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  • This is by far the best cartoon I have ever watched. Bunnicula is freakin' adorable!!! I watch it over and over and over. I DVD it everyday.
  • shipleymaria6 September 2018
    In love
    I love this show and can't get enough. I read the books when I was younger and Now I can share bunnicula with my kids.
  • BUNNICULA seems to be a spin-off/reboot of a children's book series which ran from 1979 to the mid-2000s. An adaptation of the first book was done by Ruby-Spears in 1983, but not that many people are aware of it. You can YouTube it.

    The animated series takes place in a different continuity where Harold the Dog and Chester the Cat are owned by an adorkable horror nerd called Mina, who has moved to New Orleans with her father. Mina discovers a black-and-white rabbit called Bunnicula, who she takes in as a third pet. What she doesn't know is that the rabbit is a VAMPIRE. She's safe though, he only consumes vegetable juice (carrots, onions, radishes, peppers, etc.). Each vegetable gives Bunnicula a different ability, a la A BOY AND HIS BLOB for the NES.

    Not too long after Bunnicula's discovery, strange things start happening in the Big Easy: time-travel mirrors, giant cockroaches, ghostly owls in armor, alligator ghosts that influence crying, an army of undead fish, and more! It's up to Bunnicula, Harold, and Chester to prevent Mina from finding out about this weirdness.

    If you liked WEIRD SCIENCE and COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG, I'd say check it out. Bunnicula's high-pitched gibberish may irk some people, but I wasn't annoyed.

    Also, FUN FACT: Chester is played by Sean "Samwise Gamgee" Astin and one of the original co-authors is a producer on the show.
  • belleferret20 February 2016
    I'm going to respectfully disagree with the previous reviewer. This is not the books, and it should not be judged on them. There are significant differences in the characters and setting. It's worth noting that author James Howe is involved with the production, and approved the changes.

    The first couple of episodes of a new series are sometimes not the best, as the characters and situation are explored and refined. Still, I enjoyed them, and have liked each subsequent episode more. The most recent one, "Muddy Harry," is cleverly written and animated. The voice actors are awesomely fun.

    Definitely worth watching!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I would rather watch Bunnicula than annoying trash Total DramaRa and Teen Titans GO!
  • I really enjoy this cartoon. it's fun and wonderful for adults and kids alike. Great characters and humor it's funny, cute and little spooky. I wish they play it more regularly on TV and have more merchandise available cuz it's so awesome.
  • ...and this is my favorite cartoon ever! There's so much heart - fantastic voice acting, scoring, and animation... 10++++ to me - a happy spot!
  • This shows the best! The only bad thing is the intro/outro is way too loud, please fix that. Maybe its my tv, I doubt it but the animation and voice acting are fantastic, really top notch. The style reminds me of Adventure Time except this show pretty consistently makes me laugh, not an easy thing for me to do from movies or tv. Thank you for making something tasteful out there, its rare these days so good job y'all!