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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Theri- The movie begins with a happy life of vijay and his daughter. For one hour the movie shows only the daily routine of their lives. In between these scenes we get to see flashbacks of vijay's past life. The flashbacks scenes are a bit racy and entertaining though some are predictable. The whole movie is shown in a flashback- present kind of fashion. For about first 40 Minutes the story is bland and doesn't even start in fact. Near the interval we see the story begin and it does promise to take off. However, in the second half the movie seems like a mix of few already seen scenes and a lot of clichés and predictability. The second has is somewhat better than the first in the fact that it is faster and has a story. In few scenes u may feel like the movie is slowing down. The love scenes where nothing new or interesting, and not much of comedy to laugh at. The movie has some real life incidents the society is facing now. Vijay seems like he is out of expressions. The songs could have been better, only enjoyable once where Jithu Jilladi with Deva sir's voice and Eena Meena. The BGM however scores well. The dialogue delivery and modulation is something vijay should work at. Baby Nainika's dialogue are almost not understandable. Amy Jackson has no scope in the movie, her sudden attraction towards vijay for no reason is a bit worrying. Samantha has done her role well nothing much more to say on the lead actresses. Cinematography is on spot and the cinematographer has scored well, even the scenes are good and contrasting well colored. Costume designer too should get a special mention most dresses where too good. The songs could have been reduced. Hope the upcoming directors focus on stories more than songs,as young generation doesn't want much songs at least not more than 2. However, Vijay is choosing different scripts to try and work at that is commendable and hope he comes out with better projects in the future. Director Atlee should not have jumped to a big actor's action movie all of a sudden. However, i hope he sticks to his romantic movies at least for now. To sum it up, it is a treat for vijay fans and can be enjoyed once.
  • For me, This is one of the Top 3 best Vijay movies ever. Perfect Mass Entertainer with a good message. It's all about how good parenting can destroy the evil in the society. Ilayathalapathy Vijay's & Samantha's Best Performance till date <3 The Outstanding feature was its Cinematography/Visuals by George Williams - Class :D GVP's Songs/Music/BGM - Awesome work and Goosebumps along with Vijay's Extraordinary screen Presence :) It has all the elements to satisfy the fans and the neutral audience. I didn't get bored even for a nano second and it was worth every penny you spend. The Technical side of the movie was astounding and ATLEE proved he is Shankar's best assistant director. The Three getups of Vijay was really cool.The movie ends like THERI 2 is on the way. All the credit goes to the Director - Atlee, He waited 2 years for this film and he is one of the youngest director in India to work with a superstar in the second movie itself and to gross 100 crores which will happen very very soon. He has told before itself the story will be very simple with a fantastic racy screenplay, credits to Editor Anthony L Ruben for that. Overall it will be very satisfying for all the audience and won't disappoint anyone. SUPERB ENTERTAINER. One of the best Action/Thrillers in recent times. Totally Loved it <3 Rating - 4/5
  • A completely refreshing movie for Vijay . Brilliant efforts from everyone especially Baby Nainika, Vijay, Atlee and George C Williams.The cinematography of the film is fantastic. Baby Nainika is superb and she is the real gem of the movie. I think in the future she will be good actress in the film industry.The chemistry between Vijay and Baby Nainika is superb.

    The Songs are quite boring especially Jithu jilladi, it was intolerable. The story is predictable but Atlee manages the movie very well because of his racy screenplay. Another plus point is J Mahendran.He is really apt for the villain on the movie I think Atlee chose the right person. Samantha, Amy, Radhika, Prabhu etc their part very well. Of course I forgot Rajendran (Police Constable) he is simply outstanding ion the movie.

    Overall it's a must watch movie for all Vijay fans and others also.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Somewhere down the line especially after viewing the Theri trailer, I knew that even though this Vijay film had a very sensible director like Atlee of Raja Rani fame, that Theri would still be a fan pleasing masala affair. However that is not such a bad thing because after the disastrous Puli, Superstar Vijay probably just wanted to be attached to a safe, but prosperous project. Knowing all this beforehand however did not make me have low expectations for Theri, because when a formula film is done right, with some added new content and is presented in a fresh way, then entertainment is 100% guaranteed. Theri in short is popcorn entertainment at its best, but what makes this film above the average is director's Atlee's sensibilities (he added the right amount of family and class thinking scenes), and Vijay's killer performance.

