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  • Karen K16 April 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Yet another CW show about 30-something teens where every conversation is a confrontation, where every character is so enamored of their "mad skills" and implied superiority it now transcends pathetic and is just plain boring, where the portrayal of under-aged drinking, promiscuous sex, and statutory rape is just standard operating procedure, where adults are so explicitly simple-minded, unaware, ignorant and un-involved it seems they were taken directly from a cell phone commercial, and where, apparently, millennial TV is devolving to at an alarming rate.
  • Someone recommended this show to my girlfriend. We both hate it, but she is committed to watching all of it, to give an honest critique back to her friend. And thus, so am I.

    8 episodes in, and here is my take.

    If you're 16, and are just beginning to watch and enjoy high school melodramas / teen movies and such, this is for you!

    For everyone else, save yourself the time and embarrassment of even knowing that this show exists and go watch 'American Beauty' again, or 'Freaks and Geeks', or 'Six Feet Under', or 'My So Called Life'.

    This show is trying so hard to be '13 Reasons Why', and failing miserably on all counts. Yes, I know, '13 Reasons Why' came afterwards, but the similarities are uncanny. ...Formulaic moody voice-over protagonist examining laughably cliché and shallow life-lessons at the start of each episode with an ongoing 'dark' mystery that I have literally no interest in discovering 'who the killer is'... ...This is, quite literally, the g-rated version of '13 Reason Why'. The baby brother that should have been aborted long ago.

    I'm hate watching this show just to laugh at how bad the writing is, and how over-the-top the actors are in reading the lines. I genuinely feel sorry for all of the cast involved, since they are all stunningly gorgeous, late 20-somethings, for what is supposed to be a high school drama.

    A lot of investment has gone into the production values, episode direction and 'Glee'-like songs, but that doesn't make up for the horribly predictable 1 bit characters.

    I guess, since this is based on a terribly banal comic strip, that I'm supposed to look the other way, and expect it to just be a skin- deep romp. Like watching the movie-version of 'Battleship', knowing, and accepting, that there isn't any real substance underlying the content of what the show is originally based off of.

    It's a shame really. I feel like this could have been something, had there been just ever so slightly a bit more comedy and charm worked into the characters. The only saving grace is Betty's gay best friend, who provides a strikingly blunt and hilarious perspective at times, and is seemingly always down to rave. He is a teen version of 'Elijah' from 'Girls'.

    Contrast him, with the main character Archie. ... Archie is the most hatable character, despite always having the smoothest things to say to work him out of the most terribly awkward situations. He never lies to anyone, but it's laughable how everyone fawns over his presence and excuses his poor decisions.

    For instance, one minor plot spoiler here... I find it really hard to watch and empathize with a high school football captain jock, who friend zones his smoking hot best friend while in the process of having a scandalous affair with his music teacher. Oh, and when his love triangle explodes, everyone gives him a pass with even his father basically patting him on the back and saying 'it's not your fault'. Really? It's not? Are you sure? Something feels terribly off about the entire ordeal.

    A. He's dating a teacher. While this has been done before in other shows, 'Boston Public' comes to mind... ...Here it feel very... very... wrong and superficial. In one episode he acknowledges that he's just having fun with her and celebrating the present with little regard to what repercussions their relationship may have on his family/friends/her career. In the next, he's demanding commitment, and then parting ways with her while gifting her a cello string.

    I guess, we're supposed to roll our eyes and accept it. But there's something very cringe-worthy in doing that, as it is with so many other aspects of this show (such as, watching cheerleaders twerk to a hiphop remixed song of 'sugar sugar').

    There's a very no-good, terrible vibe, underlying this entire show, Laughing off very real subjects with terrible dialogue, predictable plot twists, and glitzy dance numbers.

    ...And now I've written too much about a show that isn't worth my spit. If you are absolutely desperate to watch a CW high school melodrama, ditch this and go watch Reaper.
  • A lot of the reviews on here seemed to be from Archie fans, so I thought I'd share my perspective; I've only ever read a couple of the comics.

    From what I saw in the first episode, this series seems promising. Riverdale seems to be superior to other shows from the CW in a number of aspects. The first thing I noticed was decent cinematography, the shots were beautiful but not in your face. The performances also seemed to be consistently good throughout the cast, with Lili Reinhart and Luke Perry (surprisingly) being the standouts from the episode. The story line is intriguing, and the dialogue is a little better than some other CW shows. However the show does exhibit a fair amount of clinches and a sense of predictability. All in all, Riverdale seems promising and I'm definitely looking forward to the next episode!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I knew going dark on the Archie Comics would be a bad idea, I just didn't know it would suck this much.

