Both the Morrison children are named for former Presidents: Rutherford B. Hayes (Hayley Atwell) and Andrew Jackson (Daniel Franzese).

Hayley Atwell and Shawn Ashmore have both played characters based on Marvel Comics characters, with Atwell playing the title character in Agent Carter and Ashmore playing Iceman in the X-Men films.

The character of Hayes's younger brother Jackson was originally conceived as the family's golden child, who also happens to be a top-end lawyer and extremely good looking. Daniel di Tomasso a Canadian actor and model was originally cast for the part. Later due to creative reasons the whole concept was changed and Daniel Franzese was recast as his replacement.

Initially the main character's name was reported as "Carter Morrison," which could have been a reference to Atwell's previous role as Peggy Carter. The character was renamed "Hayes Morrison" before the pilot was filmed.

Shawn Ashmore, Manny Montana, and Emily Kinney have all played characters on the FOX thriller series The Following (2013). Ashmore was a series regular for all three seasons and Montana (2015) and Kinney (2014) were one episode guest stars.

Merlin Dungey (Maxine), is the sister of ABC's Network President, Channing Dungey (the first black female network president).

Hayley Atwell signed on to this show after Marvel Television's Agent Carter was canceled.