    Story wise Vijay is leading a happy life in Kerala with Nivi, who is his daughter that studies in kindergarten, and he is running a bakery with Rajendra his friend.He meets Annie, Nivi's class teacher, and both become good friends. Annie soon finds out about that Joseph is none other than the "late" Vijay Kumar after seeing him beat up some local goons who tried to kill Nivi, but Vijay warns her not to tell Nivi about his past. What is Joseph's past, and who is Vijay Kumar, is what forms the crux of the plot.

    Acting wise Vijay is exceptional playing dual characters in Theri. He is at his best playing Joseph, because he underplays the father role perfectly. The scenes with his daughter, and the play on the word,"Baby" melts ones heart. The father daughter chemistry is heartwarming, and the highlight of the film. As police officer Vijay Kumar, Vijay is at home portraying a massy hero, however there is a Jilla hangover to this character at times. But as Vijay his action scenes are first rate, the post interval action scene at the coffee house was awesome. I'd also like to highlight the scene when in the climax Vijay is explaining to the villain that one has to raise to kids properly, and that if one doesn't and they go one wrong path of crime and its then the parents fault for the wrong guidance.That speech was awe inspiring, and it was by the far the films best scene. Mahendran as the villain is menacing to the core, his confrontation scenes with Vijay are great to watch on screen, as they exchange some good dialogue. Samantha and Amy Jackson add good glamor , but do nothing in the acting department. Baby Nainika is adorable on screen, and acts like a pro as Vijay's daughter. Her dialogues on screen will leave a smile on your face.

    Like I mentioned before Theri does adhere to a regular revenge drama formula but why the film works is because of director Atlee's sensibilities. He makes sure the film speaks of real world problems plaguing India today, and peppers them perfectly in the film to get a huge impact on the viewer. Rape, corruption, lack of education, poverty are all highlighted in Theri, and the director speaks of improving the system too, which is through proper guidance of India's youth, which starts at home (with the parents), and in the climax speech that is main topic of discussion. Atlee also makes sure that Theri has a great mix of family sentiment in the film, and the scenes between Vijay and his daughter are the films ace, together they are just to cute, on screen. Hats off to director Atlee for encompassing so much in a mass film properly. The films action is another highlight the massy stunts are combined well with a sleek/ stylish look. The films music is bad as the title track is the only good track. The songs production value is also very tacky. In general the production values are just okay. The films pace is great in the 1st half but the second half lags until the climax, the film could have been trimmed by 15 min. I did not like the whole ghost Vijay Kumar track, something more creative needed to be thought for that episode. These mentioned above and the formula story are the minor blemishes in the film.

    Overall Theri is a good mass entertainer, that encompasses some good class, and family sensibilities. The film is something that not only Vijay fans will lap but so will the regular going audience. Its a hit guaranteed.

