• LordJiggy6 August 2017
    Interesting concept, very pedestrian execution
    Warning: Spoilers
    The idea seems to have a lot of promise, but the show is not living up to that. The first episode felt rushed, with some handy exposition to give us background on the characters. Apparently, the producers aren't familiar with the old screenwriter's adage "Show, don't tell."

    The casting of some of the "normals" is pretty lame, bordering on clichéd. The Deputy with the ill-fitting hat is one of my whince- inducers...as is all too typical with Hollywood, they are giving us the "What a California person thinks Texans are like" vision of people from even a supernatural fly-over location.

    A lot of the acting is amateurish (dead grandma, I'm looking at you), and a number of the lines are equally painful. One character utters the never-before heard words "We have to be smart about this." I only wish the producers had chosen to take that advice, as well.

    One good thing about the series: It made me interested in reading the books...they have to be better than this swill.
  • leesilm15 August 2017
    Entertaining with heart
    If you liked the first season of LOST GIRL, if you were a PUSHING DAISIES fan, or you a Browncoat who likes Urban Fantasy as well-- this show is for you. At it's core is a family of real characters, who after only 3 episodes, you feel like you've known them for months. It is a bit cheeky and the town feels lived-in. When these guys joke with each other and talk you feel like they all have truly known each other for years, possibly decades. It has vampires, hit-women, mediums, ghosts, a regular average-Jane waitress, a talking cat (with a thick accent!), a Wiccan with some serious powers, and more. I would recommend tuning in. It is a good show, and despite the subject matter, it really is fun.
  • RyanTheStoryteller15 September 2017
    Hoping for Season 2
    Over my years or television watching I have followed many summer shows. Though these shows have varied widely from comedies to dramas to reality shows there is one thing that every single one of them has had in common. None of them has ever lasted past a single season.

    I am hoping that Midnight, Texas will end up being the show that will break that unfortunate trend. This is a good, solid show that is highly entertaining with great characters and a fun premise. I will keep logging on to the old information super-highway in the hope of seeing the glorious headline "Midnight, Texas renewed for Season 2." Fingers crossed!
  • puzzledresearcher25 July 2017
    Mixed bag of magic
    Warning: Spoilers
    Based on the first episode only, Midnight strikes as a mixed affair, with some entertainment value but let down by less than engaging dialogue and character interaction that is too formulaic. The genre (of vampires, psychics, witches, etc.) has become rather worn of late, and Midnight may not be the best entry in this field.

    The look, the direction, the scenes are appealing for a small screen production. The town as presented is not too hokey, if a bit contrived.

    Boy meets girl is the major plot element (for the lead character), with a large dosage of mystery.

    Most intriguing characters are the reverend/pet-cemeterian, and the talking cat. The latter's visual effects are not quite as good as some talking animals in other productions, but is sufficient for the cause.

    Cautiously recommended.
  • heatsink9829 July 2017
    Clumsy writing in the pilot
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've never read the books this series is based upon. That said, I hope the books were better than the pilot I just watched.

    The writing was bad. The acting wasn't great, either, but writing might have a lot to do with that. The show plays out like a more fantasy-centered version of THE SIXTH SENSE, or a take on CONSTANTINE.

    The plot moved along, but it skipped important things like how our hero deals with meeting a vampire. I can see how the writers might have wanted to move quickly into other parts of the story, but skipping reactions to big moments makes the story super weak. The pilot contained enough material for far more than one episode, if pacing and intensity were done properly. I wish it had been done that way, not to mention tightened up on dialog and character design.

    I'm not sure I'll be watching any more episodes after this one.
  • Liz Fickenscher30 July 2017
    Sigh. Really not good.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't think Charlaine Harris is a great writer, but she can turn out an entertaining story. The "Midnight" books were fun because they combined characters and elements of her other books series. The "Sookie" books were represented by the vampire, Lemuel. Bobo Winthrop came from the "Lily" books. The sheriff of nearby Davy was Arthur from the "Aurora" books (woefully misrepresented over on the Hallmark channel, btw). And, finally, Manfred was arguably the most interesting character in the "Harper" books.

