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  • It really is rare to get a good wholesome show on TV these days. The pace of the show is very smooth and the content is not raunchy or over the top like you see in a lot of other shows these days. I would go so far as to say that you could probably watch this as a family.

    The stereotypes are funny, but they're not offensive. A Jewish donut shop owner, working with a black guy, and a middle eastern business owner next door who all make cracks on each other all around. It's downright funny.

    The show itself addresses real life issues like stereotyping, racism, and the decline of small business as it's overshadowed by corporate America. The show conquers these issues in a funny, yet respectable way and the way they bring these issues to light to viewers is well thought out and not offensive.

    I really think viewers would be missing out if they didn't at least give the show a chance. My family was hooked from episode 1 and we plan to watch if for as long as it airs.
  • They've learned one thing after season 1. Getting rid of the bad apples. And that they did, too bad that wasn't the only thing making the show unwatchable.

    Political Correctness simply killed this show.
  • Mmmmmmmmm, a coffee shop experience with a neighborhood of characters who all enjoy the taste and retro ambiance of Superior Donuts. I am writing this review after just watching the pilot episode and with the wide variety of interesting characters the show has a lot to work with for some good comedy. Old Arthur hires new and cool Franco and voila' we have a new recipe that works!

    Arthur Przybyszewski (Judd Hirsch) has owned the same donut shop Superior Donuts for 47 years and although his neighborhood is always changing, his donut shop has not changed one bit in decades. Of course all cops like donuts and this neighborhood's cops Randy Deluca (Katy Sagal)and James Jordan (Darien Sills-Evans) are steady customers of Arthur's. Randy has been enjoying Superior Donuts since she was just a little girl while first visiting Superior Donuts with her father for donuts. We also have the donut shops self-proclaimed black Jesus savior Franco Wicks (Jermaine Fowler) who is trying to convince the shops owner Arthur that he needs to consider new ways of encouraging a whole bunch of new customers in to the shop.

    Fawz (Maz Jobrani), Maya (Anna Baryshnikov), Carl "Tush" Tushinski (David Koechner) and Brad (Stephen Guarino) complete the dirty dozen of first customers that like to hang out at Arthur's shop for the nostalgia and of course for the donuts. Since Arthur has been able to hold on against the new Starbucks that moved in across the street I have confidence that the eclectic ensemble of new characters that hang out at Superior Donuts will keep us entertained.

    The first episode appealed to Mrs. Shullivan and I. We look forward to some more fresh donuts coming in to our home each week and I give the pilot a 10 out of 10 for providing wholesome comedy for families to watch together.
  • I've only seen the first two episodes of this new CBS sitcom starring TV legend, Judd Hirsh, and so far, so good. This, in many ways is your classic "workplace comedy", with an assortment of characters -- in this case set in a Chicago old-world-style donut shop. Hirsh plays it's old- school owner who takes in a young protégé to help bring his place (and himself?) into the new century!

    One character I find particularly amusing is played by David Koechner. He plays a laid-off factory worker, who now works an assortment of different "for-hire" jobs, and has his own portable fax machine! LOL
  • jazebelle20 February 2017
    Just finished the first three episodes of this comedy. Given that I'm a Maz Jobrani fan (and that I've met him in person and watched him live), I have to say he's probably the reason I was even interested in this series. Nevertheless, it's quite funny. The dialogue whilst some may argue is cliché and done before several times, I still think Judd Hirsch brings out a special spark that just makes it funnier.

    Crossing my fingers so they don't take this off the air. Jobrani is hilarious in anything he does and Superior Donuts is no exception. I'll certainly be looking forward to this now each week.
  • reaper-1742724 February 2017
    It would be a good show if it wasn't for the political statements. When I sit to watch a Sitcom, I want to be entertained....not given views on gun control and racism. We see too much of that everywhere else. Hollywood needs to entertain and stay out of politics. Bringing back old actors won't create longevity for the show, so the writers will need to find a way to bring new people in while phasing out the old. I really don't see this show making it to season 2.
  • I can't belive I'm seeing reviews saying "now this is comedy". Is the world completely brain dead? "Comedy" nowadays is scary bad. I've watched several episodes waiting for the "comedy" and it's literally cringe-worthy bad, as most sitcoms are nowadays.
  • kirubel-5941526 April 2017
    This show has a classic feel to it. The puns are funny the characters feel authentic. I barely comment on diversity but on this show, everything was so natural that I did not think about it once and it's like no other TV sitcom's out there today which is subtle and one everyone can relate too. I plan to watch it as long as it airs. So I ask everyone reading this review to support it cause there isn't one like it left.
  • The first season of this was great - like most who LOVED it - I loved it within the first two episodes. I knew I loved before the opening 'credits' of the first episode. The only character that was out of place was Maya... I really loved the first season, great to see Judd Hirsch back. He had a lot to work with in the first season... Then I started season 2 and it's trash. Losing two cast members and adding a latina character that added nothing - I REALLY don't like her - I'm just not diggin it. The 2 second season was all whiny baby PC crap - and Hirsh has nothing to do. James Burrows direction in the first season - I can see now - was a BIG reason it succeeded but man season 2 is flat and preachy. I love the laugh track (anyone over 40 should feel comfy with it, kids today have taught to hate it) and performances in the first season but season 2 is painful after the first 2 episodes. It really has lost it's way and I'd almost say don't even bother after season 1... VERY disappointed with season 2, it seems like a totally different show now... I'm almost ready to bow out - I'm really torn cuz I'm so happy to have Judd back. The entire cast deserved better - and so did we.
  • Normally, the discrepancy on IMDB is between 1-2, possibly 3 on the odd occasion. However, this show's rating is weirdly over inflated. It is so poor that I literally cringe with the acting, delivery and the never ending over use of outdated clichés. The pay must be the only thing attracting these actors to keep on filming as surely they must sense that it's not working. Please put them out of their misery and cancel this rubbish and not The Last Man On Earth!
  • I love everything about this show, its a mixture of two of my favorite shows which are that 70s show and Brooklyn 99. Maz Jobrani is hilarious and I can't wait to see the evolution of Frankie and Arthur's weird father and son like relationship. please watch this show this show is going to be a hit, they should call me and ill help them write
  • Now this is comedy. The way the owner and the kid engage is really cool. I like the old guy because he is cranky and difficult and I like the kid because well I just like him. He reminds me of Reno on Mike and Molly. Don't get me started on that UPSET though. This show I hope will make up for my Mike and Molly rip off. I think Katy will make a splashing comeback in this sitcom that is well suited for her. And the Starbucks guy is funny as well. Iim looking forward to this weekly and hope it does well and stays on the air. I hope that this show gets placed in a good time slot and gets good ratings. I need the laughs and this show hits me in all the right places. My stomach usually hurts from laughing after watching. Really Really good show.