    3.5/5* Grade 75% B
  • Theri lives up to the promise and delivers the goods as a racy emotional action entertainer. While reviewing Vijay films one has to compare it with the actor's previous films and this one is sure going to directly appeal to the masses. It is a crowd-pleaser , Thanks to its slick presentation Atlee has a cleverly crafted a predictable story which plays to the galleries. However it is Vijay's outstanding charisma and performance in two different characters that makes the film a superior commercial cinema. We are introduced to the small world of Joseph Kuruvila (Vijay), and his daughter Nivi (Nainika) who lives somewhere in Kerala (Goa locations are matched well to make it look like Kerala). Annie (Amy Jackson) is teacher at school and she has a crush on Joseph. All is well till a small accident leads to a series of events thereby we get to know about Joseph's past. He is Vijaykumar IPS an upright police officer who locks horn with a local politician (Mahendran) whose son commits a heinous crime. On the downside, Theri is exaggerated and formulaic, but relies squarely on the charm of its leading man to pull off its over-the-top tone. But that's all part of the design. Atlee has borrowed the plot and inevitably comparisons can be drawn with Vijaykanth's 1990 hit Chatriyan. Vijay's scorching screen- presence and his infectious energy is the highlight. Nainika is super cute. Samantha in a clichéd role as Vijay's lover and wife who gets killed gets her fair share of screen time. But same cannot be said about Amy who not only looks uncomfortable in that funny wig but has nothing much to do. Mahendran is classy while Radhika Sarathkumar as the super cool mom is impressive. Technically George C. Williams camera is good and Ruben's editing is sharp. GV Prakash scores with his 50th album especially bgm is really good , as all the songs are hummable while our pick is En Jeevan which is melodious. On the whole, Theri is strictly escapist fun satisfying Vijay masala entertainer. Verdict : A Must Watch Masala Entertainer
  • I have seen theri without any over expectations and fully satisfied after the film completed. It was completely an ilayathalapathy show. Yes, it is a routine revenge drama and and has a predictable story line.But here atlee overcomes this problem with his fast screenplay and visuals.Bgm is just about stunning...but songs are average. But we can see a sankar touch in those songs..! Some scenes are exceptional like when Vijay crying by holding the hands of a rape victim , interval sequence ,Vijay s re entry in police station. And father daughter sequences are very cute..! Performancewise Vijay is the soul of the movie..his screen presence and charisma is enormous..! He looks stunning like never before. He does what he is at best, and here we can see how matured he become as an actor..Samantha is OK, but Amy Jackson looks like a misfit in this role with her funny wig. Mahendran as a charming villain is impressive. And rest of the cast Motta rajendran, radhika sarathkumar..all supported well. But the real show stealer here after Vijay is baby nainika...she was so cute and adorable on screen and in first 10 minutes she literally equals thalapathy. Overall it is a neatly packed entertainer for ilayathalapathy fans and i am sure it will be liked by common audience too..! Don't miss will be a gud treat..!
  • Raja Rani released in 2013 gifted a talented director to the Kollywood industry in the form of Atlee and when the former assistant to 'King Of Entertainers'(Shankar)joins hands with the 'Man Of Masses''Ilaya Dalapathy' Vijay,expectations were sky high which made me have a shot on Theri,the day of its release,the outcome being contentment of watching a meaty entertainer that mixes up family sentiments,action,humor and drama in the right proportion,catering to both the die-hard fans of Vijay and the normal audience who love formulaic entertainers.

    Without doubt the credit for the film's success goes to four individuals, -Atlee,who presented an age old storyline without any shades of boredom -Vijay,who managed to give an energetic and convincing portrayal of the character invested on him -George.C.Williams for his breathtaking visuals,and, -G.V.Prakash Kumar for his power-packed background score. Yes,the screenplay of Theri doesn't boast of anything new but the narration takes care of the minor loopholes,well utilizing good chemistry between the lead characters,neat performances and sound technical support from the talented team behind the camera.

    The best part about Raja-Rani was its touching sentimental scenes and Atlee stamps his readiness in handling similar sequences at the same time trying his luck with action and coming out a winner in presenting a neat action-packed family entertainer.There are quiet a few brilliant sequences like the Interval Punch,Construction site sequence,hearty conversation between Samantha and Vijay about husband-wife relationship,Ilaya Dalapathy convincing his father in law and the lovable bondage between Vijay and Baby Nainika.

    The dialogs by Atlee were hard-hitting and complimented by convincing delivery by Vijay.The film touches some socially relevant issues in between which was well-mixed with the basic storyline of the movie.

    The weak part of Theri is its predictable second half that lags in between which could have been avoided by trimming out some lengthy sequences and making some small touch-ups in the screenplay.The climax was rather good and holds a surprise cameo too.

    On the acting side,Vijay was at his best and excelled in a role that has multiple shades of a loving father,an energetic cop and an authentic action hero- an out and out Ilaya Dalapathy show in all means.The emotional sequences too were well-acted by him and went really well.Samantha had a meaty role unlike some other films in the recent past and did her part really well.Amy Jackson was a big let-back and mis-cast in the role of a Malayali teacher,looking awkward in an unfit hair-do.Actress Meena's daughter,Baby Nainika was a surprise package and won the hearts with her lovable charisma and chemistry with Vijay.P.Mahendran played the role of antagonist really well and made his debut in acting memorable.Rajendran made his presence felt with his hilarious one-liners.Radhika Sarath Kumar,Prabhu etc were fine.

    Songs by G.V.P were a mixed bag with my personal favorite being the lovable duet 'En Jeevan' rendered beautifully by Hariharan,Saindhavi and Vaikom Vijayalakshmi.Even though the songs were pretty average,it was made up by the chilling BGM that lifted the mass sequences at multiple instances.Cinematography as mentioned before was notable and amongst the best works in Kollywood this year.

