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  • Always enjoy playing the ninja storm games particularly the later 2 installments. After buying it on the low on an Xbox sale I'm impressed. It's a great way to follow the end of the series as I personally stopped buying the manga as my interest dulled for a while. Some interesting new mechanics and a decent way of telling information it's impressive to say the least. With animations between the chapters that link things perfectly it's almost like indulging in the anime! I highly recommend you play the game even it's offline modes have plenty on offer, a faithful adaptation that's great fun and very stylish, go play it
  • I'm not too crazy about the story mode presentation, but the animation's better than ever, and the gameplay's pretty good.

    I stopped watching Naruto a long time ago and I think I'd be much more excited about this game if I played this as my younger self.

    If you're a Naruto fan, you're probably going to love this.

    Never Read The Manga/10.