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  • The movie seems to be pretty good. It's not a blockbuster budget involved but it's well crafted and the actors are talented and seem genuine. Here's the issue, when it begins there's 5 guys who are in a 18 wheelers trailer compartment arguing in English. After about 30 seconds you realize there speaking spanish with English voice overs. Cool not a problem it's pretty well synced so there's no issue, All of a sudden they flash to a police district scene and they are speaking spanish with no subtitles. But the movie continues like that flashing back and forth with the gang speaking english and the cops speaking spanish. I don't know why they wouldn't add voiceovers to the entire film or just add subtitles. It almost seems like they ran out of voice over actors it's very perplexing they must have another version preparing for release but until then you have to be bilingual to enjoy this film.
  • watcher201919 October 2019
    Really good action film with a few laughs too. Great acting all round. I was lost with the spanish parts but it wasnt that important .
  • lmlaughalots16 October 2019
    I felt like I was on the edge of my seat through the whole movie! I loved how the perspective changed between the thieves and the cops building the suspense! Fully recommend watching this film!

    I'd like to add that I had no problems with the subtitles and understanding what was being said when Spanish was spoken. I'm not bilingual and still fully enjoyed watching this movie.
  • Among Thieves is rife with action, violence, and suspense. Has the feel of an older movie in all the right ways. Raw and intense, Among Thieves punches above it's weight. Highly recommended.
  • Action suspense and good acting. Solid movie with set ups and pay offs that get you cheering for these thieves! Not too graphic a few more subtitles than I am used to but the acting covered that up for me. Worth a viewing and maybe two if you like to see the characters with the new Information you get throughout the film. No spoilers! Watch this before you watch a random episode of a TV show for sure.
  • A good ole game of cops and robbers south of the border. The action never stops and neither do the twists!
  • I was a little worried about watching this with my husband, because the trailer looked really violent, but I really really liked Among Thieves. Lots of action, great acting, very intense but not too violent. And a good message about sticking together - not leaving a man behind.
  • Loved it. Lots of yelling, swearing, gunfights. Great acting, diverse too. Reminded me of Reservoir Dogs. If you like that, you'll like this.

    Saw a few people commenting on the subtitles. Subtitles turned on automatically for me during the spanish parts. Told my brother, who's outside the United States, to watch the movie. He mentioned he had to manually turn on his subtitles. Just so you know.
  • corourk1-119 October 2019
    In today's era where all films are either a remake, a sequel, or a super hero film, Among Thieves takes us back to to a time when great storytelling is all you need for a film. The film is an exciting cops vs criminals with a nice twist to keep you on the edge of your seat. Beautifully shot and edited, with amazing performances I could not recommend this film enough. It is a shame more independent films like this are not made today.
  • Great action piece with fast-paced plotting that leads to satisfying climax. Remarkable independent movie. Reviewer that complains of idiocy of no subtitles is to dumb to make sure subtitles are activated.
  • Loved it. A heist gone wrong where you get the perspective of both the cops and the robbers. Super enjoyable and fast paced, would recommend.