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  • Warning: Spoilers
    THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!! So I am a avid comic reader. I started off as a Marvel fan and then just recently got into DC. When I saw this show's trailer I was excited to get to see multiple heroes being put on one show. After watching the first episode, I almost cried from how badly it was composed. The acting is that on par with B rated films, the writing is poor, the problems that they put themselves in are so universally typical that it saps all excitement for the solution from the show. The worst part about this show is the person who plays Leonard Snart, a pretty refined actor playing a part so badly that it makes you want to claw your eyes out. The overly slow talking because 'he's CAPTIAN COLD!!" is so overdone it's almost burnt. While all of the stupidity is unfurling on this show, they have also managed to incorporate some grade A political correctness into the show. White Canary is ostensibly lesbian and we are constantly reminded about it. I watched two seasons of this show to try and give it a chance to see if it'd get better by any means. Some people got removed from the main story line which assisted minimally, but the stench of failure is still there. I am absolutely flabbergasted that this show has not been cancelled yet. I was sure that before the second season it would be cancelled and surely after the second but unfortunately not...this show needs to get cancelled so something else can take its place. Marvel does it so much better and it's downright disturbing on how much.
  • angmoisahead28 April 2017
    I really was hoping for some flimsy group of comic book leftovers to preach social justice to me. Complete garbage.

    Can't wait for the next episode of gay cavemen and trans aliens that make us all feel better.

    They killed off Ronny Raymond to have a politically correct Firestorm. Good luck with that. Angry, tiny black kid tries to sound tough by mispronouncing words.
  • I watched up to ep.16 Below average acting, mindbendingly woeful scripts, awful production, CGI circa 1991. I kept watching in the hope it would get better....

    Wentworth Miller is cringe inducingly awful. Even Stephen Amells cameo as Arrow cant save this show.

    So much potential.... shame

    Everyone is better off watching the Marvel flagship show, Agents of Shield.

    Its infinitely better in just about every way. I cant help thinking this show would have been better as a cartoon.
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    OK here is the rub you have a guy who can only be killed a certain way and the world is on the brink of annihilation in the future, what do you do? Well you recruit the worst super heroes of all time that's what. For some reason these guys of mixed super hero ability can not seem just kill one guy and the series is drawn out with incompetent action sequences and terrible story lines. This whole show should have been over in like 3 episodes, but somehow they seem to use every time line to basically mess things up and make matters worse.

    The effects are probably the best part of the show with some nifty CGI and sets. There really needs to be more bad characters as everything is focused on one guy and the heroes don't seem to be half bothered about getting the job done as they have so many issues themselves.

    Overall the show is watchable just don't expect Flash or Arrow watchable.
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    My story began with Arrow, from which most of the "Legends" immigrated. It was OK so far. Boring episodes changing for better ones and back. Regular stuff. But this time around the self-righteous men-hating writers just over-did it. The last night's episode is over the tolerance level for me. Filled with SJW and extreme feminism propaganda, this show parts way with me. Good riddance.
  • I would not advise anyone to read all the negative comments below, I really cant stand when people make reviews as if they are movie/tv critics - Maybe people should watch shows that they want to and keep the negative comments to themselves.

    This is a n enjoyable show - if you are like me an djust get home and want to watch something without too much thought or enjoy a good series that is simply enjoyable then this is that show. You have to get to season 3. Season 1 was great and 2 okay but 3 gets better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now" is a 22-minute mix of promo and behind the scenes for a new superhero series. There are references to old series, but I personally found this piece of "documentary" here not even remotely interesting enough to consider watching another superhero-themed show. Plus the addition of the "Prison Break" guys, especially the younger one makes me not care at all as I think these simply aren't gifted actors. The rest of it is very generic too. There is absolutely nothing new to this show it seems or at least that's the impression I get from this promo video. Cool special effects, tortured villains etc. The stuff we have see dozens of times already and it's really gotten old by now. Not recommended.
  • Sidekicks and Second class villains. This just seems like a money grab on the part of the TV networks. I mean really... Do these guys even read the comics they decide to make into a show. I am undecided on the shows writing at the moment but I can't see it keeping me interested that long at all. I would file it under garbage like Marvels Agent Carter and Marvels Agents of Shield. Just money grab programming with no insight into what the comic community really wants. DC's Flash is really the only thing they have going for them at the moment as Arrow is also complete garbage soap opera bs. So Wonder Woman was turned down for a show but this hot garbage made it??? I am just rambling for the last 2 or 3 lines as this site has some per-designated junk to actually post.
  • mariomamdoh-173818 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I really like this TV series, I hope there will be 10 new coming seasons
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I generally love superhero movies, I love action series, I'm totally into Arrow, Flash and Agents of Shield so I thought this is my kind of show! Boy was I wrong. I haven't got the slightest idea as of to how this show managed to gather over 7 stars here on IMDb. I usually am generous when it comes to handing out stars, but this piece of shite show just made me cringe.

