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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Roughly about 2 hours into the movie Vennela Kishore asks Mahesh Babu the burning question the entire audience desperately wanted an answer to: "Why are you doing something so stupid ?"

    The movie starts with Samantha explaining to the audience that she is crazy and she has found some one who is equally crazy. Audience find out later that, that some one in question is Mahesh Babu. Then all the character artists ever known to Tollywood are introduced. A few missing artists are brought in later so that they won't feel left out.

    Satyaraj along with his family owns a paint factory worth 400 crores. His dream is to paint all the houses and the people in those houses with his factory's paint for reasons unknown to mankind. He is a GOOD person. He is also a GREAT person. Him, his good wife, her 3 good brothers and 1 not so good brother, their good wives, their good kids and the good paint factory workers are all part of a good old singing and dancing cult.

    Kajal arrives from Australia. Kajal's father is Satyaraj's good friend. He decides that he and Kajal will have to join the good singing and dancing cult. Mahesh (Satyaraj's son) and Kajal fall in love. But Kajal discovers that Mahesh's family is so sweet that their sweetness is infecting her with type 2 diabetes. Not wanting to go through insulin therapy and whatnot, she breaks up with him. She and her father immediately disappear without a trace.

    Rao Ramesh, the not so good brother-in-law of the truly good Satyaraj gets tired of all the singing, dancing and declares that he is leaving the cult. Satyaraj cannot live happily unless he is singing and dancing with every single person with in a 10 mile radius. Fortunately for the audience Rao Ramesh is in that radius. So Satyaraj dies. With the untimely demise of their beloved leader, some of the cult members pull out, leaving the cult on the verge of dissolving.

    Just as the audience start celebrating Satyaraj's surprise death, the director has decided to crank up the crazy. Ergo Her holy craziness, Lady Samantha is introduced. Satyaraj wanted to sing and dance with the people in a 10 mile radius. Sammy's singing and dancing radius is 1000 miles. And if some one is out of that radius she drags them in.

    Crazy attracts crazy. So Mahesh instantly forgets his father's recent death and is ecstatic that he met some one even more insane than him and his entire family combined. Sammy is understandably upset with the size of Mahesh's dancing cult. Demented Samantha empowers mental Mahesh to recruit more cult members. He travels the world looking for new recruits. He manages to rope in the remaining character artists in Tollywood that were missing earlier. Except Rao Ramesh, the older cult members who left earlier also join in.

    After he is content with the recruits, Mahesh decides that there is no way in hell he is going to let Rao Ramesh live in peace. He fills his father's sandals as the cult leader, he makes it clear to Ramesh that he will never leave him alone and he will stalk Ramesh for the rest of his life unless he re-joins the good singing and dancing cult. Since Ramesh is the only sane character in this entire movie, he knows when to quit. So he sadly accepts his defeat and joins the club. Hey, if we cannot beat them join them right ? While Mahesh is after Ramesh, Sammy leaves since things got a little too dull and boring for her taste. With the addition of Ramesh, the singing and dancing cult has been fully resurrected to Mahesh's satisfaction. So the Mahesh & cult decides to go find Sammy. They find her and everybody sings and dances happily ever after. SINGS. AND. DANCES. HAPPILY. EVER. AFTER.
  • abtheboss5 April 2018
    This is probably the worst movie in Mahesh Babu's career. Despite a huge star cast and good performances, the movie doesn't feel any special. Worst thing about the movie was screenplay.
  • average 1st half,below average 2nd half. congrats #Brahmotsavam Few of the scenes were copied from Venkatesh movies. Untiming songs, Interval with heavy dose of sentiment, Less commercial elements, Poor comedy,No high Point in the story.#brahmotsavam Kajal, Pranitha and now Samantha wooing Mahesh Unbalanced emotions in 2nd half 90's kind of Venkatesh films. Svsc mark first half.. but this time it revolves around a rich family background. father character is big change. Interval 10 Min's...Climax 15 Min's performances excluding these scenes rest all are Addala's worst comparison. Slow placed and too many songs. Interval is awesome and very emotional."Brahmotsavam" has a tried-and-tested story that has been seen in Telugu films several times, but Srikanth Addala's treatment of the subject has made it a perfect family entertainer. Some romantic, comedy and sentimental scenes keep the viewers entertained throughout the movie, but the slow and dragging narration plays spoilsports.
  • By watching this movie I came to know that how editing and screenplay are important in a movie.The worst screenplay and editing. U will come out of the theater after watching half an hour maximum.In the first half very irrelevant songs.Dance by Mahesh Babu in one song is very funny.His reputation gets down after watching that song. Srikanth Addala would have concentrated only in direction department instead of screenplay,editing and dialogues.The duration of the film is too long.We will think that when will the movie finishes.Rao Gopal Rao voice in cartoon will be boring. I suggest you not to watch this movie and waste your time.There is no proper characterization.Kajol will come and go.Samantha will come to Mahesh Babu's saying that she is Mahesh's sister's friend and stays in his home.Very funny.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The only saving grace of the whole movie is Vennela Kishore(Awesome performance, He relieved the whole of my stress of watching this Stupid Movie with his dialog delivery(He has also got some witty dialog's in the movie, Thanks to the dialog writer)). Except Vennela Kishore's comedy everything else is a stupendous negation and Contradictions in the whole movie. Nobody knows what they are doing just like the Director. I wonder How nobody recognized the downslide of the storyline, Even a drama performed by Kindergarten kids would be more polished and scrutinized than this.