    This show is Dawson's Creek meets Scream Queens meets every other High School drama that ever existed, it's as if someone decided to take every single clichéd teenage character out there and put it together in a story about a small town murder.

    It has the cheerleaders, the football players, the loner blogger, the gay best friend, the "in the down low" gay football player, the love triangle, the queen bee, the out of towner, the repressed teen who has been a goody two shoes trying to "be herself"... Jesus Christ, do TV writers think viewers have an IQ of 3 or something? How pathetic of an attempt to adapt a story this was? Did the director's cousin wrote this? Can the producers get their money back? Can I get an hour wasted watching this back?

    And to top it all of, they just had to do this like Gossip Girl and MTV's SCREAM, where someone is narrating the story because the target audience is to freaking stupid to follow a basic story line. Although there wasn't a story line to follow, and maybe Jughead was just trying to narrate to make this stupid story seem lest boring and less pathetic, but nothing could save this boat load of crap.

    I remember the old Archie comics and maybe because they were cheesy they haven't been brought to the screen properly, but that definitely does not mean to take this story and make it this freaking dark. I mean, what's next, a Live-Action Scooby Doo series Law & order style with theft, rape and murder?

    This is so bad I rather be hammered over the head with the "Josie and the Pussycats" live-action movie again.
  • retepswag20 February 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I found Riverdale to be a hugely disappointing TV show. I started watching it following a friend's recommendation, but I warn everyone who is fortunate enough to read my review before it's too late; do not watch this show. I will help you out by outlining a few of the reasons why you want to avoid Riverdale.

    The main issue with Riverdale is the way it deals with its two main story lines: the murder of Jason Blossom and the incredibly unrealistic love rectangle involving Archie, Veronica, Betty and Geraldine Grumby. When I started watching Riverdale, I was hoping for the main focus to be on the murder mystery, however the truth is that the writers prefer to devote most of the plot time to Archie's teen high school crushes. Most of all, I hate the way every female character in the show instantly falls in love with Archie. I can't fathom why this is the case considering he is probably the most boring character in the Riverdale universe. He is literally a whiny bitch who we are apparently supposed to root for because of his "great" body and passion for music, even though none of the songs he writes are even mildly impressive. My dislike of Archie further stems from the way he treats his supposed best friend Betty. Almost immediately after Betty confesses that she has feelings for Archie, he goes in a locker with their mutual friend and makes out with her when he could have either left the party or just pretended to go along with it. It's also just totally stupid because Archie, who is 15 BTW, apparently loves his music teacher: Mrs Grumby. Confused? So am I... What's disappointing is that all of the time wasted on these love triangles and angsty romances that belong in Twilight and The Vampire Diaries could have been spent on developing an original and interesting murder mystery. It has gotten to the point where I hardly care who killed Jason anymore. I think that one major improvement to the story would have been if they had gone into more detail about Jason's past (perhaps through flashbacks) to pique the viewer's interest.

    Other issues with Riverdale are more minor, although collectively they are sufficient to drive me away from the show. Firstly, all of the actors on the show are way too old for the roles they are playing. I know that it is standard procedure for adults to play teenage roles in most TV series, but most of them honestly look like they are in their late twenties. Secondly, the romance between Archie and the music teacher is technically rape, yet the writers almost seem to romanticize it. Kind of creepy to be honest. Lastly, as someone else mentioned on here, the show just feels incredibly cliché. Just like in every Young Adult adaptation, there is the "Mean girl", the gay best friend, the jock and endless love triangles. Wow the writers were creative with this one!

    I know you will probably dismiss me as a hater after seeing the overwhelming number of positive reviews for this show on IMDb. My explanation for this however is that the expectations and standard of TV shows has seriously decreased in recent years. In the past, there were brilliant shows such as Lost and Buffy that brought new premises to television and were genuinely entertaining to watch. Now it seems every show uses the same plot, with a slightly different spin, and resorts to using eye candy to hook in viewers. I just hope this trend eventually ends.

    Anyway, just don't waste your time with Riverdale. You will have seen it all before on some other trashy show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Not sure why they named it after the Archie comic book universe. They could have called it Dawson's Creek, the Next Generation and it would have worked the same.

