• WARNING: Spoilers

    This is the story of Moses, pretty close to the biblical version but somewhat magnified and extended. No matter, it all fits in very well, all 226 episodes of it. It starts, as one might suppose with the story of Pharaoh Seti having all the male children killed. One is saved which is Moses who is adopted by the Pharaoh's daughter. Over years of blissful ignorance, he eventually learns the truth of his history and how he is related to all the slaves he has been governing. Eventually he can stomach this no more and in his rage, kills an Egyptian official he finds mercilessly whipping a Hebrew slave and then, knowing the punishment for this is death, he flees Egypt, ultimately ending up in a small town called Midian and finding shelter with the Priest called Jethro. Jethro has 7 daughters and Moses marries the eldest, Zippora. He learns to be a shepherd and with Jethro's leading, a follower of God. Eventually it also leads him to finding the burning bush when God tells him he is to lead the Hebrew nation out of slavery in Egypt. Returning to Egypt, he finds that Ramses is now on the throne and has become a tyrant. Thus his repeated audiences with his old friend are unproductive and as a result of Ramses' punishment of the slaves as a result, God visits upon the nation of Egypt, ten plagues that included water turning to blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and finally, the killing of firstborn children. This is the last straw and Ramses finally relents and lets the Hebrews go. But some days later, he relents again and takes his army after the Hebrews to bring them back to Egypt. But they are at the Red Sea and unable to proceed until God parts the waters and lets the Hebrew nation through to the other side. Ramses orders his army to go after them but God lets the waters down and the entire army is destroyed. Thereafter, the Hebrews walk through the desert for years, sustaining them first with manna every morning and then with great flocks of quail when they pined for meat. During their Journey, they get to the foot of Mount Sinai where Moses meets with God and is given the 10 commandments carved in stone to take to the people. He is also instructed to start writing the history of the Hebrew nation. His father-in-law Jethro comes to visit with his wife and gives him more sage advice about how he is trying to run things, being all things to all the people and getting exhausted. Eventually they make it to the borders of the Promised Land but Moses time has come to die although he walks up the mountain to God and is taken up into heaven. He leaves Joshua to take his place as leader.