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  • I loved Deadpool (2016) I was blown away by it and Reynolds commitment to the character, it was fantastic.

    I was however heartbroken when I saw the first trailer for this sequel, it looked pants. Not just pants, I mean granny pants. 15yr old, torn, badly stained (4 different shades) granny pants.

    I've never been so happy about being wrong. Deadpool 2 delivers and is easily comparable in quality to the first movie and I sure as hell did not expect that.

    With fantastic new additions, all the returning cast and excellent cameos this is the Deadpool sequel I desired but didn't expect (Or possibly deserve).

    With it's brand of over the top violence, quick fire humour, endless pop culture references and Reynolds in the role he was born to play Deadpool 2 is a worthy sequel in a franchise that I don't ever want to end if it continues like this.

    So damn funny, I can't wait to see what they do with the third movie. The concept however of bringing Deadpool into the existing Marvel Universe though fills me with dread. How could Deadpools brand of R rated goodness possibly fit into the Disney universe? Don' it!

    The Good:

    Cast are fantastic again

    So damn funny

    Action packed

    Soundtrack as random as it may be

    The incredible during credits scenes

    The Bad:

    That kid, he's just beyond annoying in everything he's in

    Some questionable casting choices for the new characters

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Everyday should be international womans day

    Vinnie Jones is all grown up
  • I didn't think "DP2" could possibly be funnier than the first? It was! A bigger budget helps but as with everything? Writing, Directing & of course, the actors make this quite a film! It's all action & hilarity, from the first scene to the last! I'm not gonna spoil it? This movie grabs you from the starting credits, until the screen goes black! Not made for children!
  • kamau-1526714 May 2018
    Your going to be hard pressed to find a movie more over the top than Deadpool 2, David leitch takes it to a whole new level entirely. It works namely because the violence here is just to creative. Sure it defies all Logic most of the time, but i was laughing and having a rip-roaring time throughout.

    Go into this movie knowing that it is a campy, corny, over the top superhero/action/comedy that is just about crazy shooting sequences and one-liners, and you'll be fine. Do not go into this movie expecting deep plot, meaningful conversations among characters, or anything remotely resembling a serious action or drama movie.

    Loved it....
  • Two years ago, Ryan Reynolds' long-standing dream came true: the screen saw the screening of the "Deadpool" spitting on all morals and the foundations of the comic book. And as well as commercially there was a bomb success, it was proved that the charm is not only in black humor, greasiness and izhe.

    And now the same team returned. Plus 100 million of the budget (the budget of the first in the region of 50), minus Tim Miller.

    In my opinion, the director's change did not affect what was happening. But many were worried. It seems to me that everything is on Reynolds. On his charisma, zadore, drive and positive. Perhaps he was in the director's chair, and not only in the position of the co-author of the script and the producer. Even the promo campaign was also strong and with a ton of banter!

    In general, the attraction develops according to the same plot scheme. Added characters, events. That's exactly what became more interesting - the appearance of the Cable. He really and excellent counterbalance to the mercenary-chatterbox, brighter than Ajax from the first part. Yes, the conflict built on it is also excellent.

    And Brolin has finally proved himself in the movie comic book. It's not Thanos to voice! His bestial grin and brutality organically blended with the narrative. And I can not imagine an actor who played this character better.

    Wonderfully fit and Bitz. Graceful young lady, perfectly acting out a comedic image. Everything is very organic. Boyega - learn!

    And among the jokes about genitals, bunches and other sodomy, serious topics also run through: for example, the theme of family and relationships. And this, like in the case of the "Sentinels", is not attracted by the ears - dear audience, laughter with laughter, but do not forget about serious.

    As for humor, then the authors also took a new line - in self-irony. I have not seen such a sincere and charming banter over myself for a long time! And here there is no transition to self-flagellation or kinks in the spirit of some publications. Even black humor and jokes below the pager are served deliciously and in moderation, rather than a stream from the machine gun a la modern comedies.

    Keep the Mark!

    An excellent adult action movie with meat, black humor, self-irony and banter over everyone and everything.