    The plot holes could make a universe of their own, the acting is B movie level at best, especially Wentworth Miller. It is the definition of cringe when he opens his mouth an utters those drawn-out vowels which he seems to think make him sound mysterious and superior. Yikes... OH LOOK, there's your arch nemesis laying at your feet, just waiting to be struck down... OH NO you can't kill him, because that would mean the weak-ass version of your lover to be born 100 years after you died may stay a security guard for him. No seriously, up until that very moment in Ep. 12 I managed to go through with Legends of Tomorrow always hoping for it to get better, but that straw really broke the camel's back. Save yourself time and nerves and watch something less gruesome.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I hate it when the idiot vehicle is used to create a story or to move a story along. When drooling snarling zombies come at you, you don't just stand there and wonder what is taking place. Jeeeez! They just HAD to get a team member infected! Phooey. I had positive hope for Season 2. Oh well.
  • If you're wondering whether the show is for you or not, don't listen to the wannabe film critics who pretend that they know anything about Cinematography, lighting scenes or dialogue or script writing. Watch it for yourself; not because I suggest that you do & not because this "documentary" tells you to either.

    All it's for is introducing the characters, almost ALL of whom you'll already know if you watch the other DC shows like Arrow & Flash.

    Getting past all of that, I'll tell you why I enjoy this show so much. For one thing, it doesn't take itself overly seriously. There are absolutely moments of seeing the characters facing tragic situations. However, with the shows that are written with more darkness like Arrow or can be a little TOO drama filled from episode to episode sometimes like Flash.

    Legends takes the characters from those two shows, with the occasional crossover between the four of them, and yes, it's the very predictable setup where you root for the underdogs. But that doesn't make the show any less fun.

    I really enjoy the banter between characters, the Easter eggs or references to other roles the actors have played but it doesn't steal the focus either.

    They bicker, blow up at each other, make an absolute mess of history but they have fun doing it and even more fun trying to fix it.

    There's a lot of slapstick level jokes made and when things do get serious, they all do everything they can to pull themselves & each other up by the britches.

    They're not the best show with the long, drawn out storylines that get overly producedi..Howard to5nqathpu.phipqobkpi
  • This show had promise - for the first 20 minutes of the first episode, but after that, the motto, "Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here," kept running thru my mind and I could not turn it off. I stuck it out for 8 episodes, ("Hope springs Eternal") but once again yet another CW show falls victim to excruciatingly poor writing. I'd guess the writing is around the level of a 15 year old, except when they are fighting. Then it drops down to what I remember myself being at 12 and playing Cowboys and Indians. I liked it best when the Indians won, and in this show, well...

    The show centers around time travel and the Time Masters, a group who watch over various time periods. So, this should be cool to have people travel thru time, yes? Shouldn't be too hard to make it interesting. No fear. It's not.

    There is the customary genius (Victor Garber), the customary Angry Men, and two women, one of whom is an assassin, and the other can, thru a totem she wears, take on the powers of whatever animal she mentally envisions.