    Overall,Theri is a neat family entertainer that's worth a watch from the big screens this holidays. #TheriBaby
  • THERI - Review Firstly, the Movie is made for Family audience and for Vijay's wide fan base. So expecting something new from his pattern is not fair. Typical Vijay Film with all ingredients packed well with action, emotions, and fun.

    Have to appreciate Atlee's effort to come out of his comfort zone to make a MASS entertainer with a Superstar like Vijay is commendable.

    Coming to the Movies Plot : A Simple line - a Cop Revenge Drama tailor made for Vijay's Screen Presence and his Acting Skills.

    Vijay the man who steals the show completely from the word go till the Title card ends. His efforts have seen in his performance, where he takes his different getup and mannerisms very Subtle and Warm.

    He excels both as Joseph Kuruvilla and Vijay Kumar. His variations in his acting for both characters are tremendous and can say one of the Best portrayal in Vijay's career. He has showed his performance with good mix of emotions, action, joy and as a father he controls over his anger all through the movie is wonderful to watch.

    As usual he is at his best in Dancing skills, singing, comic sense and his attitude stands out all over the film. The major highlight of the film is Vijay's screen presence and his Charisma. Look out for his little gimmicks like (Rajinikanth's style) in and there which makes any Vijay Fan go crazy..

    Director Mahendran made his debut with a stellar performance as a Corrupt politician and his dialogue delivery and his voice stands out strongly.

    The plot looks very old and Atlee handles it with different with his screenplay and it makes us not to feel bored. The Scenes which involve Vijay and Mahendran was well made.

    Baby Nainika was one the highlight of the film and she is adorable and made her debut very neatly and she stays in everyone's heart for sure and the baby dubbed her own voice was very appreciable. Hats off baby ! Samantha had a very serious and a lovely role and she excels with good reactions and emotions. The Vijay - Samantha Jodi looks perfect on screen. The romance portion have worked out well but it lacks the freshness which audience would expect from Atlee. Apart from that Amy Jackson tried her part to her looks and character was different from her past appearances. (Motta) Rajendran has done a neat job with what required for his role.

    GV Prakash kumar made his 50th - and is a memorable one with Vijay - Atlee Combo. But he scored well with BGM than Songs which are very normal. The melody songs stands out with the situation and the intro song showed the dance skills of Vijay. BGM was pukka for a MASS entertainer like Theri, and he utilized it very well.

    Atlee have utilized Vijay's presence and made a story which is very predictable and tried to attract family audiences with the old template. Being a student of Director Shankar, he could have made a story with good social message in it. But he failed in it rather he made a simple story line which required a Superstar like Vijay to take it to further level.

    A Treat for all Vijay Fans. General Audience will also like the film overall.

    Rating : 7.5 / 10
  • kirankaladharan315 April 2016
    Vijay back with a bang Theri is fully a commercial movie which all kind of audience can enjoy.Apart from the normal storyline everything in the movie is refreshing.The visuals of every songs are amazing.The camera work by George is top notch.The screenplay is brilliant as the movie is a racy action packed movie.GvPrakash has gives us a super bgm & music all through out the movie Apart from all these technical aspects Vijay has given his carrer's best performance.Samantha & Amy has done a good job.Nainika is the biggest plus of the movie.Dir Mahendra is just killing in his debut movie as villain.Motta rajendran & Prabhu as supporting artist plays a clean role.

  • First of all hats off to director Atlee for this film! Such a cool story for who want entertainment. Here all present. Vijay's one of the another best acting movie after Thuppaki and Kaththi. But Theri beat all the previous records soon I hope with Theri! Nainika Baby emotions and body language superb and also strength for this film. And Mahendran sir have a Villain effect it's absolutely good and feel so bad. And Music is too good Except I love En Jeevan song, what a romantic mesmerizing voice. Thanks to Gv Prakash Kumar keep it up! Totally Theri a perfect mass cop with love, family, sentiment, Fight, comedy, Songs and it's absolutely totally Therrrrri! Keep it up Atlee once again for gave a good message to public.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The only appreciation I can provide for the Theri team is the dialogues between characters which is something different in a vijay movie which usually filled with 'punch' lines and other various 'hero' lines. This is where my 1 star comes from.

