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  • Felix is decent, but the production itself really lacks. It feels a bit like scare tactics only not as good.. in fact I'm pretty sure I spotted a few people in it who were also in Scare Tactics. If you have youtube red then it might be worth it just to pass the time on a boring day but otherwise I would avoid it and just was his other videos.

    The only things I did enjoy a little bit is when they had guest on to help Felix out.

    I will also say that some of this stuff is obviously scripted, there is a portion where they have Felix talking to himself over the sound system and he responds.. there's no way it could be a "reality" show if you have pre-scripted/pre-recorded moments talking with yourself.
  • Dear Youtube,


    Yours truly,

    Eduardo Ramos.
  • tyler06309718 February 2016
    The title of the series basically explains how it works. PewDiePie is put through situations which involve certain tasks and will usually have some sort of scare tactic with it. I was only able to see one full episode, but from that one episode, I knew just how the rest would be. This is like that TV Show you see Ads for that looks interesting. So you watch one episode, say you thought it was entertaining, then never watch it again. They could've taken this a different way, but instead it's just 20 minutes of pewdiepie in different scenarios getting freaked out and him screaming in both English and Swedish. If you're a hardcore pewdiepie fan, and don't have netflix or any other streaming service, then go for spending $10 a month to watch these. If you have netflix, hulu, or any other streaming service, stick to those. I thought this was okay. If I had to, I'd watch another one. But to be honest, it could've been better.
  • It's sold as a scary show, but it fails when it comes to acting, script writing and almost everything it was supposed to be. "A Scary Show". There are cameras and people everywhere while Felix pretends to be alone and confused. He screams at what seems to be low budget monsters. Sadly it's not even funny.

    They make it to looks like he doesn't know what comes next, but nothing fits with it leaving us with nothing but disappointment.

    That said, If Felix do something like that again but as the director, I'd watch it. He's the best entertainer youtube ever had. Any of his videos are better than this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Scare Pewdiepie is a new format that is exclusively shown on Youtube Red. Luckily episode 7 is available for free, which is what this review is based on.

    The concept of the show is to recreate scenarios from horror games in real life sets, including effects and actors. Youtuber Pewdiepie is then presented with a number of tasks that he has to fulfill.

    The concept is simple, but has lots of potential! However, at least the one episode that was available for free does fall flat in some important aspects.

    The most important one for me, is that there is no "real" fear or real emotion involved anywhere. Obviously the star knew that something was going to be filmed, and walking through a dark hospital corridor full of extras is not exactly fear factor material.

    To me it was like watching someone walking awkwardly through a live play or something similar. It was very weird.

    I think this show could have been very enjoyable if Felix would have been put into situations that truly scare him.

    I would watch the rest of the episodes, if you-tube red were available in my country. Maybe this particular episode was not representative of the whole show.

    But unfortunately I couldn't even spend money on that show if I wanted to. If artificially narrowing their audience like that is a good strategy remains to be seen.
  • guillermoprieto423 March 2016
    PewDiePie is the most subscribed YouTuber of all time, but that doesn't mean that everything he makes is flawless. Although many people in the world like his content(I do honestly). But this mess of a show has gone way too far.The ENTIRE SHOW is just screaming and cursing for comedic effect, but it doesn't work. I paid to see this show, and I thought it would be ACTUALLY good since I enjoy watching PewDiePie. I really don't recommend this atrocity and it's best to skip it. I guess YouTube Red movies like "Lazer Team" and "Unicorn Island" were actually OK, so please, even if you are a fan of PewDiePie, you probably won't like the show.
  • I will only say, yes, it is fun to watch but its not way more fun then PewDiePies normal gameplaying videos. I wont say review anything stupid like storyline because that is not important here so I will only talk about the production. I actually liked the first episode til I saw that in some cases, there wasn't even a roof in the "sceneries" he went into. It was a studio which I get, yes, even though it wouldn't be hard to fit a warehouse with these things which they, kind off do later on the show, I get the fact that it might be in a studio but still, with that good sceneries, they could've made it feel better. But small things like this make you watch the show, not with a mind thinking "wow, thats so authentic" and neither thinking "this is soooo fake" but rather find yourself wondering how authentic it is, watching the show thinking "hmm, was this a genuine reaction, it seemed that way, is he still convinced its real or has he realized the "show" has started because that reaction felt fake?" or "Does he now this act is real or fake". I give it a 6 because it is fun nonetheless but has a lot of room for development. Maybe season 2?
  • I saw the rating before watching it and i thought it's probably from the haters.he has a lot of them.I love Pewdiepie so i thought i would enjoy the show.but it was kinda boring to be honest.His reaction seemed fake and the show wasn't very scary.Im also ignoring the fact that they're making you pay that much for a 20 min show.Also I know that adults enjoy his contents but lets be real most of his fans are under 18.They wouldn't be able to pay that much and even if they pay for it, the content should worth it.I don't think i enjoyed any of those episodes,except the one with Mark which was kinda good.So if you're one of those people who are dying to watch the show,Im gonna tell you just don't it's not worth the money.
  • "Scare Pewdiepie" is the natural product of the Internet's obsession with reaction videos, of our willingness to waste hours of our lives watching other people be shocked, joyful, sad, or scared.