    So you have the same love triangle, the oversexed teenagers, a murder mystery, dysfunctional families, and the school yard politics. Not really akin to the happy go lucky Archie comic books at all. There is no humor at all in this show, so don't expect it. I really don't see the reason for the Archie reference other than the writers couldn't think up names for their characters so they just defaulted to a comic book lying on their desk. You can't have Archie sleeping with Ms.Grundy and expect Archie fans to like it. It's like Harry Potter sleeping with McGonagall. It's just too far off.
  • The Archie Comics that originated in the 1940s were rated "G" for Goofy. Maybe not as goofy as "Scooby Doo", but it was a wholesome (you might say "square") universe. A version of "Archie" was even in bubble gum wrappers for a couple of years.

    The universe of "Riverdale" is darker, promising that if you look closer, you can see the "shadows underneath". Sounds like "Twin Peaks".

    The show features the characters we expect, but they are multi-dimensional, with problems and desires and secrets. Archie sees himself as flawed, but he wants to make music his life and vocation. Betty (his best friend) sees herself as inadequate, but she wants Archie to be more than a friend. Veronica (who just moved to Riverdale), sees herself as plagued by family history and publicity, but she wants to become a better person.

    The show is very well cast. Each actor inhabits his character.

    In the first episode, various secrets are alluded to, promising even more complications and conflicts than were revealed in the first installment.

    Many standard themes of teen dramas are also part of this show, which may make it feel like home for some viewers. Others may grow weary of the usual tropes: the mean head cheerleader, the gay best friend, the closeted gay jock, the handsome athletic main character, the first day at the new school for the outsider. "Glee" explored many of them. And some of them date back to the forties, when Andy Hardy (the original inspiration for Archie comics) entertained us all with his teenage dramas. The show embraces them and even makes fun of them.

    The first episode moves quickly, but not so quickly that viewers cannot follow. The foundation is in place for later episodes that can deliver a deliciously dark story that will entertain and allow its actors to blossom in their roles.
  • theblabla24525 March 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is a complete mess. Season 1 was watchable. I'll give it that. It sort of had you asking who this killer was, some of the characters were interesting, it had enough to keep you going. Then Season 2 rolls around and I have to ask, what the actual ****?

    Season 2 is all over the place and it ruins any credibility that Season 1 had built up. The plot is all over the place. We are trying to find another killer but then discover who it is not even half way through the season in a very lackluster way.

    The character change opinions and personalities more than I change socks. Jughead goes from "I hate the Serpents!" To going through a grueling task to join them the very next episode and then goes from the voice of reason to literally skinning a woman's arm well she is alive and not even showing any kind of emotion. In what? Two days someone went from "we need to help everyone!" to "hold her down, I'm gonna cut off her skin!" Kevin goes from openly gay flamboyant guy who is kissing people in public in Season 1 to apparently the entire town going homophobic in Season 2 and Kevin needing to hide in the woods at night to even touch a mans hand, all to raise the stakes of who might be killed next. Then Betty and her brother have this honestly cringe worthy bit where they try to discover the cause of this "inner-darkness." like it's fricken hereditary or something.

    That aside, the next thing that makes this show unwatchable is the editing. It jumps EVERYWHERE! One episode was set up like this:

    Archie and Veronica talk for 20 seconds, Betty says she is going to visit her brother (5 second scene), Jughead tries to phone betty (15 second scene), jump back to Archie and Veronica talking for about 20 seconds, jump to Kevin getting into trouble (10 second scene), jump back to Archie and Veronica surprising Fred for about 30 seconds, jump back to Betty walking into a hall to see her brother being beaten, back to Jughead talking about Betty, Fred acts surprised, jump back to Betty saving her brother.

    You see where I'm going with this? In about 2 minutes you have about 40 scenes. They cut everything into little tiny bits then stretch it the entire 45 minutes as a poor attempt at creating suspense. I'd much rather see the scenes in full. Instead of jumping 20 times back to Betty and her brother for 15 seconds at a time, how about have two scenes lasting 3 minutes each. that way the viewers aren't being tossed back and forth between scenes and given no time to remember what was happening.

