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  • Sallywds12 July 2019
    I found this film true to life! Good acting and laugh out loud at points which I hadn't expected.
  • Really enjoyed this film well done, it kept my interest throughout the film👍
  • Loved the authenticity of this film. At times the dialogue and banter was hilarious between the characters. I thought the film was great, and the writer has done a great job. I especially warmed to Billy, a lovable rogue. Brilliant acting by many of the characters.
  • Brilliant film! Loved the twist at the end, very unexpected. Just a great watch. Well done!
  • Speechless.... incredible casting, believable, edge of your seat genius. I can't tell you how many times I had to watch with one eye closed not knowing what was going to happen next. This needs to be supported! Amazing to see a strong female lead character too!
  • This film is most definitely worth watching. It's gripping right from the start and has an unexpected twist!
  • Was hooked and on the edge of my seat the whole way through.... exciting plot with an unexpected twist!! Highly recommended!!!!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this film, it was gripping from the beginning. The trailer was excellent and the film even better! Those that have given it a low score definitely can't have watched this film! They haven't even commented on the story!! Haters will be haters! This film is at times heart felt and also funny. It has a great twist at the end which you just didn't expect. I think the writer/producer has done a great job. The music in this film is also fantastic! Hats off to everyone involved it made my bank holiday Monday an entertaining evening!
  • From the get go I was hooked! This movie draws you into the characters lives like no other British film I've seen. Full of twists and turns with a shock ending. This is definitely a must see!
  • Thrilling plot with excellent acting.

    From somebody who grew up in Dagenham this is a film that I can relate to. I was surprised at the authenticity of the characters. Definitely worth a watch.
  • View the exciting and very informative trailer *sarcasm*. This film is less exciting and as interesting. And never mind the two fake 10/10 reviews that have only reviewed this poor excuse of a film
  • This film was just appalling. Everything inside me shrivelled up and hid while this film was on. I have never cringed so much.
  • Terrible film, I am guessing the 9/10 and 10/10 ratings are from crew or cast members.
  • harryokin24 April 2019
    To think you've got funding and you waste it on this. Everything about this film has been done a thousand times better elsewhere, not sure what the makers having been doing with themselves. Give it a miss.
  • This film is so bad you have to watch it all the way through , i am from Dagenham and it made me cringe ,this could be a cult film one day , terrible acting apart from the little boy .
  • luke-mori198629 August 2019
    It's not great but not terrible. I think with a bit more of a budget it might have been better. For a very low budget film it's not too bad. And the acting isn't too bad either. Need to be in to your UK films to enjoy it.