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  • Capital_Vice30 January 2017
    I loved it from the first episode, its fast paced, witty and has some of the best character casts I have ever seen! The chemistry between Atwell and Cahill is amazing, the dialogues are refreshing and the CSI part of the show is very interesting, not the typical forensic Nasa talk we usually see, its described in a way that non-scientists (like me)can understand.Its been a long time since I have been this riveted by a show, there are so many to choose from and perhaps because of the variety, actual gems get buried under shows that do not even deserve a pilot. I only hope that its given a chance to go to Season 2 because I'm pretty sure it will be as amazing as Season 1!!

    Well done to the Cast and Crew.
  • I started watching the series because I think that Hayley Atwell has talent and she has done some very solid work. She is doing a good job playing an unlikeable character, not particularly a good route for series longevity.

    Sadly the writing is weak, the plots weak, the characters flat and the whole thing both boring and rushed. It is very much the hurry up and run in circles until the aha moment, only ever discovered by the protagonist. The sequencing lacks continuity, is jumbled and is not believable.

    I get it that a goal is to show a strong woman in a leadership role. Atwell could certainly make that happen, if she had a character to play that wasn't such a polished turd.

    Sadly the show is shot and lit to highlight her wardrobe and her shoes as much as it is the plot. The inter scene switch with the overlaid scenes is both jittery and headache inducing.

    Sometimes a show is recoverable. Too much would have to change to save Conviction. Hopefully Ms. Atwell's next series will offer her the opportunity to show how good she can be.
  • allapolonais20 May 2018
    It's a shame, didn't find this earlier. Of course, it's canceled. Dunno why, except of that their way of switching between scenes was really annoying.
  • seraph9136 April 2018
    I really love this show. It's the right amount of legal and drama. I love watching legal shows and am so glad I watched this one. I'm really sad they canceled it.
  • I loved Hayley Atwell in Agent Carter and love her in this as well! The reasoning for why she got the job is not very believable , but I really think all the actors and their characters are great and interesting to watch. I don't think it would work if they weren't.

    I don't know why, but the boss relationship issue seems a little over used, but it doesn't spoil the rest of the show. When all put together, there is plenty of conflicts and issues within the different characters to keep me wanting to see more.

    I really like it! Hayley is a great actress and is surrounded by great actors here as well!
  • The first episodes was questionable but I decided to give it another chance. Before the end of episode 2 I was love with the show. This show has talent and heart! Atwell is perfect as Hayes and Kinney was perfectly cast. I'm still waiting for a little more from Cahill and Ashmore but I am fan of both and know what they can bring to the table. Franklin and Jackson are my two favorite characters and I would love to see more developed story lines for them. Dungey also plays a dynamic character. This show has the bones for something remarkable. I hope it gets a chance to get there before being tossed away. The content is already becoming more interesting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    1) It is a female lead show. Not many of those on air. 2) Hayes is privileged, yet objective on controversial issues. Both are requirements for her job as head of the CIU. And although she is considered flawed and destructive and problematic, her objectiveness and vulnerability (which in my opinion originated in her privileged, yet overexposed childhood) redeem her. 3) The CIU is not a fictional unit. It exists in certain cities throughout the country. People should know about this fact. 4) The show brings diversity in many regards. And I for one love that Hayes is bi (and this fact was stated in a very casual, matter- of-factly way, as it should be). Plus Hayes and Maxine have developed a good friendship. And so have Tess and Frankie. 5) Tess has questioned her white privilege on multiple occasions. I think that makes her a fantastic role model. And we need more episodes to see that Matty actually forgave Tess (and that forgiveness is possible in such life-altering situations). 6) Frankie portrays that people can reform after a conviction. A prison sentence does not define a person. Human beings are multi- faceted, complex individuals who can change and improve. 7) And above all, the show brings up controversial issues that many people don't often think about or purposefully overlook because those issues don't affect their daily lives.
  • Were it not for the excellent cast, I would have rated this series a 5 out of 10. Whose idea was it to cancel the refreshing Agent Carter, and put Hayley Atwell in yet another (unnecessary) crime drama? Conviction is self-satisfied, lazy, and holds no surprises. The cast is lovely and does what it can, but I can't imagine this show being at the top of the list for anyone under the age of 55. It tries too hard to be relevant and doesn't succeed. One has to wonder what the plan is for the show. 2 seasons? 3 seasons? Maybe 4? I'm already exhausted thinking about it.