    It's a mess. Rolling through plots like no tomorrow, characters that behave and change like a damn mood ring, and editing that makes a porno seem Oscar worthy.
  • preppy-327 January 2017
    A dark live action adaptation of the Archie comic books. All the characters from the comic are here--Archie, Reggie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl Blossom, Kevin Kellar...but there are differences. Archie is pumped up and muscular in this one a far cry from the comic. Ms. Grundy is an old ugly teacher in the comic--here she's young and hot. Kellar has blond hair and blue eyes in the comic--here he was dark hair and eyes. Also it seems Moose here is gay or at least bisexual. There's also no humor in this one. It's DARK dealing with mostly murder and sex. It moves fairly quick, the cast is young, attractive and can act. Honestly I was never bored. Worth seeing.
  • Impressive character concept from both the Archie and Josie and the Pussycats comic books mixes the picturesque small town of Riverdale with all the original cartoon characters from these two favorite Americana nostalgia period. This series has so many interesting characters residing in small town Riverdale that attend high school at Riverdale High and as any group of hormone charged teenagers competing on the football field, arts and music and with math and science, the birds and bees and romance in the air these teenagers simply want to be liked.

    If you are a purist who enjoyed the Archie comic books, Josie and the Pussycats comic books, or the circa 1968-1970 Saturday morning cartoon shows of the same name, then this series Riverdale is not for you.

    This is certainly a PG rated series and not for the pre-teen cartoon loving audience. Betty Cooper played by Lili Reinhart is picture perfect as the innocent blonde virgin vying for her childhood sweetheart Archie Andrews attention and he is also who she wants for her first love. Archie the redhead is played by K.J. Apa and he is not the innocent young teenager that Betty Cooper thinks he is since they grew up together in picturesque Riverdale.

    Then we have the newly appointed vixen who just arrived in town from New York city, Veronica Lodge played superbly by Camila Mendes. Veronica is living with mother Hermione Lodge played by Marisol Nichols and they were forced to move out of the big apple New York because Hermione's ex- husband has been publicly proclaimed the biggest fraudster in the state of New York. Now Veronica who has always grown up filthy rich in New York comes down from the high clouds in New York city and she realizes now that she must tone down her extravagant spending habits and social climbing to live within hers and her mothers more realistic means in Riverdale. Veronica Lodge has found her first true friend in the shy but beautiful Betty Cooper. Veronica is willing to try and expose Betty to the ways and means to trap a man, and also how to get on to the Riverdale High cheerleading squad.

    Of course Riverdale has all the other characters we grew up loving such as music teacher Ms. Grundy, although in this series Ms. Grundy played by Sarah Habel is very hot and horny. There is also Jughead Jones, Big Moose Mason, Dilton Doiley and Josie and her Pussycats. On top of this young and fresh cast, the producers were smart enough to bring in some more established heart throbs from previous successful drama series such as Luke Perry who plays Archie Andrews father Fred, who is divorced and single and trying hard to run his own construction business. Betty Cooper's parents Alica and Hal Cooper are played by seasoned actors Madchen Amick and Lochlyn Munro.

    There are some interesting story lines such as the rich red head Blossom twins who go out on the water in a row boat but only Penelope Blossom returns as apparently her brother fell out of the boat only to be taken away by the swift current. In this series which takes place in 2017 you have characters Big Moose Mason (Cody Kearsley) and Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) enjoying each others company as any two gay lovers would in today's more realistic society. I found the varying story lines and abundance of characters from the original animated books and Saturday morning cartoons quite enjoyable. Kudos to the writers, directors and producers who took the risk in blending characters and a small town atmosphere like Riverdale from a simpler period in life to the more complex world we live in today.

    I give the series pilot an 8 out of 10 rating with much potential.
  • But in case you haven't been paying attention lately. The comic books aren't your 1950s Archie either any more. Archie, Jughead and the rest of the gang have been updated and dropped into the "real" world both in the comics and now on television.

    I was never much of an Archie fan, leaning more towards the superhero and horror genres when I was younger, but I was aware of Archie on the periphery of my comic book reading habits. Occasionally I'd read a book or two but they never struck me as something I wanted to read regularly. So when this series was announced I went in with a little bias and actually didn't want to like it. I had too many shows competing for my time as it was. But I decided to give it a shot. I wanted to see what this updated, teen drama Archie had to offer.

    Immediately, with the murder mystery I started getting a Rob Thomas Veronica Mars vibe from it and that is not a bad thing. Riverdale was suddenly layered and mysterious, yet still filled with characters you knew from Archie and Betty, to Pops and the Pussycats. These were people you could identify with with actual personalities beyond the pulp four color comic book world you remember them from. And they were eyeball deep in a mystery that had real consequences. And we got to learn about not just the "gang", but also their parents and some periphery characters that were rarely touched on in the comics. And best of all, the goofy sidekick Jughead is a much more interesting character and the narrator of the series showing him to be an intelligent person far beyond the hamburger munching cartoon of a character he is in the books.

