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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the 4-minute music video for the Britney Spears song "...Baby One More Time" from 1998, so this one will soon be 20 years old. How time flies. It was the breakthrough song for the then still unknown American teenager Britney Spears and she made number one in the music charts all around the world and was within weeks one of the biggest superstars on the planet. There is something unique about her voice that I like in terms of how it sounds, even if she may not have the biggest range compared to other sings. And of course she was stunningly beautiful back then to with lots of charisma. Spears is still known today and also still making music, even if her first song also stayed her most successful. This song is one of the most defining moments of pop culture from the 1990s. It helps very much in understanding what the decade was like in terms of its music (for the masses). It's up to you to decide if you like it, but even if you don't, then its success back then is a fact and I am glad this song existed.
  • This is the music video that launched Britney as THE superstar of the late 1990s. It was also among the first music videos I obtained on DVD. First had it on a disc featuring only three of her music videos, then obtained the full set known as "My Prerogative.' Since then, I have played my Britney's Greatest Hits Collection lotsa lotsa times. Good times.

    This is also the video that gave her instant notoriety, and it takes only a few seconds to see why. Hot schoolgirl, soon with clothes in casual disarray, hot, pink lips, and those braids - altogether, the sizzling fox, part child, part burgeoning young woman literally bursting out at the seams, no wonder parents were worried, their young babies would obviously wannabe Britney.

    I myself find this particular performance too over the top, though not throughout the music video, only the schoolgirl outfit part, where she does lay it on particularly thick. Something that people out there do not think about, is that Britney was like a kite in the hands of directors. Britney do this, Britney do that, Britney smile seductively! Britney look at the camera this way, Britney look at the camera that way! Britney is actually just projecting herself as she is encouraged to do. That she is a very willing participant, there is no denying, but she is basically not at all what people so readily took her for to be. Therefore, the over-the- top fledgling performance here, I take with more than a pinch of salt. There are other music videos in which she is less overt, even though her sexuality is undeniably huge, and she does become the tigress. But here, the inflections in her voice are too calculatedly provoking. Of course, Mr. Director had an astute idea of JUST EXACTLY WHAT WAS GOING TO SELL LIKE HOT CAKES! Her mouth, the bubble-gum pink lips, the pearly teeth, she is just mesmerizing.

    The pink tank top sequence, with those white pants, those scenes are actually much better, though I must say I'm pretty sure everybody thinks of the hot schoolgirl images when they recall this video.

    Was said once that Jennifer Aniston's movie's titles reflect her private life, and I noticed that the music videos of Britney Spears all closely resemble themes from her (then current) personal life. This one kicks it off with "my loneliness is killing me" - so obviously a girl with a need for companionship.