    The story lines are decent, but one wonders if anyone took acting classes. Each person runs the entire gamut of emotion from A to B, as Dorothy Parker once said of a performance by Katharine Hepburn (look 'er. up if you're that young). That is to say, not much range. The travels thru time never include adapting the speech of the times, and oddly enough, the local people- no matter what century - seem to also speak in 20th century English. This lessens the ability to suspend disbelief. In fact, if you turn the volume off and just watch the expressions, you'd be able to tell the plot just by their actions. I hope to, one day, actually watch a show on CW that doesn't remind me of watching and listening to a group of adolescents. But this is not that show.
  • The acting, the dialogue and the overall quality of this series is garbage. This show makes me sad in so many ways. I had high hopes for this series when i started watching it, Vandal Savage: a 50 000 year old man who have lived side by side with humanity since the cave men. He slept next to a meteor one cold night to gain warmth and when he woke in the morning the meteor had cooled down and he was forever changed. Higher intellect and immortality was his gain. NO scratch all that, he is a 4000 year old Egyptian with hurt feewings because of the hawk lovers? What? Another thing is the overall intelligence of these characters, their thought process vary between genius and idiot. ''We need to kill this guy but its impossible, lets leave him dead here on the floor, get into our ship and try again in 10 years. I mean we cant just toss the guy into a volcano or something.'' It wreaks of feminism since the true warriors in this series are all women, there was a man but they decided to kill him off in the second episode. My main point of grievance is to the producers, script writers and directors: If you have bad actors, bad scripts and bad imagination, why make a series?
  • I think the script writers are lost in words or brain.. they do really know how to screw a show.. Terrible terrible last episodes do not make any sense.. I wonder what is really happening in these shows..??? Legends became screwed heads.. according to story one male and female will kiss..until you bring them to action..lots of boring stuff you put in there.. an honorable man of his time i.e. 1776 starts to be a jackass so screwing the history is OK.but shouldn't be that boring man....
  • sniper71030 April 2018
    I've gone through two seasons and have started third hoping that the writing had gotten better. But it has not. They show that could be outstanding entertaining is boring and predictable. You can tell what's going to happen two minutes into the episode. We have made The characters annoying and unlikable. Well except for 2 of the characters and I'll let you figure out who they are. It says well as if you were hoping for one of the main characters to get killed off. That's just how annoying they are. Netflix continually destroys the marvel stories. I haven't seen the Marvel series on Netflix that hasn't been incredibly boring poorly written. Well I take that back, the punisher is a great series.
  • The plot is thin some of the time, the acting reminds me of some of the 50's serial space programs but Caity Lotz has all the smooth moves for picking up women. Its like watching a female Captain Kirk!
  • kelholland199216 April 2018
    Nearing the end of season to and my husband and myself love it it's basically dc meets doctor who .... starts off a bit slow but season 2 is brill
  • I was disappointed when watching the 1st season, I felt I was wasting my time. Characterwise they were hollow! The plot was not good either, and they just kept repeating the same formula most of the episodes with little to no good action. There were at least 2 or 3 episodes that were good in my opinion, but the rest were cringe-worthy. So I hated this show and wanted nothing to do with it, that's why I did not care about Season 2.

    Nevertheless, I found myself with nothing else to watch and, for some coincidence, I saw its thumbnail in Netflix with the New Episodes tag, so I decided to give it one more chance. Without knowing, I was binge watching the whole 2nd season and gotta tell you it's really good. Characters are way more entertaining and likable, and they added some new characters to the roster which gave a more dramatic developing of the plot. The actions scenes had improved, not to mention close combat can sometimes be very epic!

    If you are familiar with Arrow and the Flash you might know sometimes what to expect, and some situations might be related to those shows, but it makes sense since they are in the same universe. If you are a fan of the 1st season of Legends of Tomorrow then you will love the 2nd one. If you are not, give 2nd season a try, even if you are not finished with the 1st one ;)
  • I hate the so-called heroes will never sink to felons' level. Shut up all that. It seems to me that (in movies) someone or many have to die before such heroes prevail which he/she should have done in the beginning to stop the threats. In life, everything every action must to chosen between to do or not to do or to do something else. If a hero cannot decide which life is more important and what action should be carry out for the greater good, he/she is useless as any hobo out there. Give up so people won't have to have anymore false hope. I've seen many dumb heroes in movies and TV shows but this one top them all. I'd already delete the TV channel out of my favorites.
  • Australian112 December 2018
    Apart from my disgust at the direction of this series, I have to say, I can't stand Sara's voice! Do that species of not mainstream people have to adopt that voice?