    One question - what will surprise us in the third part? Question.
  • I was able to see Deadpool 2 at an advance screening. Deadpool shook things up and delivered offbeat fun when diehard fans were looking for something new from the genre. I thought it was a surprisingly well-rounded movie that perfectly encapsulated its hero and lovingly poked fun at both itself and other genre tropes. It was among my favourite movies of 2016. When it comes to bringing the laughs, I think Deadpool 2 is just as funny as the original entry. There's even more meta jokes, the same gleefully dirty spirit carries over and some unexpected payoffs left me cackling. They build upon some of the previous memorable bits (I admire Ryan for being so willing to relentlessly skewer his filmography) without it going stale. Luckily, they didn't ruin the movie by putting all the funny bits in the trailer and there's plenty to enjoy. They weren't afraid to push the envelope with the humour and stick around past the finale for a truly epic bit that rolls during the credits.

    We've got all your favourite players back from Deadpool and I want to credit the writers for giving the opportunity for the characters to grow. Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is his typical wise-cracking self but he's found happiness and the change in his relationship with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) has really impacted his outlook. Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) return as X-Men members and while they're familiar, they're attitude does change towards Deadpool's antics. We also get back Dopinder (Karan Soni), Weasel (T.J. Miller) and Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) as the rest of Wade's crew and they all bring something new or hilarious to the film. I also really liked the new members of the cast; Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz) lived up to the hype. Cable has more depth than I expected and a highlight of Deadpool 2 was how they worked in Domino's ability into the action. They were so creative in how her abilities changed the way the action flowed. I also really liked the character of Russell (Julian Dennison) and how they used him in the movie. He becomes the driving force of the plot and they shape his character in a way that finds a nice balance between too soft and too arrogant. If I had any complaints, Eddie Marsan's character is one of the weakest villains I've seen in the genre, he has little dimension and his screen time is limited. I also preferred the treatment of a few of the original characters in the initial installment (Negasonic and Blind Al were stronger in the first movie). Keep your eyes open for a couple of surprise appearances by a few famous faces in the X-Men lore.

    Director David Leitch is well known for his work in stunts and co-ordinating memorable action set pieces. This has carried over into his directorial efforts, I had a general knowledge of this going in, so I was expecting big things. Again, this movie rose to the task. It equals the original and, in some ways, surpasses it. I've already mentioned Domino, Colossus has a standout fight in the finale of the movie, the direction the movie decided to go with the initial X-Force mission was very surprising and I also liked Cable and Wade's first fight in the prison. The movie doesn't have a signature scene like the 12 bullets opening in Deadpool but there was never a moment that I was bored when the severed limbs were flying. Leitch and his team definitely got the job done and they balanced the humour and the thrills superbly.

    Ryan Reynolds followed up his signature turn as the foul-mouthed mercenary with an equally impressive performance. He's joined Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr. as the benchmark of acting within the genre and I question if anyone else could even come close to him playing this character. Morena Baccarin still has great chemistry with Reynolds and their relationship remains as sweet as it did before. Brolin is appropriately cast as Cable, he lived up to high expectations and was appropriately gruff. Zazie Beetz is great as Domino, her casting was met with a lot of criticism but she's funny and I wish we had spent more time with her. Karan Soni carried over his charm from Deadpool as did Brianna Hildebrand. Julian Dennison did a solid job as Russell, I hadn't seen his previous work, but I can understand why so many people were excited to see him. Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgard, Lewis Tan and Rob Delaney were all good as the new X-Force members. Delaney was the standout as Peter. I also liked Stefan Kapicic and Leslie Uggams in their respective supporting parts.

    One of the more surprisingly successful parts of the original Deadpool movie was the love story between Wade and Vanessa. It was surprisingly effective, and I dug the direction they took with it. Deadpool 2 is a story about family and while it still worked, it didn't tug at my heartstrings like the emotional core of the first one did. This isn't the fault of the actors or even the writers, it just didn't have the same impact.

