One of the key filming locations used for principal photography was Panshanger Aerodrome in Hertfordshire, UK. The airfield was operational during World War II and the aircraft hangars and other buildings pictured in Z.A.F. date back to this period. As a result of a decision by the local authority in 2014 to build houses on the land, the airfield, which had remained in private use since the late 1950s, was closed and all buildings demolished. Z.A.F. was the last film to be made at the site.

Premiered October 2015 at Mexico's Postmortem International Horror and Bizarre Film Festival.

The whole movie, including sound, was shot entirely using a home video camera.

Z.A.F. received its North American Premiere at the GenreBlast Festival in August 2016, where Michael Fausti was nominated for the award of Best Actor for his role of Olson.

Won the Audience Award for Best Short Film at Brazil's MAC Underground Film Festival.