    Telugu movie Industry just lost an awesome Title "Brahmotsavam" because of this movie. A Documentary on Brahmanandam with the title "Brahmotsavam" would have been a Mega Blockbuster and collected over 50-100 Crore whilst also entertaining the Crowds to the core.
  • The first half of Brahmotsavam starts with the narration of a beautiful family filled with emotional people all over. As time passes on, the movie dips down completely as it lacks the much needed bonding and relations between them. The songs have been showcased in a hurry and most of the songs come during the first half an hour of the film. The interval episodes have been predictable and the first half ends on a OK note. The second half of Brahmotsavam doesn't have the needed content because of which the film drops down completely. The emotional episodes look faked completely and the entire second half tests the audience's patience. The climax has been decent but it will not make much impact on the audience.

    and if you ask me Postives and Negatives

    Positives : Mahesh Babu ,Production Values, Star Cast ,Cinematography

    Negatives : Story Screenplay and Dialogues ,Direction Second Half

    Final Verdict : Brahmotsavam is a movie that can be completely ignored as it fails in all the available ways.
  • This a truly awful movie. I started getting a terrible headache 30 min into the movie. Now where do I start. The story tests your patience.

    Movie lacks a direction, I couldn't see what the movie was about even 1 hr into it. The scenes were disjoint. There are a lot of talented actors but no character development. JayPrakash Reddy, Jayasudha, Naresh, Revati and most of the character artistes were wasted. Samantha should go back to acting school. Bad use of animation (Rao Ramesh's inner voice).

    ALL the songs were misplaced. There are too many songs. The movie does not live up to its expectations at all. This movie is NOT worth anyone's time.
  • A terrible film for people like me who are anti-melodrama and anti Telugu serials. Perhaps, it's an excellent film for those who are overtly in family dramas and emotional stuff.

    Mahesh Babu's thinking behind sharing the production of the movie makes me seriously question his rationale for choice and his decision making. I am just not OK that an actor of his caliber misused. Also, a comedian of great potential like Vennela Kishore was also not used rightly. Perhaps, he is the only actor in the whole film who brought a smile sporadically. Rao Ramesh emoted well, although purposelessly. Indeed, Rao Ramesh character is the only one I empathized.

    Technically, I liked only the song "Nayudolla Inti Kaada" all the rest just did their job for the sake of doing.