    A show like this should be limited to a run as a miniseries. That way, some success may be achieved. But please, please don't make us wince through hours of uninspired story lines. There's so much better on television these days, and this show does not even compete.
  • jameyhovey6 October 2016
    I was looking forward of this series, however even though the acting is up to par, the show seriously suffers from ridiculously poor writing. I think Shawn Ashmore is extremely qualified actor, however I was sent into a mood of "this is totally unbelievable" after the scene with the pig. It's beyond acceptance and turned me off. Since I have had many careers including Professor of Chemistry, I expect persons with reported education, and are the lead characters, to carry themselves in a realistic manner. I was hoping for logical behavior, but after 3/4 of the show it was too frustrating. The acting is fine, the material is NOT. Smart, snappy legal behavior should ground itself in a slightly more realistic setting. Sorry Shawn.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hayes is an utter mess (drug use, problems with the law, family disapproval, etc.) and a brilliant lawyer. She's somewhat of an anti- hero and it's intriguing to see her develop compassion and vulnerability with every episode. Yet, she remains objective on controversial issues; thus, allowing us - the viewers - to make up our own opinions. Plus, Hayes' relationship with each of the characters on the show is so unique and different from the rest. Friendships are developing. Love interests are showing up. And of course, Hayes and Jackson have a fantastic sibling relationship. Overall, Conviction is one of the best shows on air right now and I recommend whoever reads this review to watch it.
  • I just love this show.

    Finally a fresh new approach to justice, a show that actually is different and stands apart from the multitude of shows showing basically the same.

    The premise of the show itself is great, because it deals with the monster inside the closet. How the justice system condemns innocent people, just because not everyone can pay for six digits lawyers.

    Another thing done brilliantly in this show is the cast. How can we not relate to this cast!? The cast, each actor and actress, is fundamental to the success of this show. It's clear that each have their own secrets and things they aren't proud of. So each member of that team as to in a way, deal with their personal beliefs and ghosts.

    The potential is great but honestly I don't see this show having a long lifespan. Three to four seasons at most. The problem being that at a certain point, viewers are gonna get tired of seeing them handling situations where we already known from the very beginning that the person in jail is innocent. They might create scenarios where even after proved innocent, the person either prefers to keep the blame or doesn't have anything to go back to. Turning wins into losses. We're already seeing that.

    So... How long before we the viewers get tired of seeing the same situations over and over. I really hope they have a plan of expanding this show into other fields, or eventually the show won't be able to grab its viewers.

    For now the show still has a lot to show and do. So as long as it lasts I'll watch it.
  • steamyprincess12 November 2016
    I first started watching 'Conviction' because of Hayley Atwell and I stayed for the good female characters and LGBTQ+ representation. I really like the story lines, the characters' interactions and themes that the episodes highlight. I think it deals with relevant issues and presents believable characters. I' d like it to maybe explore the other characters' lives and pasts as well, and not just focus on Hayes. I really hope that it will get a chance to prove itself and won't be canceled (like many others on ABC - looking at you 'Agent Carter'). I feel that by canceling it, the message would be that female-led shows don't stand a chance.
  • I don't know if it is the upcoming U.S. elections to blame but this season is full of new shows with larger-than-life women who are sexy and famous and "the best" on what they do...and...and...

    Of course there were many TV series and movies and franchises with strong women in the past, but the "flavor" has seriously changed for the worst.

    So, "Conviction" is another show starring "the woman about whom everyone is talking about". She was "the First daughter". And "she is the best" and she is ...busted for possession of cocaine and the District Attorney (who might be also an old boyfriend) ...blackmails her to lead something called "Conviction Integrity Unit".

    The premise of C.I.U. is good and potentially interesting (as of Cold Cases Units) for a TV legal drama, but this is pretty much where the good stuff ends.

    The pace of the pilot episode is unnecessarily fast. Trying to create a hype as soon as possible, and lots of hasty delivered facts to build the whole show in under 2 minutes, so the team of C.I.U. to be ready to begin its first case. It is obviously a procedural drama from now on.

    The dialogues are trite (lots of "I didn't kill her because I loved her" yada-yada) and the situations too unbelievable to tolerate: About the previously mentioned possession, the first daughter is blackmailed ...3 times during the first 10 minutes of the pilot (by the DA, a member of her unit, and the ...mother of the guy who is her first case).