    The show's conceit is that, for ten episodes, you get to watch YouTube celebrity Felix Kjellberg get scared by a variety of artificial haunted house setups intended to shock him or gross him out. Except most of these situations don't scare him so much as startle him.

    They don't creep him out or frighten him, they merely provide a series of unending and uncreative jump scares. In four of the episodes -- the first, second, eighth, and tenth -- the producers don't even bother trying to scare him at all. The first and tenth episodes are essentially con man schemes, with the producers tricking him into believing he's either attending a doctor's visit or a wrap party before shocking him with weird characters, twists, or events, while the second and eighth episodes place Pewdiepie in an "Alien: Isolation"-esque environment and a mock-"Call of Duty" game, respectively. Points to the second episode are warranted, however, because although it isn't frightening for him, it's one of the only episodes that truly feels like he's living a video game.

    If that was the goal of the entire show, then most of the other episodes fail miserably. The rest, particularly the third and fourth, feel too much like walking through a haunted house, which would be entertaining if anything was intended to scare the audience.

    Watching Felix traverse these dull, repetitive horror mazes on his own would be torturously boring were it not for the infrequent guest star. It's no coincidence that the show's most fun, most entertaining, and most effective episodes are episode 2, "We're Not Alone," featuring Markiplier, and episode 6, "The Ultimate Hang," featuring Arin from Gamegrumps and Matpat from The Game Theorists. (Yes, I know I said episode 2 wasn't scary, but it was more entertaining than the scary ones.)

    Felix wandering around alone in these episodes is like watching Lou Costello aimlessly stroll through an Abbott and Costello movie without Abbott. Pewdiepie is naturally goofy and silly, but he's also terrible at video games, and having someone around to call him out on his s--- feels essential to the show's structure. When a season 2 gets made, I would only tune in if there was a guest star in every episode because without that banter, it really is just one 20-minute reaction video after another, with very little innovation or attempts at comedy.

    I could go on and complain about the repetitive episode structure, the bad acting, the lame visual effects, or the lack of consequences for Pewdiepie's constant f---uppery. But you know if you want to watch this show. It's called "Scare Pewdiepie." If you don't already like him as an entertainer, then there's nothing here for you.

    This was made exclusively for Pewdiepie fans, and its second and sixth episodes are genuinely excellent. One just wishes they put more thought and care into the production, and didn't rely so much on the title. Because as Felix himself says in the fourth episode, it's not really "Scare Pewdiepie" as much as it's "Mindfuck Pewdiepie," and when your namesake star starts smelling the bulls---, you know something's gone wrong.
  • mainly directed for pewdiepie fans\lovers, or prank video lovers, this show revolves around the youtuber Felix Kjellberg better known as pewdiepie.

    pewdiepie became famous due to his very entertaining YouTube videos where he records himself playing and reacting to various video games. his 42 million subscribers speak for themselves.

    anyhoo, this show takes pewdiepie outside his comfort zone and places him in real life directed and acted out situations where the games he usually play come to life.

    in my opinion, the writers of the show failed to realize the essence of pewdiepie. this show is directed and written more like a prank show, where pewdiepie is inserted into a situation without any preparation and then just being scared and jump-scared, which is very funny but can get boring after a while.

    my main issue with the show is that pewds was treated a bit like an idiot who is passed around from one situation to another. admit-ably, and self proclaimed, pewds is not the sharpest tool in the box, but he is the number one youtuber by far. that means he is an expert in getting views, much more than any of the writers of the show. pewds has much much more to offer and its too bad that the producers failed to see that.