    In my opinion, this is a great sequel. It delivers a potent mix of both action and comedy. I was impressed that they refused to rest on the laurels of the original adventure and tried to do something new with it. If you found the first one too crude, too violent or too meta, I don't think this one will work for you. Its a movie that stands on its own, but you get the same creative expression as you did in the first one. I wouldn't say this is better than Deadpool, but it is on that same level for me. Its not perfect so I can't go all the way to a 10 but my actual rating is 9.5/10.
  • After really looking forward to this movie, I came out of the cinema slightly disappointed. Theres plenty of joke and action but the jokes seemed to be a bit meh, I only remembered laughing out loud twice and story line is a bit disjointed. The problem I had is in the DP 1 you had the shock factor of a tongue in cheek mavel character but in this movie that's already gone, so you have to rely on a good plot but unfortunately it lacked that, so I felt a little bit bored by it. I'm not saying it not a good movie but I expected a lot more but sadly I felt let down.
  • Before the viewing of this film, I lowered my expectations knowing that majority of sequels are not as good as it's predecessors, but luckily the cast and crew made sure that this sequel is better in every aspect. Deadpool 2 abounds in funny moments, action scenes and importantly emotional ones, which were kind of weak in the first installment. This sequel bring some teachable moments on the table, but not too much, so the core of the movie is still very Deadpool-esque. The humor is similar to that of the first, with couple more pop culture jokes which might be a problem for some viewers, but for the most part they are easily understandable with the basic knowledge of pop culture. Along with well known original cast, we have couple of newcomers who fit in the cast perfectly. Brolin has a lot of screentime and he delivers in each scene. It features very entertaining references and cameos, and has one of the funniest post credits scenes in superhero movies, so be sure to stick around untill the very end. All in all, Deadpool 2 is a movie that can be enjoyable not only for fans of superhero genre, but for all who want to have a laugh while enjoying interesting action scenes.
  • "Deadpool 2" is a fine example of how the sequel can improve the original. Continuation hasn't lost a peculiar hooligan charm of the original, but at the same time has allowed the character to become someone big, not simply the carrier of infinite and often unfunny jokes.

    Perhaps, it is all about change of the director, but the sequel really looks as full-fledged movie.
  • As you expected, Deadpool 2 is all that we expected and above. The action does not stop almost the entire movie, the new characters are great especially Cable and Domino. The humor as you expected is something without which the movie will not be the same ... yet it is a distinctive feature for the character of Deadpool.

    The story is good and you can expect some surprising people to interfere in the the movie, but I will not tell you, see for yourself. The effects are very good, the music choice fits great with the action scenes and the individual moments in the movie.

    Supporting roles also do not lag behind and accumulate a lot of points. If I have to determine which is the best part of the movie, then that's undoubtedly Josh Brolin as Cable.

    I advise you to stay to the end of the movie, there are some pretty good things waiting for you (aftercredit scenses).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It just saddens me that this film is so highly rated. There were parts of it I enjoyed but not that many. The tie-in with the X-men world worked for a while because of deadpool's looser sense of ethics, and the reduced circumstances of his - and the kid's incarceration in mutant prison almost makes him vulnerable enough to care about, but none of that lasts, and for the majority - and after those events - remainder of the film, we find ourselves in the presence of someone who not only won't die, but - and of course it is his trade-mark - won't shut up. All superheroes are effectively immortal, but there is something about deadpool's unkillability that really destroys any tension in this movie, and unfortunately it is all done quite deliberately. In most superhero movies we know that that the (super)hero must survive but somehow also worry about them. With deadpool though everything is an in-joke, and that includes the fact that superheroes - deadpool at least - are indestructable, and the movie plays with that endlessly. There is at least one funny scene that arises out of this (consequent to his meeting the monster in the prison basement) but for the most part it simply means we don't care about what happens in the way that we normally would and since the writers appear to anticipate this we are treated instead to endless knowing jokes about his desire to die. The intention seems to be to try to make deadpool into some kind of existentially tragic figure - but unlike say groundhog day, where unkillability becomes a metaphor for sameness of every day, the writers completely fail in this respect. Deadpool's loss (of a loved one) and motivation never seem real, and when he somehow finds a mission in the redemption of one of the characters in the movie it just doesn't seem like something he'd actually do. There's also the politics of the film. Leaving aside the PC aspect (which is pretty much universal these days) there's also something disturbing about the hate figures in the film. The people who run the 'ophanage' in the fim are thinly disguised religious bigots, and not only the main 'preacher' like head of the institution but all of its staff - who are likened to paedo philes - are simply despatched as token 'haters'. Given the controversies surrounding some of the people who made the x-men films themselves there is something slightly ironic about this - people who live in glass cages shouldn't ....etc.. That's not to say the mutant hating bigots aren't to be faulted, but that we shoiuld perhaps be a little wary about taking our morality from anything as ethically warped as deadpool, a man who though he can't be killed or effectively injured despatches legions of bad guys more in offence than defence, and typically in nasty and fundamentally unfair ways. In fact at times, particularly at the beginning, deadpool as a superhero feels like the cinematic version of shooting, stabbing, hacking and decapitating fish in a barrel.

