for now.

    G'Day Melbourne focuses on Kevin and Nora who have traveled to Australia, where Nora tracks down the LADR which she thought is a fraud, while Kevin tackles a problem of his own.

    I don't have to spoil this for you, especially if you're a fan who haven't watched this episode (but if you did, what do you think?). The episode has everything that makes the Leftovers one of the best shows: the engaging storytelling, the perfect music choices (TAKE ON ME!!!), beautiful camera-work, masterful direction! And like always, the performances are just breathtaking. The supporting cast are great, but Theroux and Coon own this episode, especially during one of the last scenes where I was just speechless watching them deliver lines and emote. Just WOW! I will be surprised if they didn't get nominated for an Emmy this time.

    My fear for a disappointing series finale has finally disappeared. I'm so excited for the final four episodes. Next week is another Matt episode with Laurie and the Murphys. Which is probably be another astounding hour of television.

    Final Score: 11!!!/10
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    The Leftovers gets an unexpected turn in the last season. From having small vital details and scenes that repeatedly surpass each other in season one and two, season three begins as a protracted slow finisher that will execute this brilliance. I assume that the recurring intro from season two, but now with a poorer soundtrack, gave the viewers a hint of disappointment in this final season.

    Unfortunately, the series charm disappears almost entirely in this episode. G'Day Melbourne is full of little unnecessary details that don't give the viewer anything besides questioning the series credibility and where the boundary between the gracious unnatural story and well-created realistic scenes goes. The series brilliant ambience of utopia built up of awesome scenes slowly fades away.

    This episode has an unexpected main event and takes away something that is a brilliant result of season one and which is nicely built up during season two. The Leftovers have the ability to provide shocking and exciting endings but this time it went too far. The episode still raises many exciting thoughts and gives answers to previously unclear scenes, but my expectations in general dropped drastically after this episode.

    "I can say to those who does not understand what I am talking about, that my review for this episode applies even better to the next one (episode 5). Which includes an incomprehensible conversation, so that Matt and his companions can board an even more inexplicable vessel..."