    I am not wasting any more words or time in this film that's so horrible for me. It's 0/5
  • "Brahmotsavam" is about a family comprising a brother (Satyaraj) and his six sisters in Vijayawada and these members are separated, due to some reasons. the brother's son Ajay (Mahesh Babu) sets out to reunite them. How he does it with the help of his sisters-in-law, played by Samantha, Kajal Aggarwal and Pranitha forms the crux of the story. only some scenes in the first half and Mahesh Prescence leads the movie and 2 stars for these. there is nothing in the movie. but if u go with your family. the movie will be worth watching. but for students and couples i recommend not to go. OVERALL ITS NOT A COMPLETE FAMILY ENTERTAINER. BUT IT HAS A MESSAGE THAT WORTH WAITING TILL THE END. FINALLY COMPARED TO SRIMANTHUDU THIS MOVIE IS A HEADACHE. I SUGGEST NOT TO WATCH. ITS WORTH WATCHING IN A TV BROADCAST. :D #BrahmostavamBegins
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Satyaraj is a big industrialist who started his business with his brother-in-law- Rao Ramesh. Satyaraj, Ramesh Rao and his 3 brothers stay together as a big joint family. Satyaraj being the head of big joint family wants his family to stay together forever. Rao Ramesh is jealous of Satyaraj getting all the attention and believes that he steals all the credit but he stays with him in the hope of getting her daughter married to Satyaraj's son- Mahesh Babu. All his hopes were dashed when he sees Mahesh Babu kissing Kajal Agarwal- Satyaraj's friend's daughter. He breaks away from the family and Satyaraj dies due to this shock. Kajal wasn't comfortable with this whole joint family thing and leaves Mahesh Babu. Samantha Prabhu who is antithesis of Kajal Agarwal, then comes to stay in Mahesh Babu's house and change the atmosphere of family back to happiness. Mahesh Babu decides to trace his previous seven generations along with Samantha Prabhu. Then Samantha Prabhu goes away as she has to go for reasons unknown. In the end of course Mahesh Babu succeed in getting Rao Ramesh back as his family and Samantha Prabhu also return.

    First half is completely laggard with slow pace – songs breaking out of nowhere and all that celebration stuff and family members eulogizing Mahesh Babu for stupidest reasons making it yawn-worthy. Second half again is a boring road trip with songs making it more torturous and the climax twist seems to make no sense at all. It can be easily said that there wasn't enough material for a 2 hour 30 minute movie which is stretched using songs,repeated festival celebration and many more stupid things.

    Rao Ramesh and to an extent Satyaraj have done a good job, Samantha looked really beautiful and lively . Kajal was an eye candy. Mahesh Babu looked fake with too much pretentiousness .

    Script, direction and editing were surely poor which made this thinly plotted movie even more torturous.

    Even if one is free avoid wasting that time on this Stupid sugarcoated CRAP.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Its high time IMDb enabled -ve ratings. Couldn't bare to give even 1 to this movie. I would have mentioned spoiler alert but there is no such thing in the movie. Movie opens up showing 20 characters introducing one by one, they come and go throughout the movie without purpose. Some even disappear without notice.The movie is very much comparable with inception. Everything moves slow, a minute in the theater will look like a hour. Every song will irk you to get up. You end up checking you mobile time ti time to see but movie never ends. All in all bad pick from Mahesh babu. Please spare time and money avoid the movie at any cost
  • Plot: Mahesh Babu is son of an industrialist in Vijaywada. He has no name in the film. His father Sathya Raj loves to lead life celebrating festivals with his relatives and family members together. When his brother-in- law Rao Ramesh who is hoping that Mahesh marries his daughter Pranitha sees that Mahesh kissing Kajal Agarwal, hell breaks loose. He walks out of the family and leaving Mahesh Babu's father devastated. The tragedy in his family makes Mahesh Babu to find the extended family that is living all over India.

    Plus Points: 1)Performances: Only saving grace of the movie is Mahesh Babu's tremendous performance.He is looking more and more handsome and his performance is flawless in emotional scenes.Samantha is cute and gave wonderful performance.Kajal is pretty in this movie.Others did their limited roles decently.

    2)Music: Music of Brahmotsavam is heartwarming with good tunes.Songs Vachindhi kadhaa,Brahmotsavam are my favorites.

    3)Cinematography: Ratnavelu's work is always pitch perfect so no blame on that.