    Overall: The writers and the producers of Network TV nowadays are short of ideas (judging by the number of "reboots", "remakes", "based on" etc. especially this season). But the main problem is the way they produced and deliver their shows. They are trying to impress with gimmicks and hype but they fall short in the substance. Conviction might get more interesting if its writers calm down and focus less on the "gossip girl" stuff and more on the material. I'm pretty sure there are many actual cases of wrongfully accused people out there that they can get inspiration of.
  • The good things first, Hayley Atwell, Shawn Ashmore and Daniel Franzese are excellent. The show appears left of centre which makes a change from pretty much all other US cop/detective shows. The cases and forensics are explained so that anyone can follow them and are mostly engaging.

    The poor bits next, other than the three above every character is so one dimensional to be nonexistent (the attempts to give them all back story are clichéd - don't know if that is the writers, directors or actors fault but I suspect it was a team effort), one characters sole role seems to be listing the left of centre facts that clearly put off other reviewers (or it could be that they are actual facts and not alternative facts that put them off). There really seems to be no chemistry between the love interests in the show. There are thirteen cases and only one of those wrongly accused isn't a literate, well spoken representative of the American middle class (even the token guy from the street appears totally middle class), which is too say nothing like the vast majority of actual prisoners in the US.

    However the real problem with the show is the one shared by all US cop/detective shows. The lawyers and cops in this show break the law, cover up for each other (breaking more laws in the process) and of course get away with it. US shows regularly have the police/lawyers above the law and justified in breaking laws because they always turn out to be right and only ever trample on the rights of the guilty (who as I have learnt from US television have no rights). It is ironic that a show based on the premise of over turning wrongful convictions itself commits so many crimes in doing its job. The show is clearly intended to be left of centre politically but frankly ends up as right wing as any other US cop/detective show.

    One star for each of Hayley Atwell, Shawn Ashmore (I admit I like Killjoys) and Daniel Franzese and maybe half a star for Richard Thomas.
  • At the end of this week's episode of "Dancing With the Stars", Tom Bergeron confessed his love for Hayley Atwell. It's easy to see why he is so taken with the former star of "Agent Carter", now the star of "Conviction". She is beautiful, strong and one great actress.

    In "Conviction", she plays Hayes Morrison, a complex character with obvious flaws. She is the daughter of an ex-President and a politician running for Senator. First an attorney, then a law professor, she was always a rebel and a liability for her parents due to her "extremely controversial lifestyle" and run-ins with the law. She is blackmailed into heading the CIU, a new department in the DA's office dedicated to investigating possibly wrongful convictions. She has all of the necessary tools, including a dedicated staff, but she lacks the...conviction.

    The pilot moves quickly, allowing Hayes to experience many emotions. You will not see a finer job of acting in a pilot. Ms. Atwell is remarkable. Her character is uncaring, self-indulgent and the product of years of political posturing (by her family) and being in the spotlight. She knows how to paint on a smile, but she shows us so many levels beneath it.

    Her character might seem unlikable and this might look like just another crime solving drama, but the writers have given the viewer plenty of hints at how this show might develop, along with the characters in it.

    The supporting actors are also excellent, including Shawn Ashmore ("The Following") Merrin Dungey (who appeared in "the Following", Emily Kinney, Eddie Cahill, and Manny Montana (who also appeared in "The Following"). Her team of investigators have diverse backgrounds and very different perspectives.

    The twist is that they only have five days to investigate each case--a factor that sounds contrived but it fits the story. In the first episode, they investigate an 8-year old conviction and Hayes has a crisis of conscience, proving she has one. Hopefully, the show will continue to focus on the characters though it must develop the investigations, much like "Elementary". I hope this show lives up to its potential, because it has plenty.

