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11 February 2016 | lor_
Erotic pantomime sidesteps its "Team Building" premise
Structured around a photogenic outing at a posh resort for the staff of a British company, "Corporate Bonding" is yet another of the rather dwindling output of releases from vanity distributor JoyBear Pictures. Other than a loyalist like myself, I'm not sure who watches these relatively archaic productions.

I do admire the JBP honchos Dos Santos and Larke who continue on the merry way of porno panto, eschewing both wings of the Adult Cinema party - storyline vs. gonzo. Instead they hire a voice-over artist (on this occasion named Monica Vox) to tell us what's happening, while a cast of attractive Brit Porn stalwarts go through their f & s paces.

Main character is played by newcomer Amber Nevada, who made a good impression in DiSanto's "Pretty Little Playthings" for rival label daring! Media. She comes off as way too young but looking good as the youngest lawyer of the company. Courtesy of the BTS short subject on the DVD we hear her thick European accent, but it hardly matters, since all her speaking consists of the aforementioned Monica narrating.

Five standard sex vignettes mix and match the employees, with ringer casting of American star Tyler Nixon as (take your pick -with these pantos all manner of characters and action can be rewritten any number of times for voice-over or DVD liner notes) the resort's grounds-keeper or whatever.

One of the busiest XXX Brits Luke Hotrod once again trots out his guitar and shows off his musical ability singing a song, further indicating how director Jesse Black has strayed from screenwriter Jesse Black's script about some sort of bonding exercise. Pairing lucky Luke with Hannah Shaw lays the tattoos on a bit thick, but perhaps Jesse is anticipating a new video series titled "Tattooed Lawyers".

Cute Amarna Miller plays Bella, the organizer of the event which is called "The Force of Life" for no reason other than to evoke New Age b.s. JoyBear is hard-pressed to emphasize its Couples/Romance niche in today's virtual video store, but this one borders perilously on what the rack jobbers like to abbreviate as "All Sex". With attractive women like Sienna Day and stalwart Tamara Grace rounding out the femme cast, the notion of all sex isn't as negative as I'm making it out to be.

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17 November 2015



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