    nonetheless, pewds is the best and i think everybody should at least try one or two episodes because of his amazing and funny personality that makes it a great fun for us to go through all these adventures with him
  • a complete utter boring waste of time. i know this guy is famous on YouTube, but why YouTube red would decide to finance this load of crap boggles my mind. i could hardly sit through two full episodes and don't plan on watching any of the other ones. extremely boring and not funny in the least bit. only for true pewdiepie fans, who are probably just as dull and boring as this show. i wish i could give it zero stars for making me suffer through two episodes! i hope YouTube red has better shows than this turd in the works.
  • I joined the one month free YouTube red subscription to watch it and it didn't let me down, it was fun to watch a grown man scream and was generally entertaining. Some parts were a little dull but over all it was really great. The biggest down fall to this series it that it's on YouTube red and YouTube red is a money grab from YouTube, this series would have been so much better if it was free like all of pewdiepie's other content, although in saying that the production value in scare pewdiepie was great so I imagine it would have cost a lot to make so it's understandable that they would want to make some of that money back
  • This show "Scare PewDiePie" is the laziest 'show' I've seen in quite a while. This would be a whole lot better if it weren't so fake. Like most reality shows they are trying to trick the audience into believing this real, that PewDiePie doesn't know everything that they are going to do. This DOESN'T WORK on this show! Seriously, it's about scaring a YouTuber and putting him in scary scenarios (sometimes video game related). This isn't like 'Operation Repo' where it's entertaining to watch, whether it is real or not. Scare Pewdiepie might be fun to watch if it wasn't all scripted, and even if it was scripted, HIRE BETTER ACTORS - this show is made for 10 year olds (not a joke)
  • I'm a bro of Pewdiepie/Felix's channel on YouTube as well as a subscriber. When I found out that he was doing this Scare Pewdiepie show I was excited. Unfortunately the show let me down big time. Scare Pewdiepie is basically the show 'Scare Tactics' but they scare the same person 10 times and tell him he's going to be scared beforehand.The scares are just too weak when the victim knows they're coming. Another big problem I had was the fact that there are camera's everywhere. There's a camera strapped to Pewds the whole time, camera's placed around the room and even camera men in certain shots standing 3 feet from Felix. How can you scare someone when they have all this crap in their face reminding them that it's all fabricated. In one episode you can see that they're filming in some sort of warehouse with lighting and that the walls aren't even part of an actual building just staged. If you can see it on camera you know Pewds is seeing even more. Then there's the cameos which feel forced just to bring in more of the YouTube community and make the scares even less frightening/realistic. I honestly have nothing good to say about this series and feel YouTube only did it to get people to sign up for their new YouTube Red subscription service. I hope Pewds sticks to what he's good at because I really do like his lets plays but this was awful.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was extremely disappointing. As a Pewdiepie fan I was expecting something of a decent quality but unfortunately this didn't meet that expectation.

    The whole production was poor. In some of the sets you could see the cameras, lights, wires etc above the set. The sets looked cheap and the costumes were awful.

    It felt extremely fake even Pewdiepies reactions. It was advertised as a horror/reality series but it didn't hit the mark. I know the whole point of the show was to see his reactions to the 'games' but even they seemed put on. The show was over the top and unbelievable.

    I couldn't get emersed into the program. It just seemed like a cheap pump out to make money. They could of done so much more with it and made the 'games' longer. They lasted for all of 10-15 minutes which isn't even long enough to grasp a real feel of the experience.

    The only episode I got into was 'Level 6' which was inspired by 'Five Nights of Freddie'. Just as I started to enjoy it and get into the episode they stopped Pewdiepie from 'ending the curse of the electronics' by saying there was a fire. They then escorted him to the back of the set where his friend was hanging by a rope. There was just no need for that to be there, Pewdiepie was also enjoying the game and it just kind of ruined the whole experience.

    After 'Level 6' I stopped watching and cancelled my YouTube Red membership. It's over priced for the poor production quality.

    This had the potential to be something great they even invited other YouTubers to take part such as Markiplier, Game Grumps and Game Theory but it didn't hit the mark.

    If I had to summerise it in 5 words I'd use disappointing, cheap, overdramatic, boring and fake.
  • When my friend Hewyn told me to watch this I didn't have much hope for it, but I have to say I was positively gobsmacked when I watched it. There is nothing better than a heckin fun time with Felix and I worship him everyday of my life now. I have shaved my pubes to make it look like his beard but it freaks out my gf and she won't give me blowey joey.

    This series is a cinematic masterpiece and pretty much the reason why God hasn't just killed us off. The camera angles are orgasmic and always do justice to pewdiepie's beautiful features. I have never witnessed such grace on the small screen and it was well worth the £999.999 a day to watch it. Great odea by YouTube to make people pay for something they'll just stream for free except nobody will because it's garbage.

  • Nobody will pay to watch YouTube.. If i had to pay, i would rather get a movie which will entertain me way more than a YouTube video.

    Not to mention, better quality. The only reason YouTube is popular is because it's "FREE". YouTubers sucks at entertaining compare to Hollywood. Not even one Youtuber made me think "Yeah, i would pay to watch this channel".. YouTube = Time pass.

    They say: "Your review does not contain enough lines - the minimum length for reviews is 10 lines of text."