    Update 11/22/16: Unfortunately, this show did not live up to its potential. The episodes were too repetitious, the show failed to focus on the characters enough, and it felt like the writers were more concerned about making social statements than about writing compelling stories. I am lowering my grade to "6", but the first few episodes are worth watching.
  • jaiami-10-79106427 October 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Too many shows are being patterned after Shondaland crap now. Because it only takes about 7 million viewers for shows to be considered hits now, Shonda Rimes' low brow schlock are getting far more credit and attention than they deserve and, as is always the case with Hollywood, too many copycats. This show, however, is even deeper in the muck than How To Get Away With Murder. I guess if a viewer is indiscriminate enough to believe the premise, then pretty much anything goes for the story line. Convicted Coke-head becomes head of NYC elite conviction unit "as a punishment for her crimes." Really? If she would have shot a black man, would she have been made CEO of a corporation? I guess she didn't lose her law license for her crimes either. Even disregarding all that, the cases they take on are so disappointingly unremarkable, she is so overwhelmingly self-involved and unlikable, and the supporting players are so cliché, that watching this show was like my punishment for a crime I didn't commit.
  • Starting out by having Hayley Atwell playing a spoiled rich borderline slut, is not going to attract very many Agent Carter Fans. Or really very many Hayley Atwell friends. I think it's miscast as badly as a lead could be. I just don't buy her character. Several of the other characters, Eddie Cahill, and the guy who plays her brother are very good. A couple of her coworkers work, a couple don't. It's a very disjointed cast and sorry to say I don't think it's going to work. I would've thought after all of the accolades Hayley Atwell got from her previous work she would have more choices than this. Phony American accent on top of everything else, what was she thinking? Maybe it was a quick rebound show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is interesting to see what some reviewers on here have actually been watching because it most definitely isn't Conviction. The main character of the show is supposed to be a spoilt little rich girl jaded by the experience of being the First Daughter and in a seemingly constant rebellion against her family and society in general, a part that Hayley Atwell plays amazingly, and the cast in general is very sound and yes maybe clichéd in their roles but very good none the less. The actual premise is a brilliant idea a department that investigates the integrity of cases to insure they are are correct, and staffed with flawed characters to if needs be the whole project can be disowned. Get past the premiere and you will find an engaging and really good programme that shouldn't be cancelled because some people just don't get it.
  • alyweyand19 October 2016
    I saw this at first on Facebook and it looked pretty good but I didn't actually start watching it until the other day. So when I first watched it I thought that it was going to be boring but as I watched the first episode I fell in love with it. Hayley Atwell is amazing in this. and the cast is perfect. I love everything about this show and legal dramas aren't my thing usually. I hope this show is on for a very long time. ( IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LATEST EPISODE DO NOT READ.) I was waiting for Hayes and Wallace to be together and when they kissed at the end of the last episode I was like I middle school girl squealing. Every one should watch this show. It is awesome.
  • I loved Hayley Atwell in Agent Carter. So, I was excited about this series. Its a major disappointment.

    The the forensic analyst, whoever he is, is a lame actor. His character is weak.

    The characters make stupid choices and Atwell's character has no redeeming qualities, even though they try to make her regretful and tortured. She's not. She's just a typical pampered, indulgent, narcissistic, modern person.

    Atwell struggles with her American accent making her acting wooden and stilted. She's better than that, but the direction and writing is so bad no amount of good acting can pull it off. And, this is not her best work at all.

    Episode 6 is where they jump the shark. The episode was offensive. It shows the shallow intelligence pool of the writers, producers, and the network. It is astounding that a show like this could have made it past editors to actually be aired. Everybody involved should be ashamed.

    This show does deserve to get canceled, like it has. It's unfortunate, but hopefully Hayley can move onto something good now. This show is not worth your time to watch. Don't waste life on it.
  • I wanted to like this so bad, and I usually like shows like this but from the beginning the show seem disjointed jumping from one scene to another with no connection.

    The acting and dialog seem a bit forced despite a pretty great cast, I am pretty sure this show is going to be a early cancel, I just don't see it catching but I might change my mind because as we know Pilots are not always the end all be all for a show.

    It was very good to see Beth (TWD) again and Shawn Ashmore from The Following.

    I am not saying you wont like the show but there are so many kick butt shows this season I am not sure this one is worth a DVR spot.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a good show with highs and lows some good stories some with so many plot holes that would make a grater blush.

    The reason I gave it a 3 is because Hayley Atwell if not her it would be a 1 star all the way.

    The writers on this show are making it political for some reason, they forgot that good writing attracts quality viewers but no this show has a point to make especially about race and gender, why can't it be a show with a strong female lead (like the Good Wife, Bones, How to Get Away with Murder and a few unmentioned other), why does it need to yet again use the victimization agenda of SJW, no more quality TV.

    I never understood why lately all the shows are trying to create racial tension I will never understand.