    I have just finished the season finale and look forward to the next season. It far exceeded my expectations.
  • radiahrivu7 February 2017
    I am a die hard fan of the comic series and I know the characters in and out from the comic books. So initially I was disappointed to see the characters being slightly played from a different perspective but the show grows into you. If you love Archies, you cannot at any cost avoid this show. Its different but has certain essential elements from the Archies and I urge viewers to watch it with an open mind. I must admit that the casting has been phenomenal. The acting is great though I expected better from the character Jughead.The storyline is promising. Its obligatory to watch the show because as an advent fan of Archies you would definitely want to see the characters in real life.
  • zachglad3 February 2017
    Honestly to sum it up pretty quickly: this could seriously be any horrible CW teen drama with the names switched out. Literally just a bad show wearing Archie's skin. There's no actual reason this has to be an Archie show. The pacing is awful, the characters are dull and flat, the mystery is boring, the show takes itself way too seriously, and above all it's just ripping off Twin Peaks minus all the interesting bits. I fail to see why this had to be made or why we have to keep getting these washed up shitty teen dramas. Not all teenagers are this attractive or look like they're in their late 20s. I feel like these teen dramas are just a weird color by the numbers sort of thing. Like you need a sex scandal, a murder, at least one crying teen per episode, something about drugs, a really moody character, everyone has to be extremely attractive, lots of underage sex for some reason, and of course nobody actually looks their age. IMDb made me stretch this out to ten lines, but all in all the show is complete trash.
  • I have never read or even read the Archie comic books , so this review is based only the TV series

    Riverdale is a dark , mysterious story about who-dun-it the murder of a teenager that claimed to be drowned in the river of a kinda- remote village Riverdale.

    It has flaws , but the story line is interesting enough for me to follow this series. It has some cliché , an exhausting drama , unnecessary and lame romance and average directing and acting but the story is quiet interesting. There are a lot of twist and turn throughout the series. There's a saying "A good directing , acting and production doesn't make a good story" and in this case is the other way around. The story is the upside of this series ( The directing and acting it's not bad , but it's not good either ). Riverdale is a bit like The Killing , but from the social-circle of the victim's perspective.

    Riverdale's quality is not in a True Detective or Fargo class , but it's worth the shot. 8/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Riverdale is basically a harder-hitting Teen Wolf, imo. The biggest problem comes with the way they handle the relationship Archie has with his teacher. The writers don't seem brave enough to use the term "statutory rape" even when they are more than willing to have characters call out slut-shaming. It feels inconsistent, one minute they're trying to address important issues, the next they're making awful jokes about gay people. the thing that was a deal-breaker for me was the handling of Archie and his teacher, miss grundy, who is a good 20 years older than Archie. Although archie's dad tells him it's "not his fault" in the last few minutes of ep 4, his friends constantly tell him how much trouble he's in for being ~in a relationship~ with his teacher, rather than being horrified that their teacher is raping their 15- year-old best friend. The fact that they have archie and his teacher make out several times and have a sex scene as well in a steamy car is creepy, because they shoot these scenes like regular love scenes, with sexy music and everything. For me it's even worse because the actor is still a teenager and the actress is in her mid thirties.

    Some people might be able to stomach that and watch the show fine, and might enjoy it especially if they like teen wolf and similar shows as the characters are moderately likable even if they are stereotypes, but i think a lot of other abuse survivors would find the handling of archie's rape very triggering so this is just a heads-up.
  • tanianic26 January 2017
    Please do not watch this if you have any love for the original comics! If the first episode is any indication, this series will horrify those looking for anything resembling the original characters and plot. The show appears to be the result of someone coming up with a trashy plot with just enough sex and LGBT moments to be eye-catching to the modern day TV connoisseur, but couldn't get any where with it until they took the characters from a classic comic. The very basic, bare minimum requirements for it to still be considered Archie are met, but I cannot imagine where the rest of it came from. I know its the CW, but it's Archie for Pete's sake!
  • furryoldman8 February 2017
    I wish I could be positive. I wish there was one redeeming thing about this. I wish I could tell you there was something worth seeing here. But nothing is going to save this lead balloon. Rerunning it on another day isn't going to do it either. Totally shallow and ugly take on Archie and the crew, bad acting, poor character development, nothing redeeming whatsoever. The hacks that came up with this idea, along with whoever approved it for production should all be in an unemployment line, with orders not to return to television. Worst I've seen in a long time. I predict it will have almost zero viewers after introduction, and will be pulled within weeks.
  • ARCHIE comic books were enjoyable reading for children preteen and younger cheerfully fantasizing about what our teen years would be like. This current RIVERDALE prime time soap has turned our beloved comic books (and later Saturday morning cartoon series) into something hateful in no way resembling the comics we all loved as children. Perhaps Melissa Joan Hart should reprise her role as Teen Witch Sabrina (an Archie spin off character) and visit Riverdale turning it back into the idyllic town we all loved. We can only hope for that as a great series finale.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There are hints of SJW battle cries in the first two episodes, but by the third episode, the Guy Fawkes masks are off and you are subjected to the full onslaught of irrational nonsense that make up 97% of SJW's world. While demanding that we respect and never objectify women, the director/writers/producers objectify their women cast members, both in this specific episode and the entire series. Typical jock is dumb, man is dumb, woman are always victims, separate out by race, place race cards every chance you get, pit races against each other, pit classes against each other.