    Otherwise, this movie is utter rubbish. I have written the main events in this movie below. As you read, you can clearly see how stupid it is. The main character in this movie is a cop shown as both honest and intelligent in the earlier scenes. However, he quickly becomes brash and thick-headed. Hero kills a politician's son and boldy declares that he did it to the politician itself (how clever). As a result, politician attempts to kill him by sending mercenary, but hero beats them up and goes back to the politician asking him to stop. Enemy waits for the right moment and attacks. Hero loses his wife and mother while he barely escapes with his daughter and goes into hiding from his enemy. Expectedly, enemy finds out that he is alive and comes after him. The hero decides that enough is enough and goes after the enemy and destroy the enemy.

    I have lost hope in Tamil movies. It is rare to find movies with a good story nowadays. I am dumbfounded by the 7.5/10 rating this is movie.
  • I today managed to catch the movie. Regardless of what other critics had to say or the regular Vijay haters out there, just hopped on my bike with a friend and traveled about 1 hour to the theater to catch the movie since the idiots in my town didn't release it. The movie was awesome, I felt the whole Atlee presence in the direction, the whole Raja Rani theme and colors also the action and Vijay's awesome dialogue, punch lines and action sequences. The movie is really good because It's got bit of everything you'd want in a movie, comedy, family, emotional scenes, drama, action, thriller scenes some which came out to be a shock in a instant as well. G.V. Prakash Kumar 50th movie with his music, fricking awesome job with that, the theme track and other songs as well like Jithu Jilladi, Eena Meena Teeka, En Jeevan and so on. I loved the father daughter scenes, and Baby Nainika was really awesome with her acting and she was so cute in her scenes it felt like she was really there when the whole theater laughed when she cracked jokes and so on... Samantha and Vijay's scenes was memorable in the movie. In my opinion Amy Jackson didn't have that much screen time so that was kind of a downside. Rajendran was awesome, he had a lot of screen time and his character really well written into the script. It didn't feel like Prabhu was in the movie, mostly it felt like more of cameo than a actual role.
  • Two things are clearly evident from the film : 1. Atlee lacks originality 2. Vijay's screen presence can save any film.

    To start with the film is highly predictable and with an old beaten to death story the film still manages you show some care for the film due to the tight screenplay and Vijay's screen presence. Starting from the first Baasha like scene to the end each and every scene reminds you the scene from another film and Atlee seems to have raid on this factor.

    After doing some experimental film like Puli which turned out to be a disaster doing some commercial film is the safe bet for Vijay and lets let it go.

    Nainika and Vijay's chemistry as daughter and father being so adorable both ladies and kids may enjoy this film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How long will vijay continue this, its pathetic. he is milking it, the same old stereotypes. recently his movie puli was different but his acting was in theri it had some scope to the story but did not work out for him.. Been a fan of vijay for a long time, I grew up but he did not. It's the same old dramatic face reveal of the actor and such identical acting, I am tired of it. To be honest the songs in this movie was bad and bgm I thought I heard a cheesy version of inception's half remembered dream somewhere. And what's with the dialogue in the movie some are cringy. I seriously have doubts if vijay can act. There are so many emotions involved but not well timed, there is a sad scene, 2 minutes later there is a joke, this happens throughout the movie. Once again vijay tries to make a commercial movie and fails again. He tries to please everyone from kids to old people out there but that's not how you do it, in fact puli had such potential but in Theri, vijay is touching important and sensitive subject i.e human trafficking like forced child labor and rape and also prominent problem in India, the thugs incorporate all this with songs and fight scene this movie is primordial soup. the climax scene I was baffled to see that vijay is moving faster than batfleck I don't know how he got to the next higher floor without graple gun, maybe he is flash? As expected he kills the villain, boom , happy ending. It's anticlimactic, there is past, there is present but no future i.e no epilogue. Like I said I am a big fan of vijay I would like to see him in biographical movies similar to A Beautiful Mind, Rush or J.Edgar but not like milkha Singh or Mary kom . nobody wants a rock album in biographical movies. Something epic movies like Mel Gibson movies would be great. I know it's a long shot but if he keeps making these theri sort of movies I might give up soon. Verdict:- stereotype acting is enough bro.
  • ramamurthy19 April 2016
    I LOVED THIS FILM.THE SWAG.THE MESSAGE THAT IT CONVEYS AND HOW THE MOVIE UNFOLDS.IT CONTAINS ALL THE NECESSARY INGREDIENTS TO ENTERTAIN US.ITS A SURE TREAT FOR THIS SUMMER..Its just wow!!!!!!!!!!!.Each and everyone have done their role in a fashionble manner.The cast is simply awesome.The camera work is simply mesmerizing.The director has done a good job in bringing out the best in each.That small kid i simply good.The cuts are good and the film is never boring.It's a good family entertainer.Go with all and enjoy it.There are a bit violent scenes. And i don't think it deserves a U certificate.But still its a good film.It has an old story but good screenplay.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is so cheesy and it boggles my mind how it is in 8.0+ ratings range. Seriously can we just stop abusing the IMDb ratings for all Tamil movies? It is not helping. It is completely fine if you like this movie but do you seriously believe this movie should receive 8.0+ rating? The first 15 minute I had to read the subtitles, are you kidding me? I paid my bucks for a freaking Tamil movie. I guess the subtitles can be a good thing since that helped me to go through the first 15 minutes much easier because the cheesy dialogues are unbearable to hear anyway. Seriously, who was the dialogue writer? Was s/he watching a lot of 90s movies before writing dialogues for this movie? The dialogues are not only horrible but really painful to digest. Multiple hero intro dialogues and those romance dialogues are straight out from 90s movies! However, the movie has some good moments, and best one is about the villain, he just kills people without much talking except, you guessed it the climax (obviously). Somehow the villain thought climax was a good time to give a 5 minutes lecture to the hero about his power and wittiness. Really buddy? yeah, I didn't expect that at all.