    What i hate the most is the review process that this website makes you go through. THis place bites. I just want to tell everyone to watch the show not get hyper-regulated.
  • I watched the first episode of this the day it premiered and I thought it was a decent show. In the months that followed they added characters and changed actors and it has devolved into utter trash. Not surprising for a CBS sitcom. They brought in David Koechner and Katey Sagal to punch up the the show and surprisingly, they failed hard. I absolutely love Koechner and everything he has done in the past but this is by far his worst work. This show is just the same jokes over and over. An old guy doesn't accept change and the hip, young black guy is broke and does drugs. Another terrible American sitcom.
  • yastepanov23 February 2017
    This is just another "Chico and the Man." All the plots are incredibly hack and predictable.

    The jokes are about as stale as last week's, well...

    It is the usual "old guy has to overcome his bigotry, you guy helps."

    The characters are stock stereotypes,
  • Maybe it's me. I don't really like the show very much. I keep watching, hoping I'll like it eventually. I absolutely cannot stand Maya, Faws, and Randi. The Maya character adds nothing to the show. The Faws character is too stereotypical and not funny AT ALL. Katey Sagal has been acting WAY too long to be this flat. It sounds like she's reading her lines from teleprompter. However, I do like Sweat Pants.
  • chimps-1742720 March 2017
    The episode with Arthur bringing out all his '60s protest stuff was very poignant !! Hope they continue to write about important issues these great actors pull off so well! The timely diversity of the characters is so necessary right now!! Our country is at a crossroads concerning racism/bigotry and people speaking out against these things and just uniting as decent human beings....we need more shows like this on regular TV!
  • eurofreeman8 February 2017
    Cliché, cliché, cliché just about describes this tosh.

    The humour does not transcend outside the USA. The comedy acting is simply second rate with stop start before each gag line. This is one to miss unless you are easily pleased. I could practically spew out the punchlines before they arrived.

    Sorry to say but nothing new or innovative here, just the same ole, same ole.

    The writers really need to to better to take comedy up a notch otherwise we are stuck in the past.

    Series 2 - I hope not.
  • pithawg-127 March 2017
    Lots of Love/Hate for this little show with lots of heart. It translates well across the pond. Thought i would make that clear. Two show's with heart are "Superior Donuts" and "Kim's Convenience" as for the other comedy shows i have seen in the last 3 years.. none compare. As a former stand up and sinner of stage and screen by far the best acting. Cliche's sure but not swearing to get laughs, no outrageous sexual deviance for laughs. Clean is a much harder form of comedy.. a little campy is cool. Times have changed as ethics are a thing of the past with comics.. a true comic uses timing not "f" bombs. Kudos on those shows trying hard to bring back playful and endearing happiness, something much needed everywhere. Happy humor is my choice for a winning shoe (w).
  • People who rate this more than 3 must be connected to the show. Awful
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hope it gets picked up for season 3 by another network.
  • cbxpapichulo10 April 2018
    Loved this show, it's like a modern day "Cheers". Good humor, funny characters, good moral stories.
  • Predictable comedy not 10 minutes into it and I started thinking Chico and the man, and the character "Fawz" making jokes about Iraqi germ warfare I thought was a little dry. Did anyone else just imagine a bunch of dead kids laying in the streets of Iraq after Saddam Hussein gassed them all? Maybe I'm over critical but that's the 1st thing that came to my mind. I've always liked Judd Hirsch and Kathy Siegel maybe it will get better, I loved Chico and the man!
  • sfeston6 May 2019
    Don't know why people are complaining about it being too PC. Loved watching it.
  • I really loved the cast. It was a very funny show. BUT it ruined itself by having more issues of the times like prejudice of race, color and sexual harassment in the workplace etc. I agree with them being wrong but this was supposed to be a comedy.
  • flutie19997 January 2018
    Great acting with a lot sterotypical cheese. Glad to see Judd Hirsch and Katy Sagal back on prime time.
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