    I just find everything about this film immature and fake. However it probably does know its audience, who from the ratings would appear to like being force fed dubious easter eggs, not to mention hollywood politics and morality. In truth I'm probably just too old for this kind of film, but at the same time I kind of feel so should anyone older than a teenager
  • This was so aggressively meta that it stopped being funny instantly. Truly only Zazie Beats and Rob Delaney made this film even a little bit tolerable. The jokes felt recycled and overdone and the fun from the first film was completely lost in this installment. I would say stream this when it's on Netflix. Don't waste your money.
  • Did you ever have a friend who constantly made snide remarks to try to make people laugh in order to draw attention to themselves and become liked? It works at first but after awhile becomes so annoying people quit laughing and just start ignoring the person. That basically sums up this movie. Funny for about 10 minutes, tolerable for the next 10 minutes, and annoying for the rest of the movie.

    As a result this movie quickly became a long, boring, clichéd. over hyped, unfunny, annoying, and disappointing mess. Linear storyline, no plot twists, forgettable characters (with the exception of Domino), uneven pacing, marginal acting, and just totally forgettable. The entire movie was lazy writing!

    One star for the character of Domino and one star for the rather interesting trailer insert at then end of the movie but other than that not worth watching much less paying to see it first run.

    Look for this one to be out in DVD by July and in the discount movie bins at Walmart by Christmas.
  • sisyaa11 August 2018
    For every 10 min of "jocular" conversation, there is 2 min of story. And the story is nothing which you haven't seen before. Few jokes bring out a smile or laughter, but eventually the biggest the joke is made by director on us, with this lazy writing and weak story.

    If you care for your time, just watch DP 1
  • Do not believe the hype.. do not go and see it because it's a complete waste of time and money.. it doesn't make any sense, boring, pointless, lame jokes, awful acting, terrible storyline (if you can even call it one!).. 100% trash.
  • marwood-3835223 May 2018
    Went into this with such high expectations and was hopeful that it would be somewhat reminicient of the first movie, but sadly it was not meant to be. What a let down. Right from the start something seemed off with both the script and acting, it seemed as though the jokes were... missing. I assumed it was a movie that got better the more you watched and they were saving the better laughs for the second half. But no, hardly any memorable jokes, just lots and lots of CG action scenes which seemed boring. I found myself bored and yawning at the thin plot and shallow characters. The X-Force seemed promising but that didn't last long. A very frustrating 2hrs and money wasted on what was essentially a total misfire of a sequel that could have been as entertaining as the first.
  • zxhaxdr20 June 2018
    The first one is amazing and I like it so much. There is fun parts in this movie for sure but the whole movie made me feel disgusted and sick. Full of political correct and propaganda. I escaped from China because I'm sick of China Communist Party's propaganda. Then again? Everywhere?
  • An unfunny mess from start to finish. No soul, recycled humour, weak story and phoned in performances. Reynolds and Brolin seemed bored. I know I was too.
  • This movie was a waste of time to see. After seeing the first one when it came out, We went to see this one last night. I figured this one this one would be somewhere close in comparison to the original, but MAN WAS I WRONG. Ryan Reynolds must have been desperate. The entire movie was simply horrible. Over half of the people in the nearly sold out theater got up and walked out before it was half over, so I am not the only one that thought this way. Hopefully, they do not come out with a #3..
  • deluko17 May 2018
    Just not worth spending your time and money. Nothing but meaningless to absurd, low-level jokes.

    Anyone who reads these reviews knows my feelings about sequels and prequels and if you don't I'll just say it once more, they are never as good as the original!


    Deadpool 2 is one of a very few which is actually better than the original.

