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  • Warning: Spoilers
    REVENGE IS SWEET is an extraordinary cheap Taiwanese kung fu story shot in some rural locale somewhere or other. It's notable for featuring go-to guy Phillip Ko in a very early role (under the name Shan Kao) as the villain of the piece. He plays a roaming fighter who turns up at a martial arts school and beats the owner to death. The owner's daughter swears revenge and the story goes from there. Truth be told, this isn't a notable film at all, with below-par fighting and non-existent choreography. The hackneyed plot was entirely predictable even by 1973 and the budget is just too low to do the subject matter justice; instead we get a bog-standard execution.
  • It starts when a stranger in town trashes the martial arts school signboard and challenges the master to a fight tomorrow. Phillip Ko Fei, as Mad Wolf, wants to kill the man who sent him to prison. Lu Hsiao-Hun plays the daughter. She has post-traumatic stress that manifests as sleepwalking. She watches the fight which was more of a beating since the master was ill. She begins fighting and killing people at night. A Shaolin monk comes to help. She enters a martial arts tournament to test her skills.

    There is a subplot about the sick mother that adds too much drama to the middle of the story. Then the final fight with our girl and her male fellow martial artist versus the villain is set up. All the fights are hand to hand. No weapons or other objects are used. The fights are all average and adequate. I found nothing to criticize and nothing to compliment either. I rate it as average for the year and genre and for fans I give it my take it or leave it recommendation.

    My copy is a computer file that plays on a HDTV as a square shaped video typical of the old VHS tapes. The resolution is better than expected but as expected the sides are chopped off as typical of the VHS format. The English subtitles appear added after by a fan of the genre.

    I came across this movie because I am a hard core fan of martial arts movies of the golden age from 1967 to 1984. I have a collection of thousands of these movies and have written over a thousand reviews. The other day I came across the movie "Blood Revenge", watched it, and reviewed it here. I was pleasantly surprised that this obscure film was actually above average for the year and genre. So I searched for more movies with the leading lady Lu Hsiao-Hui. She has only five credits total and all between 1974 and 1975. I found nothing about her personal life. She appeared with Phillip Ko Fei in this movie and the other. He was a prolific actor and director and passed away in 2017 after a 50+ year career.