    Now to motivate why I say all of the above:

    Episode 1. Victim: Female Hispanic (dead); Wrong convict: Male Black (released); Real Convict: Male Hispanic (incarcerated); Theme: Male violence;

    Episode 2. Victim: Female Black (alive); Wrong convict: 2 Male White (2 released); Real Convict: Male White (incarcerated); Theme: Teen Male violence;

    Episode 3. Victim: Multiple Male Muslim (dead); Wrong convict: Male White (bigot, free speech blogger) (incarcerated); Real Convict: Female Muslim (incarcerated); Theme: Racist White Male, Muslim Woman Justice;

    Episode 4. Victim: Autistic Child (dead); Wrong convict: Woman White (released); Main Suspect: White Male Dad Real Convict: Child Female White (not sure); Theme: Moms that suffer with autistic kids;

    Episode 5. Victim: White Woman (dead); Wrong convict: (); Real Convict: 2 White Males (not sure); Theme: Gay duo killers;

    Episode 6. Victim: White Woman (dead); Wrong convict: Black Woman (released); Real Convict: White Male (not sure); Theme: BLM is not violent the whites are;

    Episode 7. Victim: White Male (dead); Wrong convict: White Male Mentally Challenged (released); Real Convict: White Woman (not sure); Theme: Manipulating a Mentally Challenged to do your bidding;

    Episode 8. Victim: White Female (alive); Wrong convict: White Male (released); Real Convict: White Male(dead), White Woman (incarcerated); Theme: White Fat Ugly Man are pedophiles and their mom loves them;

    Episode 9. Victim: White Male (dead); Wrong convict: White Male (dead); Real Convict: Not sure (not sure); Theme: Political corruption;

    Episode 10. Victim: White Male Rapist (dead); Wrong convict: White Woman (alive); Real Convict: Black Woman (not sure); Theme: All white Males are rapist and police does not investigate;

    Episode 11. Victim: Multiple Woman (dead); Wrong convict: White Man(dead); Real Convict: White Male (not sure);

    Make your own conclusions.
  • Elewis119529 October 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Hayley Atwell is fun. She plays the tough, but still has a heart, charming, not perfect but likable, leading lady quite well. The show is an interesting attempt at something slightly new, but only slightly.

    Haley's Mom is a senator and Dad is a former president now incarcerated (The Clinton comparison is impossible to miss). The show is all about the dynamics of the team, so much so that there's very little time left for investigation even though it's one of those law and order, investigate the case kind of things, the investigation aspect of the show is quite weak, with basically one, two minute "re-imagine the crime" and a few interviews, but it's basically handed to the audience with little suspense or mystery.

    Shawn Ashmore, who's usually very good, plays her conflicted #1 man and he's part self serving politician, part good guy, but it's not clear which side he's fully aligned with.

    Merrin Dungey plays a former cop with a strong sense of morals.

    Emily Kinney, the wide eyed youngster who almost believes everyone is innocent, in part because of her past of identifying the wrong person and putting them in jail.

    and Manny Montana plays a former convict who's part of the team (I forget why), but mostly just so they could have 5 people who are enormously different from each other.

    Add to that a loving brother, a tense and controlling senator for a mother, a cocaine conviction that was undone, and the implication that Haley is smarter than everyone, with just enough of a self-destructive streak that she still manages to get herself and others in trouble and a politician, who, for some reason, thinks that Hayley's team reviewing convictions will help him get elected someplace in the future.

    Basically it's a big hot mess where, you don't get the feeling that any of these people are friends, it's all about individuals with their own sense of morality and stuff not always working out, but there's enough personality on the screen that she show kind of works, at least, for now. It's hard to imagine anyone caring much of Hayley faces jail time or if she gets her politician who hired her kicked out of office, just because nobody really feels like they're in this together, it's all about "look how smart Hayley is".

    Still it's not the worst show on television. 4 shows in, it's watchable so far.
  • OK I am not sure if I have just fallen in love with the lead lady or if the show is really that good but I am going to say that I have fallen in love with this show it has been a bit more than hard to say goodbye to castle and the new replacement for it is fantastic though I am so happy with the new show I love the lead lady the action in the show is good and the plot moves nicely along with the show the way it is now it's not easy to find shows that are enteresting yet still fairly well clean and this is one of those shows however I am so happy to have found the show and have developed a crush on the lead her sassy yet sweet attitude is fanominal she's also very cleverly witted and simply adorable I am sure you will love it
  • Hayley Atwell was delightful as Agent Carter. Here she is thoroughly unlikable. Her character is a good time/bad girl former first child in the public spotlight. She takes a noble job for ignoble reasons and proceeds to live down to her reputation. The two ladies who produced/wrote this obviously have a political agenda to sell and it destroys any semblance of coherent plots and cripples the dialogue. Badly written and poorly acted, this series was doomed from the start. Do not waste your time.
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