    Yes it's dubstep above the original, it runs big huge rings around the original, it laughs in the face of the original while dancing to dubstep.

    I never write spoilers and won't start here, all I will say is that you will openly be laughing at so many in gags, far more than in any of the trailers, they kept the best for the film and the trailers don't spoil the film in any way shape or form.

    A definite MUST SEE!!!!!

    Yes believe the hype!!!!

    Rating 10 out of 10
  • This is easily the worst Marvel mutant movie made to date. Not funny in any way unless you're about 10 years old. The story is asinine and writing was something out of a high school production.

    Also, the depiction of the comic characters is one of the worst in any movie so far. I am a big fan of Domino and Cable but I hated everything about them in this movie. They are nothing like the books I read back in the 90s and 2000s. Cable was completely ruined and Domino is now a ditsy clown. They couldn't have selected a worse actor for the character for Nathan. He was so out of place with the written character that you might as well had given the roll to Ben Stiller. That actor needs to be replaced immediately.
  • Plot was weak. Characters are mostly forgettable. Jokes were at times funny. But the show was just a drag.
  • marc-949-51298822 May 2018
    Sucked...politically correct bs...nothing like the first...whiny, boring and not funny
  • pikolas-6204528 May 2018
    Amazing, hilarious and like always brutal! Ryan Reinolds was born for Deadpool
  • DEADPOOL 2 is a family movie, or so claims our titular protagonist. An extremely violent, witty, fourth wall breaking family movie. At its core is a tale of loss, a tale of wanting to belong, of failed father figures, and the cycle of vengeance all wrapped in a message of overcoming personal tragedy to be better individuals. It mixes genuinely funny comedy, pop culture references and lovable characters with a deeper more personal tale of the Merc with a mouth put through .

    As with the first movie, DEADPOOL 2 defies genre and subverts viewer expectation at every turn. Each time a "typical" story beat or trope is brought up, it is soon subverted and deconstructed in the most clever way possible. An escape plan right out of PRISON BREAK? Does not end well for Wade and Russell. An action packed vehicular chase through the city? Very different from what one would expect. A team up with a bunch of badasses to form X-Force? Yup, definitely not how one would think it would go. In fact, DEADPOOL 2 subverts all expectations of what Deadpool should be about.

    Even the characters undergo this subversive deconstruction. The poor abused boy who's supposed to be running scared? He's starting to show the makings of a serial killer. The part man part machine time traveler Cable? He is the embodiment of "generic 90s comic badass" taken to its logical extremes, complete with tragic motivations, growling voice and eternal scowl. And it all works in the context of the franchise's self referential humour.

    Deadpool himself is slowly revealed to be a stepford smiler, using humour as a means to bury the pain he feels while he undergoes the various stages of grief. Ryan Reynolds effortlessly channels both Deadpool's funny and dramatic side, bringing an earnest portrayal that serves as the heartfelt emotional core of the film. The narrative does venture into some heavy territory, showing the initially self serving Wade subconsciously subjecting Young Russell to the same emotional neglect that his own father put him through.

    The script, courtesy of Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Reynolds himself is masterfully written, full of wit and charm. Jokes come perfectly timed where appropriate, segueing into drama and back again without coming across as jarring. It even improves on the musical aspect.

    The score, now composed by Tyler Bates (WATCHMEN), sounds much more epic and unique compared to the previous work by Junkie XL. The choices of songs, peppered throughout the movie, have lyrics that run parallel to what is happening in the story itself; cleverly used to heighten the emotional impact of many scenes.

    This is an amazing movie and a great sequel. Not perfect though. The steady clear shots and fluid fight choreography that Director David Leitch brought to movies like JOHN WICK is missing here. Instead it is replaced by rapid fire cuts and some erratic editing which, in hindsight, may have been a cost cutting measure considering how some of the special effects, particularly on some fully CGI characters, look spotty at times.

    Nonetheless, nitpicking aside, DEADPOOL 2 takes its titular character to new depths, ups the ante on everything that made the first movie such a hit, and then goes beyond with bigger action, a new cast of unique and relatable characters, and all while keeping it grounded in the very personal tragedy that is the life of Deadpool. Truly a movie to add in the list of great sequels.
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