    If you survive those cheesy lines, then you have to go through a very predictable story line. However, certain scenes are really well done, for example the scene where Samantha got killed, it is one of the most well done moments in the movie and the investigation about the rape case was pretty decent. There are some logical errors here and there but then they are forgivable and nothing huge. However, the climax is typical 90s Tamil movie where somehow hero gets extra energy boost from villain's dialogues and in this case from his daughter too. One more thing, the director played a lot cheap tricks like using rape victim's father, a bubbly little little girl, usual drunken guy in an accident with poor pregnant lady ( you see what the director is doing), just so viewers won't mind too much about plots and the movie feels like an election campaign rather than entertainment. Plus, it is a campaign with so many visible clichés.

    So after digesting both cheesy lines and predictable story lines with clichés ( well with those two things, they already killed all the comedy things they are trying to make, so I won't bother discussing about them), here comes the actress selections. Really, really poor acting. Seriously, the romance was unbearable and the dialogues they are trying to deliver are horrible and they look so fake. I mean you can clearly see that the movie feels so weird when they are on the scene and what's with the weird dwarf fetish song? Vijay and Mottai Rajendran was pretty decent and you can't blame them for poor delivery of those awkward dialogues. I'm sorry that I'm complaining to much about the dialogues but they are indeed cringe-worthy!

    The main BGM is a real lifesaver here. So many scenes looked really good with that BGM. The songs was pretty below average and that's fine because you wouldn't give a damn about them anyway. Actually, the songs will save you and give you some break from those continues cheesy lines. So in this case, even below average song is a welcomed addition to the movie. It looked like a pretty good quality movie on the screen so cameraman and art directors did their job. Otherwise, the movie really not worth your money, so if you are really not in a mood to watch it, don't worry you are not going to miss anything. Just wait till you local cable channel pick this movie up. This movie is far far away from 6.0 and giving it an 8.0 review is an abomination. I would give 5.0 just because it didn't feel like cheap production movie.
  • AKKausal14 April 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Vijay is back with a bang and Atlee has kept his promise,delivering a solid family entertainer. The movie is overloaded with cuteness and charm, from Baby Nainika to Radhika Sarathkumar. The movie works in multiple levels,be it addressing the social evils prevailing in our society or the usual family melodrama. The cinematography is down right awesome and also the direction. The colorful songs are a pleasure to watch.