    If MSNBC wrote a show for the CW, this would be it. Remember the days when Smallville tried to keep us out of the current events, give us an escape from the constant social media hysteria? Well this is the exact opposite, they even call out their own hashtags in the show. Wow

    There is no deep thought here, there is nothing but the hypocrisy of the SJW movement on full display. Too bad too, because the story could have been told without any of it, and it could be gripping. So much cliché, so much cringe, so much preaching.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Unfortunately this is not remotely close to the original spirit of the comics... and the characters where changed (in some cases dramatically) to pander to certain ethic groups and orientations. While the idea was mildly interesting,it's execution is extremely poor. If you removed the 5 obvious people of color in the first episode (only one of them male, BTW), you could have called it the Vampire diaries 2, with no loss.

    I used to love Josie & The Pussycats. But the movie they made recently blew ( ) and this version is just as bad because there is no *rock music*. There are plenty of good female rock artists you could find if you bothered to look. ( with the exception of Amy-lee who is pure auto-tune this list is a start -> )

    So in short this is just another series that is trying to use the Reputation of the concept it is based on, to get viewers to accept there are no ethnic people in Riverdale. (unless they are female or Hired from god knows where to coach the team.) While trying to make it dark and serious, far from it's actual source material. And you still wonder why teens have mental health issues today? Do your loved ones a favor change the channel or turn it off, you'll be healthier for it. >.<
  • zurkida4 May 2018
    First season pretty good, second season is cheesy crap - especially all the south side trying to be tough, terrible acting and makes me laugh when trying to be tough. Unfortunately can't watch this crap anymore.
  • Armando Lopez4 March 2017
    trash. Probably the saddest thing is that it completely destroys an innocent and funny comic from the 50's The story is bad, overacted, hyper sexual. Today it is almost impossible to find young people to read so that maybe in the youth of the USA is successful. For those of us of a generation who knew and read the comic is simply an insult
  • I already know this show is going to be hailed as the best show of 2017, and that's a load of bs. This show is so awful and cringeworthy. This show contains horrible lines like "Can't we just liberate ourselves from the tired dichotomy of jock, artist. Can't we, in this post– James Franco world, be all things at once?". Like literally none of that makes any sense. This show tries to market itself as really progressive, but with the exception of Veronica, all of the characters of color are only in a few episodes. The writing is terrible and all the relationships are extremely forced, the worst of all being Betty and Jughead, who have literally no chemistry. Jughead is also one of the most annoying TV characters in recent memory. God, I hate this show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    From the previews I was Not expecting the characters from the comics. I started watching the first episode, when they mentioned the Blossoms I looked up the cast and it was a total disappointment. In the comics Josie is a red head, Melody is a blonde airhead,

    Miss Grundy is a W.A.C. (Women's Army Corp) Officer and a Veteran. This is only some of the problems I have with this. They should never have called this Riverdale or had any of the characters from the comics. This is a disgrace to the Archie brand. The best way to watch this is to forget it has any connection to the real Archie and the real Riverdale.
  • jagspwn27 January 2017
    Dawson's Creek meets Twin Peaks in a rehashed montage of every possible teenage cliché, from the faux-lesbian cheerleader kiss to the sickening teacher-having-sex-with-a-minor story line, to the dark, brooding, and mysterious blogger uttering useless, redundant banalities worthy of Saved By the Bell. I hate to think that the dreck like this is holding back the release of the underrated, under-appreciated iZombie.

    And don't forget the entire epically failed love triangle, which looms large in this smaller-than-life mockumentary.

    Riverdale? Should have called it Riverdance: The Hemorrhoidal Teen Years.
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