    Minus Points: 1)Screenplay: Srikanth Addala's movies may not have story line but he can mesmerize with his beautiful screenplay and emotions.He is heavily succeeded in this part in his first two movies Kotha Bangaru Lokam and SVSC.But since Mukunda he seemed to lost his touch.Brahmotsavam is nothing but lagging drama in first half and boring journey in second half.Both the halves failed to impress with lackluster scenes.

    2)Editing: Movie has no continuity in scenes.They are just some individual scenes which are edited to be together.There is not even emotional connection between scenes.

    3)Duration: Movie is 2hr 32min long and one can really get tired of watching this for that duration.

    So, Brahmotsavam is a boring misfired attempt form SVSC combo.

    My rating 5.75/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Brahmotsavam is the story of an entire family's journey over a period of few months. Sathyaraj is a wealthy businessman who built an empire from scratch. He lives with his wife played by Revathi and his son, that is Mahesh. Mahesh is a charming, simple boy from Vijaywada who is close with his entire joint family. But his life turns upside down when he meets the daughter of his dad's friend, who is played by Kajal Aggarwal. The two hit off right from the word go. As the two realise they love each other and just kiss, Sathyaj's brother-in-law sees him and the bomb drops. A huge fight erupts in the family and all the good relations deteriorate at the blink of an eye. It remains to be seen how Mahesh will earn the goodwill of his relatives once again.

    One of the best things about Brahmotsavam is that all the actors are simply brilliant, of course with an impressive cast like this, it is no surprise. Mahesh Babu is at his best as an impulsive and happy go lucky lad. His wit and charm is the life and soulof the movie. But he proves that he can be really versatile too with a brilliant emotional display right before the interval.

    The chemistry between Kajal and Mahesh is blazing and will hold your entire attention. Also, the visuals are simply breathtaking with grand mansions, weddings and get togethers. But the only drawback back so far has been a slow moving plot, but it has just gotten half has few comedy elements and you feel better than first half, climax of the film is awesome mahesh babu and Rao Ramesh performed very well.
  • I don't like addala films. His SVSC was bad and boring and now brahmotsavam breaks that record too. Its addala's hum saath saath hain. But what addala did was making it a philosophical verbal diarrhoea. None of the actors speak normally in this film. Mahesh is such an overrated actor. Always shows only one expression of subtle intensity. He must learn from jr ntr and allu arjun who are more expressive and versatile. I loved kajal in this film but Samantha irritates you to the core showing off her 32 teeth. Its good that addala has become field out with this film. Otherwise he will give us more brahmotsavam.
  • The movie is just pathetic , mahesh babu yet again struggles with his acting not able to convey any emotions properly its better if he acts in movie which elevate his heroism instead of just trying for roles which have acting scope most of the audience cant even understand the plot
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ►►► For Family Audience: 3.75/5 Rating ►►► Other than family Audience : 3/5 Rating

    One of the best things about Brahmotsavam is that all the actors are simply brilliant, of course with an impressive cast like this, it is no surprise. Mahesh Babu is at his best as an impulsive and happy go lucky lad. His wit and charm is the life and soulof the movie. But he proves that he can be really versatile too with a brilliant emotional display right before the interval.

    The chemistry between Kajal and Mahesh is blazing and will hold your entire attention. Also, the visuals are simply breathtaking with grand mansions, weddings and get togethers. But the only drawback back so far has been a slow moving plot, but it has just gotten half has few comedy elements and you feel better than first half, climax of the film is awesome mahesh babu and Rao Ramesh performed very well.
  • Long long ago, when NTR and ANR enacted in multi starrers it was a feast for the eyes. When that trend bogged down, it was Srikanth Addala who revamped with his cult classic SVSC. Addala's journey so far has been a memorable one in the world of telugu cinema. The subjects he chose; the way he had woven story lines intertwined with emotions was gaily applauded. MB got the much needed kick from his last enterprise Srimanthudu. He wanted more, like the cola ad, so chose Brahmotsavam to woo the family audience again.