    I understand a lot of people are upset that the physical attributes of the actors chosen to play the parts are so different than the way the characters are described in the books. I understand, but I also understand it when someone unlikely is cast for specific artistic or creative reasons.

    I fail to see anything artistic or creative about this show. An earlier reviewer commented that it's a bummer that the casting directors didn't choose characters that fit their book descriptions because those descriptions were really interesting, and they were looking forward to see how that translated to the small screen. I can agree with that, since Manfred sounded really interesting. But Bobo looks just the way he's supposed to, and the show still kind of sucks.

    There's no charm or quirk to this show. It's all flashy, cheesy special effects and polished pretty people with no good dialog. Pass.
  • wswj5197 September 2017
    Down Right Bad
    Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers...kind of.

    I don't know where to begin. The acting is sub-par to down right awful, the dialogue is poor, too much is resolved in one episode, and there are too many things going on. There are white supremacists, a serial killer, demons, an assassin with a screwed up past, a dysfunctional family and two couples that just can't get their crap together. There are so many characters and this show doesn't know how to handle so many at once. They are attempting to mix Supernatural and True Blood but it's just not working.
  • Ladybassetdrool27 July 2017
    Intriguing will give it a go.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have not read the books so the story is new to me. I so far like the characters they do seem rather "pretty" but that is how it goes with TV filmed in in America.

    Like the plot and the ghosts are very good they have substance and grit. I will give first season a fair shake. I really enjoyed the pilot episode and have high hope for season one.
  • mbrask-2281213 September 2017
    Its growing on me
    As someone who loved True Blood and enjoys supernatural story lines, I was very excited for Midnight Texas to premiere. The first couple episodes were a little try-hard, but I stuck with it because I love the actors. By episode 4, I was officially hooked. It's not a heart pounding drama or thriller, but it's entertaining and the actors are starting to connect and get into their parts. I personally would love to see a second season, especially since first seasons for shows aren't always "mind- blowing"....but Midnight definitely has the potential to be the next True Blood or Supernatural.
  • TRlNITY13 August 2017
    Midnight Cliché', Texas
    Warning: Spoilers
    I had high hopes for this show but after the first 2 episodes its a bit of a cliché'. It has only been TWO episodes so, this might all be way harsh however this is what I have seen.

    • Half naked woman, men fully clothed at all times

    • Cringe-worthy in their complete neglect of character development

    • Why are we rushing through all this action with no sense of who these people are, where they came from, or what their philosophies are? I get that that unfolds during the course of a season but... you should at least make a START of it. As it is, the characters are barely engaging.They're all swagger and I couldn't care less about them.

    • Zero chemistry love interest. She can't be forcing herself on him more, he couldn't be less interested. And I might've missed something but how did she get obsessed w/ a guy she doesn't know? Whatever is going on there (nothing) isn't real.

    I'm going to lift from 2 other reviewers here:

    SHOW, don't tell

    • Llet down by less than engaging dialogue and character interaction that is too formulaic

    So, comparisons are inevitable, and I will keep watching to see if the writing gets a little more sophisticated or starts to show some depth, however, if you want a good, character driven supernatural story your better off with Constantine, Being Human (UK or USA) or Haven.

    Having said all this negative, I am intrigued with the preacher. He seems to have some acting chops and I actually really wanna know his story- maybe because he's not some cliché' we've seen before. Well, his "gifts" aren't anyway.

    Last bit > it would be nice to see some, dare I say it? women in their 40's, instead of a show full of men in their 40's with a bunch of late 20's chicks running around. Just throwing that out there before the show starts to do that!!! Biggest cliché' in TV.
  • Shiva Moon29 July 2017
    Get over yourselves!
    For those who just want to whinge about how this series isn't like the book, get over yourselves. So, you read some popular fiction books and expected a facsimile in the TV show; that hardly makes you a literary or film critic. How little you understand theatrical interpretation! Even Shakespeare undergoes radical changes in setting, characterisation and plot, when it is performed and filmed; this author is hardly as elevated as Shakespeare, so stop being so precious and attempting to be pretentious.

