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  • calebgarcia4622 August 2019
    Everyone seems to just love Konosuba so much and perhaps it has something to do with the hilarious storylines, lovable characters, stunning animation and of course the faithful fanbase that has made more Seasons and a movie possible. You'll love this one :-)
  • Stress Buster...No drama, No crying...Humor everywhere...Love the series
  • ericsaxon22 February 2017
    This show is a 10, and I don't give a 10 to many anime shows. It is a comedy and after the first 3 episodes you'll be hooked however what makes the show great is that it is totally self-aware. The main trio of supporting characters are ridiculous caricatures, which is what the main protagonist realizes and has to cope with.
  • deathtech31 May 2016
    Some little freaking snot tard might of told you that this series is bad just because of fan service. But this series was designed to be a self aware stupid show. The pointless fan service is there to add on how stupid it is. And I think as long as it's self aware then it's fine on that part. The characters are funny and unique (Megumin is best girl) and always make me laugh. It's a good take on the fantasy/game genre. It's about a dysfunctional team trying to work together and make money in their new world. It's fun, hilarious, and really great overall. Seeing these characters work together, progress and defend their town is great. I think my favorite character is Megumin. She is a Mage and uses explosion magic and always does it overkill other enemies. Her character design is great. You can just look at a square with red and yellow and you will think of Megumin. Same with the other characters. My least favorite is "Darkness" her name doesn't even match her armor and she almost always has this uncomfortable perverted face on. It's funny sometimes but also too much.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Kazuma Satou, a high school student, gamer and shut-in, died on an average day walking home from school, performing the one heroic act of his life. He reawakens in the afterlife, greeted by a beautiful but rude girl named Aqua, who claims to be a goddess that guides the youth whose lives got cut short. Aqua then offers him a choice: to go to heaven, or to get sent to a another world to defeat the Demon King. Of course, Kazuma's gamer instincts kick in, and he chooses to start a new life in a real-life RPG. There's one last choice Kazuma has to make: he is allowed the choice of one thing to take with him to the new world. After puzzling over it, he chooses...Aqua? Join Kazuma on his adventures as he tries to transfer his virtual gaming knowledge to real-life adventurer experience!

    The show in generally i find very hysterical and with characters that you would probably want to remember forever. The theme songs is good. The dub is pretty cool as well.

    Both season have a sold 10/10

    If you are looking for a good Isekai I highly recommend this.
  • I would like to start things off by saying that people who completely detest ecchi stuff might find this a bit unappealing. There is not a ridiculous amount of it, but I am just giving you a heads up. I myself am not too fond of nudity in anime.

    With that said this is one of the few anime that make it work. I put it in the same category as Food wars and Prison school. The first OVA made me cry a little too much from laughter, but....I recommend that for male viewers.

    The humour, the facial expressions and the voice acting (when listening to the japanese version with english subtitles) is glorious. Unique characters, no horrible cliffhangers and the list goes on. A lot of plus points there. Even if you are not into it by the first season, the second season will make it hard for you to breathe from laughter. Trust me, for most people this whole anime is worth it.

    There are not many good comedy anime out there nowadays. You can probably count the good ones with both your hands. So please, check it out the gem.

    I will also note that this is NOT a harem. People who declare that it is need to read the definition of the word. I utterly dislike harems, so rest assured. This belongs in the categories comedy, action and adventure.

