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  • It's one thing to make your political beliefs known. It's quite another to misrepresent the facts. Somehow this show has been able to get conservatives to agree to being interviewed and then edited to shreds on the cutting room floor in order to make the case for the liberal side.
  • Most of all you get an inside look into how the whole thing works when the cable news cameras aren't rolling with three incredibly experienced and intelligent campaign wonks as your guides.

    And you learn about the people involved. Don't like Bernie's politics, but learned to love the person...and his wife even more. Flipping around, think Donald Jr. will be a force to be reckoned with in the decades to come. Would vote for him for Senate right now. And those are only "for instances."

    If you don't have Showtime...think about getting it for a month just to binge watch The Circus. It is that good.
  • caryirwin24 October 2018
    As reported by another review this series is edited to a liberal bias. There is nothing fair, accurate or legitimate about this show. It's a smear campaign.
  • There's no discussion, no "other side", just Dem political propaganda show, suspiciously just in time for the elections, along with other similar, new "opinion" shows released over the past week.

  • Ken_Shaffin23 November 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Spoiler ahead: If you do not know the outcome of the 2016 election already, do not read further. LOL! Watching the last two weeks of the Showtime documentary series on the election, "The Circus" was most informative. We saw the transformation of not only this election cycle but also of the changes of emotion and delusion as the obvious biases of the MSM against Trump and their favor for Hillary, represented by John Heilemann, Mark Halperin, Mark McKinnon and all of their go to friends in the MSM, who made cameo appearances to share and express group think transitions from elation over Trump's foibles to outright anger over Trump's success. It was amazing to watch the election process unfold in the precise manner opposite of the expectations. In other words, "The Circus" clowns documented were the MSM rather than the politicians in the 2016 election.
  • rebaaron-125 October 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is a long running ad for the Demorats. It's pretend journalism designed to fool the voter. In a word - Propaganda.
  • I love this show. It goes into the world & minds of both parties. My favorite episode was meeting with a town on the Mexican border in Texas. Surprising that this town works well with people from Mexico, not the hate that is all over social media
  • I love this show, it's not too partisan and gives you a concise guide to the previous week (even though I follow politics VERY closely anyway) but it projects politics in a great way! Love the foodie escapades.... like I seriously note the places they go to so I can try! Had a lil raw oyster jealousy when Heilman was with Scaramucci..... just sayin! Lol -GREAT SHOW! Must watch if u like politics and the DC scene and seeing what's going on across our country!
  • If you really want to know what's going on in The Circus, watch this movie. Everything Mueller knows is revealed in a concise format. You'll be amazed. I wish Heilemann and Wagner would exposé this film. Please do.