Based on series of books by Charlaine Harris, author of Sookie Stackhouse, that gave us True Blood

In the books, Lemuel is described as having platinum hair, "skin as white as snow," and eyes the gray of snow on asphalt.

Manfred is first introduced in the Harper Connelly mystery series also by Charlaine Harris

Manfred met Sookie Stackhouse on his way to Midnight in a short story compilation "Games Creatures Play". Charlaine Harris "The Blue Hereafter" has some of Manfred's back story.

Bobo Winthrop character was first introduced in Charlaine Harris' Shakespear/Lily Bard series.

Peter Mensah also played the role of "Kibwe" in the HBO show, True Blood. Both shows were inspired by book series written by Charlaine Harris.

Arielle Kebbel (Olivia) also appeared in True Blood, another series based on the writings of Charlaine Harris.

Arielle Kebbel also apeared on The Vampire Diaries, another series of similar creatures.

In the books, Manfred is described as being much shorter than BoBo. However, the actor that plays Manfred in the show is an inch taller than the actor who plays BoBo.

The books are in the same universe as the Sookie Stackhouse novels with a few characters from the Sookie Stackhouse books turning up in the Midnight Texas books. Sookie and bontemps are even referenced. Whereas the TV show seems to be a stand alone show, as vampires can enter a home without an invitation. They also turn to dust when killed similar to the vampires on Buffy the vampire slayer rather than bloody goo on true blood.

There are several differences between the show and the book series it's based on. Most of these have to do with character appearance or age. One major difference that relates to plot is that in the show, Joe is an angel and his partner Chuy is revealed to be a demon. In the book series, Joe and Chuy are both angels.