    Quite contrary to the usual Vijay movies, Theri is set to impress the regular audience than the die-hard Vijay fans. Amidst all the positives what pulls Theri to a above average but not extra ordinary movie, is the predictable story line. If you have seen 'Yennai Arindhal' before, you may feel like a much more stylish and upgraded version of the same with some changes (similarities can also be drawn to the Devaraj IPS back story from 'Vettaikaaran').In my perspective The movie succeeds from the the mother-wife-daughter relationship with the protagonist than the revenge-cop story which we may have seen many times on screen. Once you get the flow of the story you have no other way but sit and wait for the disaster to strike the lovely cop- doctor couple which I found very hard to deal with.

    Verdict: Its no Thuppaki or Kaththi(and clearly no Sura neither Puli) but has the 100% ability to stand on its feet as a family blockbuster.(3.5/5)
  • For me, This is one of the Top 3 best Vijay movies ever. Perfect Mass Entertainer with a good message. It's all about how good parenting can destroy the evil in the society. Ilayathalapathy Vijay's & Samantha's Best Performance till date <3 The Outstanding feature was its Cinematography/Visuals by George Williams - Class :D GVP's Songs/Music/BGM - Awesome work and Goosebumps along with Vijay's Extraordinary screen Presence :) It has all the elements to satisfy the fans and the neutral audience. I didn't get bored even for a nano second and it was worth every penny you spend. The Technical side of the movie was astounding and ATLEE proved he is Shankar's best assistant director. The Three getups of Vijay was really cool.The movie ends like THERI 2 is on the way. All the credit goes to the Director - Atlee, He waited 2 years for this film and he is one of the youngest director in India to work with a superstar in the second movie itself and to gross 100 crores which will happen very very soon. He has told before itself the story will be very simple with a fantastic racy screenplay, credits to Editor Anthony L Ruben for that. Overall it will be very satisfying for all the audience and won't disappoint anyone. SUPERB ENTERTAINER. One of the best Action/Thrillers in recent times. Totally Loved it <3 Rating - 4/5
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Theri is a mix of kollywood movies When I was watching the movie I got to remember lots of movies that I watch previously that I was forgotten....the movie is a clear remake of vijaykanths kshatriyan but atlee has done some changes by adding several other movie scenes to cover it....

    Vijay has a police arguing with villain mahendran that feels us the villain is therrific than vigays comedy expressions and dialogs.. And then his wife was murdered and blah blah blah old bed time story.

    Samantha and Amy Jackson came to the movie and went thats all.

    GVP 50th film OK....and Deva's voice is not match for VJ and BGM reminds all pub DJ music.....

    Several action sequences that so irritating and not stylish.

    Specially baby nainika was cute has theri baby and that is the only a positive mark in the movie and she shows with her cute acting that VJ is her father while VJ fails to perform well has a father

    The climax was so lazy without any top standing ending.Totally theri does not reminds any kind of thing when we come out of the theater and this sparks fuse is gone....Disappointed.......
  • Good emotional father-daughter movie Nalla Unnarchimiguntha Thanthai Magal Padam, Arumaiyana Padam. Kutti ponna Udanana Katchigal Annie Teacher Udanana Katchigal Samantha Udanana Katchigal Songs, Sandai Katchigal Aparam Rajendrar sir kallikirukaru Main Villain Mahendran Sir Miratturaru Arbattam, Kathal illama oru kodura villanaga Nadithu Asathiullar Director Atlee Illaya Thalapathykaga Kadahaiyai Sethukirukaru mothathula ithu satharana Vettri illa Theri Vettri. Good emotional father-daughter movie Nalla Unnarchimiguntha Thanthai Magal Padam, Arumaiyana Padam. Kutti ponna Udanana Katchigal Annie Teacher Udanana Katchigal Samantha Udanana Katchigal Songs, Sandai Katchigal
  • plus: VJ n nanika's father-daughter scenes, radhikaa n mahendiran's screen presence. especially Dir Mahendiran sir's dialogs surpassed the VJ's one. Samantha has done her role as a doctor n sweet wife. Amy used as a flashback tool. Rajendiran has traveled throughout the film n won our heart through his punchy, crispy dialogs. G.V's background is merasal feeling..en jeevan song crush n stolen our-heart (both visually n penned). kudos to technical staff's Ruben, Muthuraj, George n costume designers made a movie very colorful and elegant. special congrats to director Atlee for penning. minus: slowdown in the second half, little bit of lacking in content. jithu jilladi dance sequences are not good(worst in VJ's level). verdict: Theri wasn't bored me not even a single min in first half. lacking in the screenplay leads us to think "what time now" in 2nd half. The battle between A GOOD FATHER and A BAD FATHER entertaining us n gave some messages to how to grow child.
  • If Vijay Sethupathy is what makes me to watch the Kollywood films, then Joseph Vijay stands on the other side. No offense to his fans, I was watching his films opening day, opening show (not first show), but I got tired of his same old tricks in his every new film. Anyway, this film is not any good for the international audience, but it's a different scenario for people in domestic market. This is a very good masala film. A fine mix of action, comedy, romance, sentiments and of course musical beats.