    MB is prince charming, looks stunning and as usual gives sleepless nights to his female patrons. The concept of Brahmotsavam which springs to birth in the later half of the movie is fresh and appreciative. But the biggest disappointment was Addala's lackluster screenplay and narration. The first 45 min of the movie reminds you of Chitrahaar on Doordarshan. The family saga episodes frustrate and irritate you and it feels like you are watching a never ending telugu soap on a 70mm screen. As I was writing this review, I somehow recollected Sunil's dialogue from Khaleja - "Anni bad le kaadu good lu kuda untayi". So the "good"s - The interval bang is one of the best episodes and MB excels, delivers a stunning performance - What the audience had been craving for till then. Post interval Samantha pumps the energy level. It's like drinking Glucon-D. But the energy lasts only for few moments and onscreen tiredness seeps in. The travel episodes and the urge to find your roots, your seven generations is shown in a novel but a tedious way.

    The movie snail paces towards the climax. Did the end credits roll? No wait a min, the climax is still going on, the family's getting united, Rao Ramesh is still confessing, Ppl around him are praising Mahesh, the aunts are still crying, there's already a pool of tears on the floor etc etc. Admist all this hungama, MB's act stands out. If not for him, PVP wouldn't even have recovered 10% of his total expenditure. Dialogues take a little time to understand. You need to be attentive. The screenplay bores you, but the dialogues seek your attention. That's like revenge on the audience.

    Coming to the artistes, (yeah there were scores of them), Rao Ramesh bagged yet another classy role. He's filling in his dad's shoes very well. Addala always has a special role for him in his heart and in his movies. Revathi, Jayasudha and Satya raj put in a decent act. The others are just wasted. Naresh, Siyaji Shinde, Tulasi etc hardly have couple of dialogues to mouth. Vennela Kishore manages to evoke few laughs, he is shown to be in total sync with the current audience mindset. All the 3 damsels were cute.Romance between Kajal and MB got monotonous after few episodes. Chemistry between Sam and MB was more bewitching. Pranitha - oh yeah, she was there too, just there. Mickey's music was ok but BGM was much better. Too many songs spoiled the movie's broth

    Mukunda, SVSC, Kotta Bangaru Lokam were a true testament of Addala's potential. He had the niche for portraying human emotions beautifully on the silver screen. Even though Mukunda bombed it was a decent watch. But Brahmotsavam ends up as a total bummer. Addala couldn't weave his band and re-create his magic, MB couldn't save the movie from sinking deep into the flop bed of telugu cinema and Audience couldn't help zandu-balming themselves.

