In the early 1990s, Sylvester Stallone was attached to star in a similar project to this film, called "Gale Force," about an ex-Navy SEAL who defends a seacoast town from a gang of modern pirates during a hurricane. David Chappe had written the script and Renny Harlin was going to direct. Carolco Pictures had a $40 million budget for the film, but creative disagreements over the script and concerns about cost forced Carolco to scrap the film and make Cliffhanger (1993) instead. Also in 1995 Stallone was involved to star in another similar film titled "No Safe Haven", written by Drew Yanno and Anthony Borghi, in which he would play a Marine who has to fight against militia-like cult who take over Martha's Vineyard and take president's family as hostages during large hurricane, and only help he has is the president who managed to escape from cult members while they were taking over the island. But "No Safe Haven" was also cancelled very early in production.

In the trailer, viewers are told that the heist is planned during the monstrous hurricane that is pushing 600 miles per hour. The Great Red Spot, a massive hurricane on Jupiter that can fit two Earths in it, is also a 600-mile-per-hour storm. The highest sustained wind speed ever recorded in a hurricane on Earth is 190 miles per hour.

The movie takes place in Gulfport, Alabama. There is no such city in Alabama. There is a Gulfport, MS and a Gulf Shores, AL.

Award winning novel "Storm Crashers" by Richard Wickliffe was optioned by one of the "big-six" studios, after his unique concept of a high-tech heist during a hurricane was shopped all over Los Angeles. This movie and at least two other similar projects were planned shortly thereafter.

The sheriff is addressed as such, but the building he works out of has a sign out front saying "Gulfport Police Department." The sheriff would work out of the sheriff's department. The head of a police department is the chief of police, and is addressed as "chief."

When Casey suggests using an ANFO bomb to stop the thieves when they leave the Treasury, she mentions that Timothy McVeigh used the same components to bomb a federal building. As of 2019, McVeigh's attack in 1995 remains the deadliest incident of domestic terrorism in U.S. history.

Casey wears an Ohio State hat. Maggie Grace grew up in Worthington, Ohio.

Ben Cross (Dixon) and Ralph Ineson (Perkins) also starred in First Knight (1995).