    Do i have anything more to say other than saying this sucks. one word "sucks".
  • mike-563-71054622 February 2016
    I find this show extremely hilarious and I love it. PewdiePie on YouTube is not as funny as this serious but he is still the Pewdiepie we all know and love! You wouldn't expect many people to watch this as it is only available to YouTube Red users but it is amazing and fun and I am recommending this to all my friends and also to family. I've loved pewdiepie for a long time now (on and off) and apparently I must be on my on period to be liking him so much right now but this show definitely goes in my top ten shows of all time and my top 3 shows of 2016, and you would be surprised at how many shows I've watched in 2016 already. So don't trust the reviews because this show deserves at least 8/10 stars so don't be scared to watch it (but do be scared to watch what is in it). Enjoy (;
  • Over acted terrible youtube red show have nothing against youtube star pewdiepie but this show is so terribly acted i don't know where they get them from but seems like they have no acting skills at all all the people scaring him are not even at haunted house level just worse acting i have ever seen i like the idea of the show but dose have a fear factor vibe but with a video game twist which i liked about the show apart from that a poor show
  • angelokci-112-8291729 October 2016
    If you wanna get the best from this show, I recommend watching the 1st episode and the 5th episode. The first episode is less scripted, and seems more plausible, since it looks like Felix genuinely doesn't know what's going on, and we can see his genuine reactions, which are much more attractive than his overreacted screams he fakes in other episodes. I'd love to see more stuff like that, honestly. The 5th episode parodies the horror quest games quite nicely, and it has more suspense than jump scares. I think it would've worked better if they would've focused more onto suspense, creating a creepy atmosphere and actual quests than blunt jump scares and horror clichés. And let me tell you, PewDiePie is not the best actor, so his reactions are hardly selling as plausible. And I can't really blame him, it's hard to get scared when you know that it all us just a game and all the monsters are just the actors. Speaking of actors, they are really meh and their acting is not the best. Decorations look quite cheap. I think the whole show depends on whether you like Felix and enjoy his reactions or not. It's not very interesting to watch when you know that Felix is always gonna win the game no matter what. The whole show is too obviously scripted, even the people who swear to be a part of a filming group turn out to be actors afterwards. I think I'm gonna give it a 4,5. It's a pretty mediocre show, not great, but not that terrible either.
  • It's much akin to MattPat's GameLab, but GameLab was so much better. There were some parts that I genuinely laughed at, but for the most part It was just your stereotypical YouTubeRed, meh, experience. Super boring, super forced, and super lame. Do something else with your time, really.
  • Pewdiepie can't you see this. This show and the people around you in this show are sucking the life out of you. This show is crap and everyone can see that except you. But you are making money out of it then go for it. Once again This show is awful. And People please watch it.

    once in your life. The first 20 min of this show. You will get what I am saying.
  • If you are looking to pay for YouTube Red, then this is a series that I do recommend to a lot of PewDiePie fans. The series is pretty good but should go with some more improvements every now and then or sometimes longer episodes. The series can also be easily watched in a short amount of time too but we could possibly see a Season 2 in 2017. The series also has some appearances of some of PewDiePie's friends like Markiplier and MatPat which was definitely a good mix into the Scare PewDiePie. As being a fan of PewDiePie for a long time, I do definitely recommend this to anyone who has been interested in PewDiePie's content. It includes what PewDiePie is already doing on YouTube (playing scary video games) and taking them into real life which is a good mix and must-watch YouTube Red series for any PewDiePie that's looking forward to getting YouTube Red anytime soon.
  • Very good. I think he is making his 2nd season which is a giant breakthrough. It the only YouTube Red series. The scarcest episode is Definitely episode 3. That is because of a creepy child and voice. Now for ratings for each episode. Episode 1 : Let's Play Doctor 7/10 Episode 2 : We're Not Alone 9/10 Episode 3 : Hello Timmy 5/10 Episode 4 : Time To Die Mr. Pie 8/10 Episode 5 : Please Enjoy Your Stay 7/10 Episode 6 : The Ultimate Hangout 8/10 Episode 7 : I'm Not Crazy 8/10 Episode 8 : Call Of PewDiePie 9/10 Episode 9 : Naughty Pie 6/10 Episode 10 : Game Over 3/10. Only a few of those are because of scariness. Ep 10 is just basically a wrap up party.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love PewDiePie! He is the main reason why I have hope in this world. But this series of his was bad. Let's be honest, it wasn't terrible, but it was the most disappointing series of an otherwise marvelous YouTuber. The concept of the series seemed pretty cool, and I felt like this was going to be the savior of PewDiePie's boring 2015-2016 videos. It turned out it wasn't. The worst part about this series is that it could've been a fantastic series. It could've been a horrific roller coaster from beginning to end, bringing horror games back to life. Anyway, enough said. This gets a 5/10 rating, because I do appreciate Felix's attempt to at least make a unique series. He was trying his best with this one, but maybe not his normal best. Even after this, I still have full respect for PewDiePie, because he has had a history of game-changing to YouTube. I kind of recommend this one, despite its bad execution.