    If Aagadu was an evil twin brother of Dookudu, Brahmotsavam's an evil twin sister of SVSC !!! So chudanivallu pandaga chesukondi...Do grand festival !!!
  • Brahmotsavam is a story of a family and one member of the family in particular. That person is Mahesh Babu's character. Curiously, most of the characters in the film don't have a name, Mahesh being one of them. He is a son of a wealthy paint businessman who has made an empire out of nothing. His father, played by Sathyaraj, has a confidante and a brother of sorts who handles everything for him, played by Rao Ramesh. Ramesh was always jealous of the status, wealth and respect Sathyaraj held and wanted the same for himself. Also, he is anxious to get his daughter Pranitha Subhash married to Mahesh. In the end Brahmotsavam is strictly a one time watch and mostly for Mahesh Babu fans. It is a decent ride that will leave you a little unsatisfied towards the end. But kudos to Srikanth Addala for trying to do something different.
  • If you are a person from the joint family, take my word that the movie is simply superb. First half was the mentioning of theme and the second was the explanation of the theme. The people who thought that the movie has created the headache are those who gives no value to the affections. The way of showing the relational values in India is at its best. Of course, every movie possesses some negatives. But Director Srikanth wrote some marvelous conversations in the movie and also some of the moments in the movie are the real life experiences in the joint family. On watching the 2nd half, i just got tears. Climax was excellent. And obviously, Mahesh was amazing and acted brilliantly again. The movie will draw the attention of our parent's generation for sure. we have seen lot of feel good movies in the concepts of Love. But here comes the Feel good family entertainer. On the whole, Movie is above average for me.
  • Movie reviews Bhramostsavam Rating 2.75/5 The story is not managed well. The wonderful concept of togetherness is not shown effectively.. Superb set of Cast and crew members.. Characters in the 🎥 actually 🎭 well but they are 😱 not utilized.. Director seems confused 😕 of what he is actually doing... Music 🎶 is not too impressive.. Mahesh Babu looks awesome as he is but his 🎭 in emotional scenes lag behind.. Mahesh is best with his mass mannerism which is not there in the 🎥.. Samantha looks Beautiful as usual.. Sam made her best 🎭.. Kajal looks cute.. Kajal has 🎭 brilliantly but her role is too small.. All Co stars ✨ have given their best and it's still less as more entertainment is needed... Overall a movie 🎥 can be watched once if you are Mahesh Babu Fan.. Personal Touch There is no proper Co ordination of scenes, I really didn't understand why the scenes comes and go.. The story roams just like our thoughts 💭 and feels like blunder on screen.. Too much input is not good.. With the best of best actors, a average 🎥 is not acceptable... 2 ✨ for the 🎥, 0.5 🌟 For Prince and 0.25 🌟 for Beauty Sam.. ‪#‎Bramothsavam‬ ‪#‎TeluguMovie‬ ‪#‎AnuReviews‬
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you are a person from the joint family or not, of course , take my word that the movie is simply superb. The first half was the mentioning of theme and the second was the explanation of the theme. The people who thought that the movie has created the headache are far away from the affections(Technically they have expected punch dialogues, Fights, Comedy & more than that.......) . Director Srikanth wrote some marvelous conversations. In between the moments in the movie are the real life experiences in the joint family The way of showing the relational values is at its best . On watching the 2nd half, I just felt like I was traveling to north India and searching for someone . The climax was expected. And obviously, Mahesh was amazing and acted brilliantly again. The movie will draw the attention of our parent's generation for sure. we have seen a lot of feel good movies in the concepts of Love. But here comes the Feel good family entertainer.
  • Absolutely brilliant. Mahesh babu showing why he's one of the finest actors in India. Top notch direction and brilliant performances. Climax will definitely leave you in tears. The movie is brilliantly captured. Locations look phenomenal. Should go on to become the biggest hit of mahesh's career. Mahesh babu just keeps getting younger with every movie. This is a film which will appeal to all sections and ages. This film will make you want to call each and every family member of yours and talk to them. The songs are very peppy and the sets are brilliant. First half as good as second half. Don't go expecting a mass movie with just fights and slap stick comedy and you will not be disappointed.
  • sysnaresh13 June 2017
    I don't know why people are rating this movie very low,There is a life in each bit. which circumstances will arrive in our life,i thought this movie will prove-ken my feelings on family.I really thank full to director Srikanth Addala for making me a good in my family feelings.This was the excellent film in family values.once again i thank you to the whole crew of Brahmotsavam.
  • All the actors share the screen play quite proportionately, and this is a great feat the director has achieved. Mahesh conveys all emotions so perfectly. Samantha looks gorgeous. Kajal does portrays her character well. Pranitha hasn't much to do, except accept the way things are. The camera work is top-notch, and the cinematography is breath-taking. It's a movie with an unorthodox plot, unorthodox screenplay and everything about is so refreshing if not new. The dialogues are written after a good thought, and fit in the context and feel good. The songs are short and soothing, and adopted in a way which is very unusual for Telugu audience in the recent times. Overall it is a must watch movie, which takes you on a journey with a wide range of emotions.
  • yaswant20722 May 2016
    After murari this many people on the big screen. This movie shows how the joint families life in India. People who expects punch dialogs,comedy & mass fighting this is not the movie for those. I like the directors thought and honor for his thought to find and meet the 7 generations people. I like the story and all the actors performed their best in the roles. Specially mahesh sir, kajol and ramesh garu lived in their roles. The affection between father and son , some good words deliver to the small girl who is about to die. Rao gopal rao cartoon is good.costumes and visualization is awesome. Only one thing i doesn't like is misplacement of songs.otherwise i could have give 10/10.
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