    It's a good pilot. The characters are engaging and intriguing; you want to know more. The setting is well chosen and the atmosphere is building. I hated True Blood for the first half of the first series but, by series 2, I loved it. You cannot judge anything on the basis of a pilot and you cannot watch a series expecting it to be exactly like the book.

    As for the reference to Supernatural... I loved that show for 3 series and then it lost me. There's only so much of the same formula a brain can take. I'm hoping that this series will be less formulaic.

    I enjoyed this pilot. I seldom write reviews but I had to respond to the typical 'this character should be more like this...' whining. The whole point of transferring a book to screen is that everything about it evolves in the transition; you take the essence of the book but not micro-detail because there would be no creativity involved, otherwise.
  • missjoelle28 July 2017
    Excellent Show!
    This was a fantastic show!

    It doesn't have to be exactly like the book or..we can just read the book. We have to enjoy things subjectively and just appreciate a good story.

    The dynamic of each individual is brilliant. I love all the actors selected for the Characters and I CAN'T wait till episode 2!
  • Clouddancer1976218 September 2017
    Worth the time
    Midnight is one of those shows that start slow with teasers. It's a nod and wink to the supernatural while also inter-splicing realistic possibilities. It's like a joke. A vampire, a witch, an angel, a wear beast and a hired killer walk into a diner. Except it doesn't have a punch line. Instead. It draws you in. Slowing unraveling each characters background until, you are invested In the towns scrappy bunch of characters. It's definitely worth the time. I intend to binge on all the episodes, thus far, this weekend. The marriage of the occult and Normalicy is intriguing and I'm interested to see where it goes.
  • jaydoo4 August 2017
    Mindless Pap.
    You should be able to predict every plot twist they are going to throw out there for the whole season by the end of the first episode.

    Is NOBODY doing any original thinking in the screen writing department anymore??

    The characters are cliché, the "big bad" is foreshadowed so hard you must have your head in pudding while you watch if you can't see who's coming to town, and the hero/heroine combo will never hook-up because the whole thing relies on their sexual tension to hold the show together (remember Sam & Diane in CHEERS).

    Skip this and watch "Hap & Leonard" instead. Same plot line, better characters, acting, and storytelling.
  • strangerthanwy7 August 2017
    The perfect vacuum.
    To put it bluntly? This "series" both sucks and blows, hence the summary. Laughable southern drawls. Paper thin character development. Jump scares as the main form of entertainment. The best to be said of this "show" is that I have at least a hundred other channels to turn to. The majority of positive votes for Midnight Texas are either family members or stock holders. Pass on this one unless you simply need background noise for your pets while you are doing something more productive.
  • NoOneSpecific25 July 2017
    I am curious about the other review
    Given that the show debuted on July 24, 2017, I am skeptical of the review, dated: 26 February 2017 | by Kai Breen.

    Just saying...