    I think it had potential if it was made like a normal film to the international standards, but you can't expect something like that particularly in Vijay's film. The film story had a good intention like delivering a series of messages to the society, but the execution was completely fake with too much shouting and loud noise. Irrelevant to the reality and there's no politeness while revealing what it wanted to tell the viewers. Like fighting crime and criminals are good, but it was shown in a bad way, such as public disturbances, including damaging roadside stalls and vehicles who are mostly poor people. This is why littering is a very serious concern in India. Films like this should stop promoting that.

    I liked the part of the story that depicted the Delhi rape incident, but I totally got annoyed when it was overshadowed by heroism. The majority of the comedies were in Tamil slang and was targeted for those with the knowledge of its films. The English subtitle translation was not very good at all. Even the overall film plot was drafted with the same old formula which is an honest cop versus a corrupt politician and involving a revenge act with a flashback.

    Like always, I hated the music videos. The story takes place on one side and it was frequently interrupted by unsynchronised video albums. It was completely out of proportion. If you skip them, the film is actually 3 minutes short which is a good thing. The casting was good, particularly the film will be remembered for Nainika's big screen debut as a child artist, as well as Vijay's own daughter at the end. So many people are eager for a sequel where he can work with his own daughter.

    If you are an Indian, then it would be a good watch. If you are from the south, you might love it. But for the international viewers, I must warn that if you know the actor and the director very well, then you would know what to expect, other than than choose it carefully. Only in India this thing happens, that it is rated U which is equivalent to PG, but it is actually an NC17 for violence.

  • Movies reflect human lives. Movies are the powerful medium to reach people and convey social messages. Movies are the source of inspiration for the audience!

    Hats off to Director Atlee for his phenomenal work on the screenplay. A typical old police revenge story, but conveyed in a supreme manner like never before. A perfect portrayal of the emotions, sentiments along with mass elements well suitable for a 'Theri' cop. Mixing the commercial elements along with social messages like Child labor and good parenting is so impressive and deserve a thunder claps from the family audience.

    Ilayathalapathy Vijay had put up a decent show on his various characters, providing good variety of emotions supporting the story base line. The romantic scenes with gorgeous is very well made, and absolutely worked. The screen presence shown by the actor is quite amazing. Mass! Mass! Mass! All along the movie.

    Congratulations to G.V. Prakash Kumar for his successful 50th Music album. 'Jithu Jilladi' and 'En Jeevan' are mesmerizing. The back ground score stands out and adds crunch to all the mass elements of the movie.

    The other aspects of the movie including the performances from supporting actors and technicians are well in place and Kalaipuli Dhanu should be a proud man after such a product.

    Overall, 'Theri Baby'. Definitely must watch family entertainer.

    5 reasons to watch the movie:

    1) Perfect combo of emotions and social message. 2) Interesting screen play 3) Mass scenes for every 2 minutes. 4) Classic interval block and climax 5) Ilayathalapathy Vijay

    Have a perfect summer treat!
  • santhosh-1029022 March 2018
    The movie was not so good. This is an as usual Police story with no new method. Songs were worst. BGM was amazing. Some scenes were very boring. Some scenes were unbelievable.
  • basanantha29 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Theri a title copied from a dialogue said by ajith Kumar in the movie velhalam story copied from the movie kshatriyan which is acted by vijaykanth I don't know when is Vijay is going to give a original movie(excluding his movies with arm) two heroines Amy Jackson and Samantha for namesake a predictable screenplay boring romance part in flashbacks gives us a head ache and coming to the point on Vijays acting which is zero percent I think Vijay should stop acting the only saving grace was the acting done by the child nainanika which was better than the hero itself

    Theri-no Sparks only headache
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