    The rating 9/10 is because season one had a few flaws that made it imperfect. Don't let that stop you!
  • shiro-sama10 October 2019
    Best of the best stress reliever. have watched it multiple times whenever i felt upset
  • fazeelb18 May 2020
    The best comedy anime u can ask for , love their wierd faces and the way voice actors speek
  • This anime is groundbreaking and amazing in so many ways. Its characters are very unforgettable, and the humor makes you laugh so hard it makes your head hurt! At first, I was not very fond of season 1, but as it kept going, I couldn't help but fall head over heels for the series. Now, I'm a light novel reader for the series, and I have to say, its fantastic! Very fun and entertaining!
  • selinetienne6 October 2019
    It's really funny and it's not supposed to be taken seriously it may have fan servise but the show is smelt aware and is intentionally dumb and silly
  • This is a pretty great anime with hilarious characters and fantastic animation. While there is an overarching story, it is mainly based around various humorous situations, so there isn't much for me to break down without ruining jokes. While this show contains a lot of fan service, that is definitely not its only appeal. Overall, I would highly recommend this anime.
  • magarsumit8 August 2020
    Damn another great anime discovered xD. It's freaking good to watch. It's funny and awesome too. Do watch this anime;-)
  • Comedy well the first two episodes are very different from the rest of the series and are pretty dull which needed to be in order to set up the world,Now as that's out of the way if i need to describe it in one word I would say it's "Hilarious". It's a parody of the entire Isekai genere the most saturated genere of anime. It makes fun of the tropes here and there Stakes are very high(kinda) yet our group of weakling manage to beat the spectacular odds rather easily and in a hilarious manner and beware Kazuma stands for gender equality XD
  • ahmedjoni7 December 2019
    Great anime to watch if you want to laugh or if you are in a bad mood. Not the anime with the best story but just so funny
  • randy-2655630 July 2019
    It was very funny and entertaining. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  • Have you ever died from laughter?? Well majority doesn't think that. Decide whether you want to watch this series or not... You might die by laughter itself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Decide again whether you want to die or not. But I would like you to watch this series and have laughter a lot....
  • This is one of my favorite anime of all time. This show is absolutely hilarious. The misadventures of Kazuma and friends have me cracking up every time I watch it. Yes, there is a bit of fan service, and yes, Kazuma is a huge Pervert, but that just adds to the overall hilarity of the show. The animation in this show is very good, as well as the character design. All of the characters add to the show in their own way, even if some of them are less apparent than others. I highly recommend this show to anyone who wants a good laugh, because it will provide that for you!
  • Dummy thicc useless Aqua Dummy thicc Kawaii Megumin Dummy thicc AF Darkness And Kazuma a simp lord
  • The show has a good story and amazing characters. The second season was kind of bland compared to the first one, but it was still good.
  • As others have noted, this has a depressingly standard quantity of fanservice for the genre. It's a shame -- the first episode was brilliant, and some of the fantasy-world conventions are twisted in very new directions. Up to the OVA, I might have looked past the panty jokes and sprung for a 7 -- but the OVA felt like the writers went on vacation and let several 15-year-old fans write an episode, so that's another star gone. Recommended for people who don't mind the fanservice, I suppose, though there are many animes out there with just as much original humor and much less predictable harem nonsense.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As I said, it could have been a great anime series plot wise, but it quickly descended into the usual Fanservice crap, as most Japanese anime today. This is only good to watch for the usual 35-45 year old Weeaboo virgin, still living in Mom's basement. Sadly once again the Japanese anime industry wasted a good story for just showing boobs and panties. So nothing really new to see here! Episode one starts really good, but with the second episode the downward spiral into Fanservice junk is beginning and as the series continues this spiral gets faster and faster. If you're a Weeaboo you might like that concept, but everybody else should just avoid it like the plague. It's really sad to see that the Japanese anime industry obviously is nothing more anymore, than Fanservice reduced to boobs and panties. This series sadly proves that again!
  • No thanks...this is like a show for kids who are still exploring teen girls -_- oh well I guess the younger folks may enjoy it so if you are into fan service and lame "cute" jokes then go ahead and watch it

    The animation is nice thought and the concept could've been good if the characters where a bit more mature and if the harem thing were taken out
  • It's funny the first time, but by the 15th time it's gotten a little stale.. There are solid pieces of the anime that could have developed to make it a 8 - 10 star in my mind, but the same joke reused ends up eating up screen time that could have been spend on development of the character and world..

    Additional lost point for the jarring animation change, the first season had a very solid style, and the second season looks atrocious for a good chunk of it as the new animation studio tries to copy the original season, fails and ends up with bodies out of proportion, lopsided faces, and inconsistent character appearance even in the same episode.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After teenage boy Kazuma Sato dies he meets Aqua a blue-haired goddess who offers him a chance to continue living in another world; one where he would be an adventurer battling monsters. He is offered powerful weapons or abilities but instead he chooses to take Aqua with him.

    In this world they must find and defeat the Demon King before Aqua can return to where she belongs. Their group gradually expands as they are joined by Megumin, an arch-wizard capable of using explosion magic; Darkness, a crusader who's attacks are less than accurate and seems to enjoy humiliating defeat amongst othersΒ… naturally this being anime all these members of Kazuma's party are female. Over the course of the series they get in a variety of scrapes and battle a range of monsters; all the time trying to earn enough to survive.

    This is a fairly enjoyable series even if the central premise is like countless other seriesΒ… ordinary teen ends up in a fantasy adventure type setting. This doesn't matter too much as it is mostly a comedy, that is not to say there isn't some good action as well. The characters are an entertaining bunch; each with their own amusing foibles. The animation is pretty good for the most partΒ… although something seemed distinctively off with the character designs in the first episode of the second season; thankfully the problem didn't persist. Their protagonist's quest to slay the demon king appeared to be far from over at the end of season two; hopefully that means that we will be getting more of this entertaining show.

    These comments are based on watching the first two seasons in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • I honestly thought this anime was heavily concentrated on having big breasted cute girls rather then the story itself.

    Regardless if I was a guy or not, I would still find this was brutal and stupid to look at! Maybe I was the damn stupid one for watching this but like curiosity can be killer whenever the anime community alwata mentions this!

    Anyway I'm going to leave it at that, regretted watching this anime....
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