    Otherwise, the show seems to be setting itself up fine. Characters are interesting if not inaccurate to the novel.
  • knightofggg29 July 2017
    Nice Start
    The important thing is we all want to see what happens next. The show is off to a great start with enough elements involved to be a real cliff hanger. The fun is in the abilities yet undiscovered by the other inhabitants of this town. As well as their love interests and pursuits. Overall, a nice start to what looks to be one hell of a show.
  • sw-shop-mama13 August 2017
    We have seen it before ... this show is nothing really new and fresh
    Warning: Spoilers
    After the first episode I was lukewarm about the show. If you have watched True Blood you may be tempted to expect similar. But that lack of living up to that expectation was not what basically made up my mind about giving up after 3 episodes. To some extend I enjoyed "Vampire Diaries" and "The Orginials". I quitted Vampire Diaries at season 6 and The Originals at season 3 because of the same old story over and over again. The main theme is to fight off some sort of evil threat. This repeats over and over again without any really important/interesting arch in the back of the whole story. To me Midnight feels all the same and therefore nothing new and fresh to watch (if you haven't watched "Buffy" you may enjoy the evil threat at the doorstep). But for me it is a mixture of most I already have watched (Buffy & the other vampire shows I mentioned plus a bit of "Ghostwhisperer" and maybe a little of "Being Human (US)" for the mix/living together of supernatural creatures.)I can not identify what this show could or would deliver in a unique way that I haven't seen yet. "The fallen angel" is a new ingredient. But unluckily that's not enough to keep me around.
  • Yogibearz7 August 2017
    So many good looking people in one little shitty town! Amazing! I mean, who would have thought that Midnight Texas would attract so many good looking people! I've been waiting for a good emo series to fill the void of the Twilight saga! Oh well, gotta get in touch with my inner "left side hanging bang"! Thanks NBC..for keeping up the garbage that basic cable has to offer!
  • dancesk25 July 2017
    Give it a chance
    Comparing this series to others on Netflix is really not fair. This one is unique in it's subject matter. Each character is totally different from the rest. I found that I wanted to watch more so am waiting for the next episode. No overacting.....one character not trying to out do the others. This is a new concept on network TV. I don't believe this particular subject matter has been attempted before. Let's give it a chance!
  • t-unknown-one5 September 2017
    From mediocre to terrible
    This show went from mediocre to terrible in record time. As it was it was like a Buffy/Angel rehash and now it's just laughing at itself. Even the actors seem bored to death. Watching the 7th episode I almost felt like the actors were trying to kill it off. Maybe they already know it's going to be canceled? It was pathetic at best with the dialogue delivered in matter of fact nonchalance like nobody could care less. I kind of get the rushed scripts, they can only fit so much in one episode so it comes to a sudden solution/conclusion every time but it's just too much at this point. The only exceptions seemed to be the lead couple, Manfred and Creek as well as Fiji. They seemed like they were trying to make it work but it just couldn't. I'm pretty sure we won't see this show next year.
  • mtjohnson-6100125 July 2017
    Be your own critic and give this a chance
    Warning: Spoilers
    I can't wait to see what will happen next and learn more about the town of Midnight, Texas. So far the acting is solid and the pilot leaves me feeling more will unfold. I think the pilot did a good job of introducing the characters and the town in letting you know there is more than meets the eye without delivering to much. There is still the knowledge that -SPOILERS COMING- more of the town people hold secrets and may not be entirely human, there is also the knowledge that something evil lies beneath the town but exactly what is it. These are all overarching on the other plots of a murdered lady, a possible false arrest. I think it was done well because it didn't seem all over the place. It was instead an enticing glance of what is to come in this tiny little town.
  • tomkofof24 July 2017
    Not impressed with the pilot
    I can only speak to the pilot as that is all that has aired at the time of this writing.

    I don't much watch network fare. If you watch cable and premium offerings and then try to watch those offered by the networks,you wonder if the writing is flat because they are focused on a different,maybe younger and older,on both extremes or if they have a large number of TV watchers who don't get cable and premium and don't know the difference in quality??? We have a town full of mainly 20 something's who look like they spend all their time in the gym and in front of the mirror. The characters lack character,number one. I tried this because I like and am a fan of Supernatural from the CW. It is very good because the writing is excellent. The stories are clever and they don't take themselves seriously. It works. The acting is decent. Also from network TV I watch Elementary. Good acting,stories relatively clever.

    Unfortunately,at least as far as this pilot was concerned none of what makes Supernatural worth watching is the case here. Acting was superficial. While the characters could be interesting they were, all of them contrived and lacked the kind of intrigue that might compel an audience to want to tune in again. Is this just for kids one wants to ask. Maybe???

    The same ol fare with little flare. After watching and there are many these days on cable,from Orphan Black to Mr. Robot,Preacher,Dirk Gently,Broadchurch,Claws,Vikings,The Strain,Bates Motel,Killjoys,American Horror,Better Call Saul,Legion,which is amazing,Humans,Hap and Leonard,12 Monkeys,Walking Dead,Into the Badlands,Taboo,also amazing,The Expanse,Major Crimes,(pushing it a bit,lol)but I like it,...,Z Nation,Mercy Street,The Last Kingdom,and more the Networks need to do better than this.

    Now if you only watch network fare then you would not know the difference....they say ignorance is bliss,not always,I'll admit,but in this instance ....And the Emmys are not reflective either of the real talent out there,save a few and the premiums which I omitted.

    All this and I will give it 3 eps. I hope i can come back after and say,,oops,should have waited. This got really good. We'll see. Respectfully
  • Melanie3 August 2017
    Very captivating, diverse, and unique. I recommend!
    I decided to try watching this show after I saw something about it on Twitter. I've been searching for new fantasy shows that are worth my time and the sort of genre that I enjoy, and the description fit perfectly.

    This show is definitely not like other fantasy shows. While it does have your vampires, were-people, witches, etc., it puts a very unique spin on every one of the fantasy characters that you think you know. Each character is very different and very interesting, with plot lines that I just cannot wait to see develop in the future.

    The characters are not just interesting, but are very diverse. There are strong female characters- ranging from soft, calm, and intelligent to tough, independent, and confident and even to fierce, smart, and talented. In the second episode, a gay, interracial couple in the main cast is also revealed. Not to mention many characters in general have unique backgrounds and races. It's very important for a show to have representation in many areas, and I am so pleased with what this show is bringing forward in only the second episode.

    For a first season of a show as well, Midnight, Texas has brilliant CGI and special effects that leave me chilled often. The first episode has ghosts that are quite realistic and scary, might I say, so perhaps don't watch this episode in the dark or before bed if you're squeamish (though I did, and I was alright). It's a TV-14 that is on the mature end, but a beautiful balance for adult and tween/teen viewers alike.

    While the first episode may seem a bit cheesy at first glance and quirky, please give Midnight, Texas a chance. It has a lot of potential and by the second episode, I can already see the beauty and wonder that this show will bring.

    I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Episode 3. I wish Monday would come sooner!
  • robertsonbethanyj14 September 2017
    Scary, Sweet, and funny
    Warning: Spoilers
    *minor spoilers*

    I believe a lot of the negative reviews on here are not fair. A television show is not the book- this is coming from a big fan of the book series! I have actually enjoyed the ways that the series has been changed from the book, because it would be incredibly boring if every single aspect of the TV series exactly followed the book series. The show writers really made a nice balance of honoring the source material and characters while also creating their own story lines. For me, a fan of the books, it has been incredibly fun!

    Another critique on here I saw was an accusation that the show leaned on old clichés, and always featured naked women while the men were fully clothed. That is simply untrue. I am not for the objectification of women, and this series HAS included sexuality, but the men were just as revealed as the women? The director has described herself as "sex positive" and that is how I would characterize the use of it in this show. It is present, but it also is not overwhelming.

    Now for all of the things I REALLY enjoy about this show. It has a LOT of heart, there is something underneath all of the paranormal stuff that is just plain sweet. I loved how the main character had such a close relationship with his grandmother, and I loved how he was almost immediately accepted by the community he joined. There are a lot of themes in the series about love and acceptance, along with all the monster special effects. It also shouldn't be ignored that this is a show that has very strong and diverse characters, that are presented in a totally natural way. Additionally, the series has a lot of humor- where some have pointed out "corniness", any that was present seemed to be purposeful to me- and it was genuinely enjoyable to watch. Not everything has to be so serious!

    Overall, I have really enjoyed this series. It is addictive, and just an incredibly fun show.
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